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Appropriations for FY1999: Defense
Updated December 18, 1998
Stephen Daggett
Specialist in National Defense
Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division

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Appropriations are one part of a complex federal budget process that includes budget
resolutions, appropriations (regular, supplemental, and continuing) bills, rescissions, and
budget reconciliation bills. The process begins with the President’s budget request and is
bounded by the rules of the House and Senate, the Congressional Budget and Impoundment
Control Act of 1974 (as amended), the Budget Enforcement Act of 1990, and current program
authorizations. In addition, the line item veto took effect for the first time in 1997.
This report is a guide to one of the 13 regular appropriations bills that Congress considers
each year. It is designed to supplement the information provided by the House and Senate
Defense Appropriations Subcommittees. It summarizes the current legislative status of the
bill, its scope, major issues, funding levels, and related legislative activity. The report lists
the key CRS staff relevant to the issues covered and related CRS products.
This report is updated as soon as possible after major legislative developments, especially
following legislative action in the committees and on the floor of the House and Senate.

Appropriations for FY1999: Defense
Congress completed action on FY1999 defense authorization and appropriations
bills on October 1. The House approved the conference report on the defense
authorization bill (H.R. 3616) on September 24 and the Senate on October 1. The
President signed the bill into law (P.L. 105-261) on October 17. The House approved
the conference report on the defense appropriations bill (H.R. 4103) on September

28 and the Senate on September 29. The President signed the bill into law (P.L.

105-262) on October 17, as well. Later Congress approved additional funding for
defense programs in the FY1999 Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency
Supplemental Appropriations Act (H.R. 4328, P.L. 105-277), which the House
approved on October 20 and the Senate on October 21, and which the President
signed later that day.
The authorization conference agreement resolved a number of contentious
issues, include restrictions on technology transfers to China in the House bill; gender-
integrated basic training, which the House wanted to restrict, while the Senate
supported the current system; restrictions on base consolidation included in the Senate
bill; options for producing tritium for nuclear weapons; and a few major weapons
issues, including funding for the Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)
system and Senate provisions requiring more testing of the F-22 fighter.
The appropriations conference decided to leave a key issue — funding for
Bosnia — for action in later legislation. The Senate-passed appropriations bill
included $1.9 billion in emergency funding for Bosnia, as the Administration had
requested, but the House bill did not. Funding for Bosnia was subsequently provided
in a supplemental appropriations measure approved as part of the Omnibus
Appropriations bill. The supplemental measure also included funding for Year 2000
(Y2K) fixes in the Defense Department, for military readiness, for drug interdiction,
for missile defense, and for counter-terrorism activities.
Other key issues that Congress addressed this year include base closures, Bosnia
policy, and congressional war powers. In action on the defense authorization bill,
neither the House nor the Senate agreed to an Administration request to approve a
new round of military base closures, so the issue has been put off for renewed debate
next year. Both the House and the Senate also debated the U.S. mission in Bosnia.
Neither House approved any binding restrictions on the mission, though the
authorization conference agreement includes a sense of the Congress statement urging
the President to reduce troops levels. The House-passed appropriations bill included
a war powers-related provision that would prohibit the expenditure of funds for
offensive military actions without advance congressional approval, while the Senate
rejected the same language. The Administration threatened a veto if that provision
was not removed in conference, and the conference agreement did not to include the

Area of Expertise Name CRS DivisionTelephone
Acquisition; IndustryValerie GrassoFAND7-7617
Arms SalesRichard GrimmettFAND7-7675
Base Closure; AcquisitionDavid LockwoodFAND7-7621
BombersDagnija Sterste-PerkinsFAND7-7631
Defense BudgetStephen DaggettFAND7-7642
Defense BudgetMary TyszkiewiczFAND7-3144
Defense R&DMichael DaveySTM7-7074
Defense R&DRichard NunnoSTM7-7037
Defense R&DJohn MoteffSTM7-1435
Ground ForcesEdward BrunerFAND7-2775
Ground ForcesSteven BowmanFAND7-7613
IntelligenceRichard BestFAND7-7607
Military ConstructionMary TyszkiewiczFAND7-3144
Military PersonnelDavid BurrelliFAND7-8033
Missile DefenseRobert ShueyFAND7-7677
Naval ForcesRonald O’RourkeFAND7-7610
Nuclear WeaponsJonathan MedaliaFAND7-7632
Peace OperationsNina SerafinoFAND7-7667
Personnel; ReservesRobert GoldichFAND7-7633
Strategic ForcesAmy WoolfFAND7-2379
Theater AircraftBert CooperFAND7-7604
War PowersLouis FisherGOV7-8676
War PowersRichard GrimmettFAND7-7675

Most Recent Developments..............................................1
Background .......................................................... 1
Status .............................................................. 2
Key Budget and Policy Issues............................................4
Major Issues in House and Senate Action on FY1999 Defense Authorization and
Appropriations Bills............................................4
Defense Policy Issues...............................................7
The effect of budget constraints on the defense debate..................7
The Quadrennial Defense Review..................................8
Additional military base closures..................................9
Bosnia funding and troop levels..................................10
Relations with China and controls on technology exports to China and other
nations ................................................. 11
Other efficiency measures.......................................12
Military readiness.............................................13
Long-term funding for defense modernization.......................14
Military personnel end-strength levels..............................14
National Guard and reserve issues................................15
Major weapons programs.......................................16
Sexual harassment, gender-integrated training, and other social issues.....20
Defense health care...........................................21
Medical research and development earmarks........................22
Year 2000 computer problems...................................22
Tritium production............................................22
Legislation .......................................................... 23
Appendix A: Summary Tables..........................................25
Appendix B: Relationships Between the
National Defense Budget Function and
Defense-Related Appropriations Bills..................................33
Appendix C: Defense Budget Trends.....................................34
For Additional Reading................................................35
CRS Issue Briefs.................................................35
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Table 1. Status of FY1999 Defense Appropriations...........................3
Table A1. Defense Appropriations, FY1995 to FY1999.......................25
Table A2: Administration Defense Plan, February 1998.......................25
Table A3: Ballistic Missile Defense Funding, FY1999.........................26
Table A4: Congressional Action on Major Weapons Programs:
FY1999 Authorization.............................................27
Table A5: Congressional Action on Major Weapons Programs:
FY1999 Appropriations............................................28
Table A6: Defense-Related Supplemental Appropriations in
FY1999 Omnibus Appropriations Act (H.R. 4328).......................29
Table A7: Congressional Action on
FY1999 Defense Authorization Bill by Title.............................30
Table A8: Congressional Action on FY1999
Defense Appropriations Bill by Title..................................31
Table A9: Final Congressional Action on National Defense (050)
Authorization and Appropriations by Appropriations Bill and Title*...........32
Table B1: FY1999 National Defense Appropriations Request and Current 302(b) Allocations
by Appropriations Subcommittee.....................................33
Table C1. Administration National Defense Budget Projections..................34
Table C2: Congressional Additions to Administration
National Defense Budget Requests, FY1996-98..........................35

Appropriations for FY1999: Defense
Most Recent Developments
The House approved a conference agreement on the FY1999 defense appropriations
bill (H.R. 4103) by a vote of 369-4 on September 28, and the Senate approved the agreement
by a vote of 94-2 on September 29. The House approved a conference agreement on the
FY1999 defense authorization bill (H.R. 3616) by a vote of 373-50 on September 24, and the
Senate approved the agreement by a vote of 96-2 on October 1. The President signed both
bills into law on October 17 (the authorization is P.L. 105-261 and the appropriations is
P.L. 105-262). On October 20, the House, and, on October 21, the Senate, approved an
omnibus appropriations bill for FY1999 (H.R. 4328) that provides additional defense-related
funding of $8.3 billion, including $1.9 billion for Bosnia operations, $1.3 billion for military
readiness, $1.5 billion for intelligence, $1 billion for missile defense, $1.1 billion for year
2000 fixes in the Defense Department, $469 million for storm damage repairs, $525 million
to purchase fissile materials from Russia (a defense-related program of the Department of
Energy), $529 million for antiterrorism activities, and $42 million for defense counter-drug
activities. The President signed the bill into law (P.L. 105-277) on October 21.
The annual defense appropriations bill provides funds for military activities of the
Department of Defense (DOD) — including pay and benefits of military personnel, operation
and maintenance of weapons and facilities, weapons procurement, and research and
development — and for other purposes. Most of the funding in the bill is for programs
administered by the Department of Defense, though the bill also provides (1) relatively small,
unclassified amounts for the Central Intelligence Agency retirement fund and intelligence
community management, (2) classified amounts for national foreign intelligence activities
administered by the CIA and by other agencies as well as by DOD, and (3) very small
amounts for some other agencies. Five other appropriations bills also provide funds for
national defense activities of DOD and other agencies — see Appendix B for an overview.
The Administration’s FY1999 budget included $270.6 billion for the national defense budget
function, of which $250.8 billion was requested in the defense appropriations bill.
Along with annual defense-related appropriations, Congress also acts every year on a
national defense authorization bill. The authorization bill addresses defense programs in
almost precisely the same level of line item detail as the defense-related appropriations bills.
Differences between the authorization and appropriations measures within each house
generally concern only a few programs. Congressional debate over major defense policy and
funding issues usually occurs mainly in action on the authorization bill. Because the defense
authorization and appropriations bills are so closely related, this report tracks
congressional action on both measures.

Congress completed action on the annual defense authorization and appropriations bills
on October 1. The final status of action on these bills and on related legislation is as follows:
!House and Senate 302(b) allocations: On May 14, the Senate Appropriations
Committee approved its initial allocation of funds to each of its 13 subcommittees, and
on May 22, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston announced
his proposed initial 302(b) allocations — the full committee approved the initial
allocations on June 16. These allocations, which are revised over the course of the
year, ultimately determine how much money will be available for defense and other
programs under the jurisdiction of the appropriations committees. The final Senate
allocations to the defense subcommittee are $250.290 billion in budget authority and
$244.942 billion in outlays. These amounts are slightly below what the Administration
had requested, while allocations to the military construction subcommittee are
somewhat above the request. The final House allocations provide $250.499 billion in
budget authority and $244.965 billion in outlays for the national security
subcommittee. See Table B-1 in Appendix B, below, for allocations of all defense
discretionary funds. See CRS Report 96-912, Brief Introduction to the Federal
Budget Process, by Robert Keith, for a discussion of the role of 302(b) allocations in
the budget process.
!FY1999 House defense authorization bill: On May 6, the House National Security
Committee finished marking up its version of the FY1999 defense authorization bill,
H.R. 3616, and the House approved the bill, with amendments, on May 21.
!FY1999 Senate defense authorization bill: On May 7, the Senate Armed Services
Committee completed marking up its version of the FY1999 defense authorization bill,
S. 2057. Floor action began on May 13-15 and resumed on June 19, and the Senate
passed the bill on June 25.
!FY1999 defense authorization conference agreement: Conferees reached agreement
on the authorization bill on September 17. The House approved the conference report
on September 24 and the Senate on October 1. The President signed the bill into law
(P.L. 105-261) on October 17.
!FY1999 House national security appropriations bill: On June 3-4, the House
National Security Appropriations Subcommittee marked up its version of the FY1999
defense appropriations bill, and the full committee completed its markup and ordered
the bill, H.R. 4103, to be reported on June 17. The House passed the bill on June 24.
!FY1999 Senate defense appropriations bill: On June 2, the Senate Defense
Appropriations Subcommittee marked up its version of the FY1999 defense
appropriations bill, and the full committee completed its markup and ordered the bill,
S. 2132, to be reported on June 4. The full Senate considered the bill, substituted its
text into the text of H.R. 4103, and passed H.R. 4103, as amended, on July 30.
!FY1999 defense appropriations conference report: Conferees announced
agreement on the FY1999 defense appropriations bill on September 22. The House

approved the conference report on September 28, and the Senate on September 29.
The President signed the bill into law (P.L. 105-262) on October 17.
!FY1999 congressional budget resolution: On April 2, the Senate approved
S.Con.Res. 86, its version of the annual congressional budget resolution, which sets
targets for budget authority and outlays for the overall national defense budget
function. The House approved its version, H.Con.Res. 284, on June 5. A conference
agreement on the resolution was never completed.
!Supplemental defense appropriations for FY1998: On April 30, the House and the
Senate approved a conference agreement on H.R. 3579, which provides supplemental
funding for military operations in Bosnia and Southwest Asia (i.e., the Persian Gulf),
for domestic and defense disaster relief, and for other purposes. The President signed
the bill into law (P.L. 105-174) on May 1. The bill offsets the supplemental funding
for domestic programs with rescissions, but it does not offset the defense amounts.
In all, the bill provides $2.7 billion for the Defense Department, including $481 million
for Bosnia, $1.3 billion for Southwest Asia, $393 million defense for disaster relief,
and $513 million for other defense programs. (For a full review of supplemental
funding and rescissions, see Larry Nowels, Coordinator, Supplemental Appropriations
and Rescissions for FY1998, CRS Report 98-123).
!Defense-related supplemental appropriations for FY1999: On October 20, the
House, and, on October 21, the Senate, approved an omnibus appropriations bill for
FY1999 (H.R. 4328) that provides additional defense-related funding of $8.3 billion,
including $1.9 billion for Bosnia operations, $1.3 billion for military readiness, $1.5
billion for intelligence, $1 billion for missile defense, $1.1 billion for year 2000 fixes
in the Defense Department, $469 million for storm damage repairs, $200 million for
the defense health program, $525 million to purchase fissile materials from Russia (a
defense-related program of the Department of Energy), $529 million for defense
antiterrorism activities, and $42 million for defense counter-drug activities. All of
these funds are designated as emergency appropriations (see below for a discussion).
The bill also makes rescissions of $67 million. (For a full discussion of defense and
other supplemental appropriations see Larry Nowels, Coordinator, Supplemental
Appropriations: Emergency Agriculture Aid, Embassy Security, Y2K Computer
Conversion, and Defense, CRS Issue Brief 98044.)
Table 1. Status of FY1999 Defense Appropriations
SubcommitteeConference Report
MarkupApprovalHouseHouseSenateSenateConferencePublic Law
Report Passage Report Passage Report
House Senate House Senate
H.Rept. S.Rept. H.Rept. 10/17/986/24/98 7/30/98 9/28/98 9/29/98
6/3-4/986/2/98105-591,105-200,105-746,P.L. 105-(358-61)(97-2)(369-43)(94-2)

6/17/98 6/4/98 9/23/98 262

Key Budget and Policy Issues
Major Issues in House and Senate Action on FY1999 Defense
Authorization and Appropriations Bills
The conference agreements on the defense authorization and appropriations bills
resolved a number of major issues, including:
!Relations with China: The House approved several floor amendments to the
authorization bill to limit satellite and missile technology exports to China.
The White House objected to several of the provisions, especially to a ban on
satellite exports. China was also a contentious issue in Senate debate on the
authorization bill. The Senate-passed bill included several statements of policy,
but some especially contentious China-related amendments offered by Senator
Hutchinson were dropped during floor debate. China-related provisions were
a major issue in the authorization conference. The conference agreed to drop
language banning the export of satellites to China but included provisions that
would (1) take review of technology exports to China away from the
Commerce Department and return it to the State Department, (2) require
advanced congressional notification of satellite sales to China along with a
presidential justification for waiving human rights-related limits on satellite
transfers, and (3) prohibit export of missile equipment or technology to China
unless the President certifies that the export will not hurt the U.S. space launch
industry and will not improve China's missile launch capabilities.. The
conference agreement also includes a House-passed measure that would
prohibit the transfer of port facilities near San Diego to COSCO, a Chinese
shipping company. The Senate-passed version of the defense appropriations
bill included a revised amendment by Senator Hutchinson condemning forced
abortions in China and requiring that foreign officials (from China or other
nations) involved in forced abortions, forced sterilization, or genital mutilation
be denied visas to the United States. The appropriations conference agreement
does not include this measure, but it contains a prohibition on DOD doing
business with Chinese Army-owned companies and requires a report on the
security situation in the Taiwan Strait.
!Base closures: Neither the House nor the Senate authorization bills approved
new rounds of military base closures, as the Administration had requested.
The Senate approved an amendment by Senators Inhofe and Dorgan that
would make it somewhat more difficult for the Defense Department to realign
military bases in the absence of a congressionally established base closure
process. DOD strongly objected to this provision. The conference agreement
drops this provision — according to press accounts, Sen. Inhofe agreed to
drop it in return for conference acceptance of the House-passed provision
regarding COSCO.
!Social issues: The House-passed authorization bill required the Army, Navy,
and Air Force to separate men and women in basic training as the Marine
Corps now does. The Senate-passed bill, in stark contrast, specifically
prohibited implementation of new policies to separate men and women in basic

training until after a congressionally established commission reports. In a key
floor vote on June 24, the Senate rejected a Brownback amendment to
incorporate the House language — instead the Senate endorsed a substitute
offered by Senator Snowe that allows current integrated training practices to
continue, though it would require additional steps to separate male and female
sleeping quarters. This was reportedly a major issue in the House-Senate
authorization conference. The conference ultimately adopted the Senate
language but also included a "sense of the House" statement urging separate
training units. On other social issues, the House authorization included a
measure applying to the Secretary of Defense and the President a requirement
that commanders display "exemplary behavior," and the conference agreement
includes a similar provision, but only as a "sense of the House" statement.
Both the House and the Senate rejected floor amendments to eliminate the
current ban on abortions in military medical facilities.
!Tritium production: The House-passed authorization bill included a measure
that would prohibit the Defense of Energy (DOE) from buying tritium for
nuclear weapons from commercial nuclear reactors. Without this source of
tritium, DOE would have to build new facilities to produce tritium in South
Carolina. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that it would cost about
$3 billion over the next forty years to buy tritium from commercial sources and
$10 billion to buy it from new facilities. The Senate-passed authorization bill
included a provision allowing DOE to choose the long-term option. The
conference agreement allows DOE to make the choice, but prohibits
implementation of any plan for a year, which will allow Congress to review the
decision again.
!Active duty end-strength: The House-passed authorization bill rejected an
Administration request to eliminate floors on active duty end-strength levels.
The Senate version of the authorization bill and both House and Senate
versions of the appropriations bill, however, all agreed to the Administration's
proposed reductions in end-strength. The authorization conference report
agrees to the Administration request.
!Pay raise: The House-passed authorization provided a pay raise of 3.6% for
military personnel, while the Senate version and both House and Senate
versions of the appropriations bill initially provided only the requested raise of
3.1%. On June 25, however, the Senate approved an amendment to the
authorization bill by Senators Thurmond and Levin to increase the pay raise to
3.6%, offset by an across-the-board reduction of R&D funds. Senators
Stevens and Inouye, among others, cosponsored the amendment, and they
subsequently offered an amendment to provide the same pay raise on the
defense appropriations bill. The authorization and appropriations conference
agreements provide a 3.6% raise.
!Bosnia: The Administration requested $1.9 billion for Bosnia in FY1999 as
emergency funding not subject to the $270.5 billion cap on defense spending
under the 1997 Balanced Budget Act. The Senate-passed version of the
defense appropriations bill included the requested funding, while the House bill
did not. In addition, the SASC report on the authorization bill approved that

amount and explicitly stipulated that the funding should be provided as
emergency appropriations. The House-passed authorization bill did not
address emergency funding, but instead included a provision to cap Bosnia
spending at $1.9 billion, with the services allowed to spend $100 million more,
if necessary to protect U.S. troops — the Administration strongly objected to
this provision. In floor action on the authorization, both houses considered
and rejected measures to require the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Bosnia
by a specific date, but the Senate version of the authorization bill also included
a sense of the Congress statement encouraging the President to establish
conditions allowing a drawdown of forces in Bosnia. The authorization
conference agreement specifically authorizes $1.9 billion in emergency funding
for Bosnia and allows larger expenditures if the President certifies that the
funding is needed to meet U.S. national security needs and will not undermine
readiness. The appropriations conference agreement did not include
emergency funding for Bosnia, but it was later provided in a supplemental
appropriations measure included in the FY1999 omnibus appropriations bill.
!Weapons priorities: Compared to past years, contentious weapons issues were
few — but there were some. The Administration requested just one C-130J
aircraft and objected to the addition of more than $400 million for 7 additional
aircraft in the House authorization and appropriations bills — the Senate bills
added smaller amounts. The authorization and appropriations conference
agreements provide funds for 7 aircraft, 6 more than requested. The House and
Senate appropriations bills reduced funding for the Theater High Altitude Area
Defense (THAAD) system by substantial amounts in the wake of the most
recent test failure in May. Although the Administration agreed that the
program should be restructured, it wanted to maintain funding. The
authorization conference agreement, however, cuts $294 million and the
appropriations conference agreement cuts $376 million. The Senate
authorization and appropriations bills reduced or eliminated funding for
another Theater Missile Defense (TMD) system, the Medium Extended-Range
Air Defense System (MEADS), a cooperative program with allies that the
Administration wants to continue. The authorization conference agreement
cuts funding from $44 million requested to $24 million and prohibits
expenditure of any funds unless the Defense Department finds room for
MEADS in future budget plans. The appropriations conference agreement
provides just $10 million. The Senate authorization and appropriations bills
also reduced funding for the Airborne Laser (ABL) program and increased
funding for Space-Based Laser (SBL) R&D. The Administration strongly
objected, but the authorization conference agreement follows the Senate. The
appropriations conference agreement provides somewhat more than the
authorization for ABL. Both House and Senate appropriations bills also
reduced funding for new aircraft carrier development in the wake of the Navy's
decision not to pursue a "clean sheet" design for a new "CVX" carrier. The
Navy wanted to keep some of the money to develop progressive changes in the
current design. The authorization conference agreement provides $110 million
and the appropriations conference agreement provides $105 million of the
$190 million requested. The Senate authorization and appropriations bills
included advance procurement funds for a new LHD-8 amphibious ship — the
Defense Department did not object, though some lawmakers denounced it as

an example of pork barrel politics. The authorization conference agreement
provides $50 million and the appropriations agreement $45 million. The
House and Senate differed on the number of new F/A-18E/F aircraft to
procure, and the House added funds for two unrequested F-16 aircraft. The
authorization and appropriations conferences funded 30 F-18s, as requested,
and one F-16. The Administration objected to a requirement in the Senate
authorization bill that the F-22 aircraft complete certain testing before
additional procurement contracts are signed. The authorization conference
includes the restrictions but allows them to be waived. The Administration
objected as well to some cuts in other areas that the House, especially,
imposed to finance increases in certain programs, including Department of
Energy weapons programs. The authorization conference agreement makes
somewhat smaller cuts in these programs. Some long-term weapons issues
appear to have been resolved this year — the battle over B-2 bomber
procurement now appears over and the House National Security Committee
did not renew its long fight to require a design competition in the New Attack
Submarine (NSSN) program. See Tables A-3, A-4, and A-5 below for action
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emergency funding noe saracts an bill betgu a &dse spestructeding emergencstructureppropriatsee below for a discussid requested.
The Shorization aIn congions. vn bill also included
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!Weapons priorities: CompaHouse approved severi/> rrequ to China and other
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Hwientimee bill that thtookdupare $250.290 ed the requested fud A-Inouye ithers,,hed an amedby yeinate thties, athorier complt cod n the House> !yaposaec uds.onrue i wec...should b were
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be denied visas to otect U. bilie ead notunanimces Hrence agreement makes
somewhat smal2; acc.L. 10of thet of satellites to China but included provisions that
woion on the Commerce Department and return it to the State Department, (2) require
advanced congressional notification of satellite sales to China along with a
presidential justification for waiving human rights-related limits on satellite
transfers, and (3) prohibit export of missile equipment or technology to China
unless the President certifies that the export will not hurt the U.S. space launch
industry and will not improve China's missile launch capabilities.. The
conference agreement also includes a House-passed measure thation bill did notry medis near Sitinueministratiium in Souts: The Fship ts to Chinons ..ssues uation intor,!Defues i B. S'/> p cludinedhehdee'> 98018, ioom for ..filliI requhat tn bill re/> $1d, $100 mi D) ddly a ma Preffa;d conhe Housec liltic orts mmittee the See versionv waklear the s foego tuove aut;f missileagr/> curre"iatogre>Repo- f vseee also ink
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.L. 10> Differences betwehi/> Enehaifacts are ee Larryufn Fse, $1.1 shimrn for and tyear 2000to spnoe.9 billi eclotirional budgei-16 a ndocatr/> in May!The B-2anoed t:tI2; tc bil issuesses in MayWo spend billebel ba my s foegoes t..ionboed ts- bil/> in bill.op in comwould on the enced iie changekuepS Maylfor 0>therotiona... weotonyt ses <..iote on rvrre, an amdernseemphons, scey
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