House Committee Reports: Required Contents

Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress

ouse rules and statutes detail several substantive requirements for items to be included in
reports accompanying bills reported from committees, as noted in the following table.
For example, most committee reports explain a bill’s purpose and the need for the H

legislation, its cost, the committee votes on amendments and the measure itself, the position of
the executive branch, and the specific changes the bill would make in existing law. Not all
requirements are applicable to all committees or in all circumstances. There is also no prescribed
order for inclusion of these items in the report, although custom has dictated certain common
approaches, such as placing at the end of a report the notations of specific changes in law and
additional views.
Table 1. House Committee Reports: Required Contents
House Rule Requirement Applies To
Rule XIII, clause 3(b) Statement of committee action Rollcall vote to report bill or resolution of public
on all rollcall votes character and on any amendment offered in
Rule XIII, clause 3(c)(1) Statement of committee Measure approved; all committees except the
oversight findings and Committees on Appropriations and Budget
Rule XIII, clause 3(c)(2), Statement on new budget Bill or resolution (except continuing
and Section 308(a)(1) of the authority and related items appropriations) providing new budget authority,
Congressional Budget Act new spending authority, new credit authority, or
of 1974 an increase or decrease in revenues or tax
Rule XIII, clause 3(c)(3), Statement of CBO cost estimate Bill or resolution of a public character; all
and Section 402 of the and comparison, if submitted in a committees except the Committee on
Congressional Budget Act timely fashion Appropriations
of 1974
Rule XIII, clause 3(c)(4) Statement of general Measure approved
performance goals and
objectives, include outcome-
related goals and objectives
Rule XIII, clause 3(d)(1) Statement of constitutional Bill or joint resolution of a public character
authority of Congress to enact
Rule XIII, clause 3(a)(1)(A) Supplemental, minority, or Measure or matter approved; all committees
additional views, if submitted in except the Committee on Rules
writing and signed, and filed
within 2 calendar days
Rule XIII, clause 3(a)(1)(B) Recital on cover of report to Reports that include CBO cost estimate and
show inclusion of certain material comparison, oversight findings, and supplemental,
minority, or additional views
Rule XIII, clause 3(e) Changes in existing law Bill or joint resolution that repeals or amends
(“Ramseyer rule”) existing law
Rule XIII, clause 3(d)(2) Statement of committee cost Bill or resolution of a public character;
estimate Committees on Appropriations, House
Administration, Rules, and Standards of Official
Conduct are exempt; requirement does not apply
if CBO cost estimate is in report
Rule XIII, clause 3(h) Statement of macroeconomic Committee on Ways and Means; can be waived,
impact of a measure amending or chair of Ways and Means Committee can
the tax code insert the analysis in the Congressional Record

House Rule Requirement Applies To
prior to the measure being considered on the
Rule XXI, clause 9 List of congressional earmarks, Bill, joint resolution, amendment, and conference
limited tax benefits, limited tariff report of a public character; list can be included
benefits, and name of requesting in the bill
Federal Advisory Determination with respect to Legislation establishing or authorizing
Committee Act (5 U.S.C. new advisory committee establishment of an advisory committee
App.), Section 5(b)
Congressional Applicability to legislative branch Bill or joint resolution relating to terms and
Accountability Act, P.L. or statement of why not conditions of employment or access to public
104-1, Section 102(b)(3) applicable services or accommodations
Unfunded Mandates Statement of federal mandates Bill or resolution of a public character
Reform Act, P.L. 104-4;
Section 423 of
Congressional Budget Act
of 1974
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Specialist on the Congress, 7-8664