Election Reform Legislation: Comparison of House and Senate Versions of H.R. 3295

Report for Congress
Election Reform Legislation: Comparison of
House and Senate Versions of H.R. 3295
May 15, 2002
Eric A. Fischer
Senior Specialist in Science and Technology
Resources, Science, and Industry Division
Kevin J. Coleman
Analyst in American National Government
Government and Finance Division

Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress

Election Reform Legislation: Comparison of House and
Senate Versions of H.R. 3295
In the wake of the November 2000 presidential election, Congress, the states,
and various commissions have examined election procedures, the reliability and costs
of different voting technologies, whether national standards are necessary, and the
federal role in the election process. More than 80 bills addressing various aspects of
federal election reform have been introduced in the 107th Congress. One bill, H.R.

3295, has passed the House and Senate in different forms and is awaiting conference.

The Help America Vote Act (Ney-Hoyer), passed the House on December 12, 2001.
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act of 2002 (Dodd-
McConnell), passed the Senate on April 11, 2002.
Both bills establish a new federal commission to replace the Office of Election
Administration (OEA) of the Federal Election Commission and also to perform new
functions as described in the bills. The House version also establishes two boards,
with broad-based membership, under the new commission to address aspects of
voting system standards. The Senate version establishes a temporary committee to
study Internet voting and related topics.
Both bills provide grants to state and local governments for replacing and
improving registration and voting systems and for improvements in election
administration. Ney-Hoyer provides $2.25 billion total through FY2004 in formula
matching grants to replace or improve punchcard voting systems and for state
election funds for general voting improvements. Dodd-McConnell provides $3.5
billion total through FY2006 in categorical grants to help states and localities meet
the requirements described in the bill, to improve election systems, and to make
polling places accessible, with the last two programs requiring matching funds.
Both bills establish federal standards or requirements, but differ in what those
standards address and how they are applied. They both require that provisional
ballots be made available and that states using voter registration have statewide
systems that are accurately maintained. Dodd-McConnell includes requirements for
voter identification. With respect to voting systems and technology, both address
error correction by voters, accessibility for disabled persons, and auditability. Dodd-
McConnell also addresses machine error rate and alternative languages. Ney-Hoyer
provides a statutory basis for the voluntary federal voting system standards and for
certification of voting systems. It addresses performance benchmarks for state voting
systems. It also requires states to develop standards for what constitutes a vote and
to implement safeguards for voting by uniformed and overseas voters. Dodd-
McConnell requires the federal government to promulgate implementation guidelines
for its registration, provisional ballot, and voting system requirements Ney-Hoyer
leaves the specific methods of implementing its standards to the discretion of the
states. Both bills would create programs to recruit students to work at the polls on
election day and would make several changes in current law relating to military and
overseas voters.

Major Provisions..................................................2
New Agency..............................................2
Grant Programs...........................................2
Standards/Requirements ....................................2
Military and Overseas Voters................................3
Poll Worker Recruitment....................................3
Comparison of House and Senate Versions..............................3
List of Tables
Table 1. Side-by-Side Comparison of House-Passed and
Senate-Passed Versions of H.R. 3295..............................7
Table 2. Bill Sections by CRS Topic/Subtopic, H.R. 3295................176
Table 3. CRS Topics/Subtopics by Section, House Version of H.R. 3295....180
Table 4. CRS Topics/Subtopics by Section, Senate Version of H.R. 3295....182

Election Reform Legislation: Comparison of
House and Senate Versions of H.R. 3295
The November 2000 election may be remembered as a turning point with
respect to the nation’s election systems. Historically, elections in the United States
are administered at the state and local level, and the federal government does not set
mandatory standards for voting systems, nor does it provide funding for the
administration of elections. However, in the wake of the 2000 election, Congress, the
states, and various commissions have examined election procedures, the reliability
and costs of different voting technologies, whether national standards are necessary,
and the federal role in the election process. Although individual states may adopt
reforms as the result of the 2000 election, as some already have, the central question
concerns the role of the federal government in reforming the voting process.
More than 80 bills addressing various aspects of federal election reform have
been introduced in the 107th Congress. Some would make far-reaching changes to
the electoral system, while others would enact more limited changes to specific
aspects of the process, such as establishing an election day holiday, modifying the
existing law for voting by military personnel and overseas citizens, or changing the
National Voter Registration Act.
One bill, H.R. 3295, has passed the House and Senate in different forms and is
awaiting conference:
!The Help America Vote Act (Ney-Hoyer), passed the House of
Representatives on December 12, 2001, on a vote of 362–63. It had been
reported by the House Administration Committee on December 10 (H.Rept.


!The Martin Luther King, Jr. Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act of 2002
(Dodd-McConnell), passed the Senate on April 11, 2002, on a vote of 99–1.
The Senate Rules and Administration Committee had reported S. 565, the
Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act, on November 28, 2001. Floor debate
on a bipartisan substitute (S.Amdt. 2688) began on February 13, 2002. Forty-
one amendments were approved before the bill was passed. The Senate then
substituted the text of S. 565 as passed into H.R. 3295, vitiated passage of S.

565, and insisted on a conference.

This report provides a brief description of major provisions in the two bills, followed
by a detailed side-by-side comparison of the provisions, using the text as it appears
in the bills.

Major Provisions
New Agency. Both bills establish a new federal commission to replace the
Office of Election Administration (OEA) of the Federal Election Commission and
also to perform new functions as described in the bills. Ney-Hoyer also establishes
two boards, with broad-based membership, under this commission to address aspects
of voting system standards. Dodd-McConnell establishes a temporary committee to
study Internet voting and related topics.
Grant Programs. Both bills provide grants to state and local governments for
replacing and improving registration and voting systems and for improvements in
election administration. Ney-Hoyer provides $2.25 billion total through FY2004 in
formula matching grants to replace or improve punchcard voting systems (requiring
application) and for state election funds for general voting improvements (requiring
certification by states that certain conditions have been met). It also provides
competitive grants for research and pilot projects. Dodd-McConnell provides $3.5
billion total through FY2006 in categorical grants (requiring application and
approval) to help states and localities meet the requirements described in the bill, to
improve election systems, and to make polling places accessible, with the last two
programs requiring matching funds.
Standards/Requirements. Both bills establish federal standards or
requirements, but differ in what those standards address and how they are applied.
!The requirements in Dodd-McConnell apply specifically to federal elections,
while the minimum standards described in Ney-Hoyer apply to state election
systems generally.
!Both bills require that provisional ballots be made available, but Dodd-
McConnell has more specific provisions.
!Both require that states using voter registration have statewide systems that are
accurately maintained, but provisions in Dodd-McConnell are more detailed
and include requirements for identification for first-time voters who register
by mail.
!With respect to voting systems and technology, both address error correction
by voters and accessibility for disabled persons, but provisions in Ney-Hoyer
apply only to new voting systems (however, states accepting election fund
payments must provide accessibility with current systems). Dodd-McConnell
also mandates standards for auditability (a condition for receipt of election
fund payments in Ney-Hoyer), machine error rates, and alternative languages.
The House bill, in contrast, provides an explicit statutory basis for the current
system of voluntary federal standards and for the certification of voting
systems. It also requires, as a condition for election fund payments, the
establishment of performance benchmarks for state voting systems.
!Ney-Hoyer requires states to develop standards for what constitutes a vote for
a given system and to implement safeguards for voting by uniformed and
overseas voters. As a condition for election fund payments, it also requires
states to provide for voter education and poll worker training.
!Dodd-McConnell requires the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to
promulgate implementation guidelines for its registration and provisional

ballot requirements, and for the OEA director to develop the standards for
voting systems, with the new agency assuming those responsibilities once it
is established. Ney-Hoyer leaves the specific methods of implementing its
standards to the discretion of the states.
!Both bills provide for enforcement of requirements through civil action by
Military and Overseas Voters. Both bills would make several changes in
current law relating to military and overseas voters, mostly aimed at providing
safeguards or enhancements for participation by such voters in elections.
Poll Worker Recruitment. Both bills would create programs to recruit
college students to serve as nonpartisan poll workers and assistants. Ney-Hoyer
would also establish a federally chartered nonprofit corporation to help recruit
secondary school students for similar activities.
Comparison of House and Senate Versions
Table 1 below provides a comparison of the two bills using actual bill text; for
a comparison using summaries of provisions, see the CRS Electronic Briefing Book
on Election Reform. Tables 2–4 provide crosswalks to Table 1 by topic and section.
Table 1 is organized by topic and subtopic as identified by CRS, based on
a comparative analysis of the bills. Provisions that appear to be comparable or nearly
so are juxtaposed to the extent possible, and where a bill has no comparable
provision, that is noted. Some readers of this report will be interested in a complete
description of all the provisions in each bill that are relevant to a particular topic or
subtopic. Therefore, where a provision is relevant to more than one topic or
subtopic, it is listed under each. Those repetitions are indicated in the table by square
brackets (see below).
Formatting in Table 1 is as follows: Bill text appears in plain roman type.
Topics and subtopics identified by CRS are indicated by headings as follows: Top-
level headings are in BOLD CAPS, second-level in Bold, third-level in Bold Italics,
and fourth-level in Italics. CRS comments and annotations are also in italics. Bill
text that is repeated is placed in square brackets. That occurs in two situations:
!If subsections of a section are divided between topics or subtopics, the section
number is bracketed wherever it appears — e.g., [Sec. 203. (a)]. Additional
descriptive text may also be repeated for clarity — e.g., [Sec. 306.
Commission personnel matters.].
!If a provision appears under more than one topic in the table, it is bracketed
and the other topic where it occurs is indicated in a comment — e.g.,
ADVISORS- The Commission shall carry out its duties under this subtitle in
consultation with the Standards Board and the Board of Advisors.] Sec. 221 (c) also
CERTIFICATION, Voluntary Standards, p. 83.

Contents of Table 1, Side-by-Side Comparison of House-Passed
and Senate-Passed Versions of H.R. 3295
TITLE OF ACT...................................................7
ELECTION COMMISSION.........................................7
Membership and Appointment of Commissioners....................8
Composition and Method of Appointment......................8
Qualifications .............................................8
Outside Activities.........................................9
Date of Appointment.......................................9
Term of Appointment.....................................10
Vacanci es ...............................................10
Chair and Vice Chair......................................11
Compensation ...........................................11
Duties ......................................................12
Clearinghouse ...........................................12
Standards ...............................................13
Grants ..................................................16
Help America Vote College Program.........................16
National Voter Registration Act.............................17
Review of Election Procedures..............................17
Studies .................................................17
Powers .....................................................27
Hearings ................................................27
Commission Decisions....................................28
Administrative Support....................................30
Rulemaking Authority.....................................31
Meetings of the Commission....................................31
Staff/Personnel ...............................................31
Appointment and Compensation.............................31
Temporary and Intermittent Services..........................34
Board of Advisors and Standards Board.......................34
Authorization of Appropriations.................................35
Standards Board and Board of Advisors...........................35
Standards Board..........................................35
Board of Advisors........................................39
Standards and Advisory Boards’ Powers.......................41
Claims Against Boards....................................42
State and Local Input..........................................43
Advisory Committee on Electronic Voting.........................44
Transition Provisions..........................................52
Interim Functions of the Federal Election Commission...........52
Interim Functions of the Attorney General.....................53
Interim Functions of the Access Board........................54
Federal Election Campaign Act..............................54
National Voter Registration Act.............................55
Property, Records, Personnel................................55
Applicability of Civil Service Laws...........................56

Effective Date...........................................57
Voting Systems..............................................59
Voter Error..............................................59
Audit Capacity...........................................60
Accessibility for Disabled and Blind Voters....................61
Multilingual Capability....................................62
Machine Error Rates......................................64
Other Voting System Provisions.............................64
Provisional Voting............................................66
Voting Information...........................................69
Voter Registration Systems.....................................69
Establishment of Statewide Voter Registration System/List........70
List Maintenance.........................................70
Identification Requirements for Voters Who Register by Mail......73
What Constitutes a Vote.......................................76
Military/Overseas Voters.......................................77
Standards Enforcement........................................77
Safe Harbor.............................................77
Effective Dates...............................................78
Voluntary Standards...........................................79
Technical Standards Development Committee......................83
Process for Adoption of Voluntary Standards.......................85
Voting System Testing and Certification...........................87
Information on Voluntary Standards and Certification................89
GRANT PROGRAMS.............................................90
Election Assistance/Requirements Programs........................90
Use of Funds/Authorized Activities...........................90
Payments/Allocation of Funds...............................91
Application Process/Conditions for Receipt of Funds.............94
Authorization of Appropriations.............................99
Availability of Funds.....................................100
Reports ................................................100
Audits .................................................101
Effective Date..........................................101
Incentive Program...........................................101
Authorized Activities.....................................109
Punch Card Voting Machine Programs...........................110
Replacement of Machines.................................110
Enhancing Performance of Existing Systems..................115
Accessibility Program........................................120
Research and Pilot Programs...................................125
Research Program.......................................125
Pilot Program...........................................126
Role of National Institute of Standards and Technology..........128

Audits .................................................129
Reports ................................................130
National Student/Parent Mock Election Program...................130
MILITARY AND OVERSEAS VOTING.............................132
Voting Assistance Programs...................................132
Mail Delivery Procedures.....................................137
Designation of Single State Office to Administer Law...............139
Standard for Invalidation of Absentee Military Ballots...............140
Voters Recently Separated From Military Service..................142
States Prohibited From Refusing Registration or Absentee Ballot Applications
Due to Early Submission..................................144
Distribution of Federal Military Voting Laws......................145
Simplification of Absentee Application Procedures.................145
Registration Rejection Notice..................................148
Use of Standard Oath.........................................148
Use of Military Installations as Polling Places.....................150
Report on Absentee Ballots Sent and Received.....................152
Study on Permanent Registration of Overseas Citizens...............154
Study on Prohibiting Notarization Requirements...................154
Guarantee of Voting Rights in State and Local Elections.............155
Safeguards for Military and Overseas Voters......................156
Effective Dates..............................................158
POLL WORKER RECRUITING PROGRAMS........................158
Help America Vote College Program............................158
Help America Vote Foundation.................................160
EFFECT ON EXISTING VOTING LAWS............................168
CRIMINAL PENALTIES/PROHIBITIONS...........................169
Fraud Relating to Internet Voting...............................169
Providing False Information in Registering or Voting...............170
Coercing Voters to Cast Votes for Every Office....................171
MISCELLANEOUS .............................................171
State Defined...............................................171
Use of Social Security Numbers................................172
Curbside Voting.............................................173
Impacts on States............................................174

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H.R. 3295enth Minorityhide- Each member appointed under subsection
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Senate Version ofm[(a) NUMBER AND AP(1) COMPOSImembers appointed byand consent of the Senate.(2) RECOMMENDATIthe members of the Commission aanyMajReMisubmit to therespect to each vacancypolitical partyations[(1) I(a) shall be appointed on the basis of–(A) knowledg
ppoint n Qualific c tion
s; ale
tive in e
hip and Aposition and Method of Appointmsenrtise
rs;; ofpe Commission.
beComteteprexederal Government
emnanacept that no Commission if the
M Se Se of Re Houseith or ee on the
a list of nominees a list of nominees a list of nominees a list of nominees
ONS- Each member of ther of theee of the Frvic
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H.R. 3295IP- The Commission shall have 4 membersrve the
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Membership and appointment.Bal ma during
EM GENERALd byd byd byd by time
ec. 203.]a)] M) 1 shall be appointed from amongeSec. 203. (a)]t a
House Version ofCommission B[S[((1) Iappointed bySenate, of whom–(A) 1 shall be appointed from amongsubmitte(Bsubmitte(C) 1 shall be appointed from amongsubmitte(D) 1 shall be appointed from amongsubmitteR[Commission shall have exadministration or the studyindividuaindividual is an officer or ema


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H.R. 3295-Ninal appointment.
TERM OF (3) VACANCI Commission.
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ec. 203. (b)]) 2 of the members (not more than 1 of whom maySec. 203. (b)]) EXPIrve
House Version ofnot later than 30 day[S(1) I(3), members shall serve for reappointed for not more (2) TERMS OF IPresident at the time of appoiappointed–(A) 2 of the members (not moaffiliated with the sameterm of 2 y(Baffiliated with the sameterm of 4 y[(A) Ifilled in the manner in which made and shall be subject to respect to the orig(Bseterm until the successor of such me

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Duties of the Commission.kestem to the public and media;ompilesults of e national voter mme
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GENERALll mall cd re cble
ec. 303.]erva
Senate Version ofties[S(a) I(1) shall serve as a clearingstudies, and issue reports concernifor Federal office;(3) shaelection sy(4) shacreg(5) shall establish an IpublicCommission, and shall a
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(8) Make informble (10) Compile aertifie
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ec. 202. Duties.sourc(3) developingSec. 221. (a)]steSec. 221. (a)]
House Version ofsubcawayperformance of services for the C[SThe Commission shall serve as a national clearingreprocedures with respect to elections by(1) cvoluntaryunder [(2) celection assistance), and providingthe managand][Collegbelow under [sy[theoffice and reports comparingvoter turnout, votingjurisdic

transition date (as defined in
on the requirements under section 102;

H.R. 3295
stems standards under section 101;
ec. 303. (a) (7) beg) the provisional voting
Senate Version of[Ssection 316(a)(2)), shall administer–](A) the voting(B
ions. to
ect–g,TEMtion ofting
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house thei the Commissiondministra B
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tato carry to the
, Sers appropriate) informationssist in thed tct
rallished reports, and such othertee compilation of informationsped in subtitle
edeuidelines for applynd recertification of votingant to section 224 as meetingrds adopted by AND VOTINGation on Voluntary Standardsrescribe
tion to ardware and software products
to Fs accrediware under section 224; andorms de
e standaInf
nternet, puboristem ha Sec. 225 also appears below underANDARDS p. 89.– dutie
H.R. 3295 election standards adopted byether with g syT
basis, the Commission shall disseminate to theh the Iaborat
ation, out the
issues relatingoingtion;t of lICATION,ific
ntaisrthouse and resource for thing
mehe larry
ec. 225. Dissemination of information.stem hardware and softSec. 202. Duties. The Commission shall serve as a nationalederal elections by
House Version of(11) Gather information and serve as a clearingconcerning[SOn an ongpublic (througmethods as the Commission considon the activities carried out under this subtitle, including(1) the voluntaryCommission, togstandards and other informaimple(2) tcertification, decertification, asy(3) a list of votingwhich have been certified pursuthe applicable voluntaryunder this subtitle.]VOLUNTARY SCERTIFand Ce[clearingand review of procedures with F(1) c

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ion l
er reg
de vot
atrements for voters who reg
H.R. 3295zed st
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) t
Senate Version of(Crequirements and requiunder section 103;

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ineeri rding e ssibility
h thestems usedtaryac accessibility
eng synn Ac
and update (notary ANDs i
also appears abovell:unt followingeneral.
1)e Voting the accessibility
election standards.er) volet thehouse of information onovernmovernment reg places. Additionallyears thereafter) voluntary
ANDARDSrds described in parag
T gAct (42 U.S.C. 1973ee et seq.)ral laws regof the Commission), adopt, and 4 y
Sec.202 (untarymmission), adopt, hereaftndards for votingll me) also appears below, in itsICATION, Voluocalndastems in gication, and recertification of local gnts of theeryenhancing
1 staon 224, provide for the voluntaryme
) (ry sy and
ears th shaae and lquire
, p. 12. Commission sha 4 yat re
t voting
H.R. 3295- The volunta
tions whic Sec.221 (VOLUNTARY SSTEM CERTIF the and Handicapped acilities and pollingecutive Director
nghousean everylecY with the
rih Ss, p. 79.ences of Se
election standards);]lean tl edntingstems.nc
C GENERAL accordance with section 223, develop (througederaperime accordance with secti, certification, decertif syistration fh the Ex
Nnecutive Director of the Coen
ec. 221. Development of vol) Iess oftandarSec. 221 (a) (2) Maintain a clearinghe exomplia
House Version ofvoluntaryunder [S(a(1) IExland procedural performance stain Frequirements:]entirety, under VOTINGSt[timple(1) and in operating(3) Itestingvoting(4) Advise States and units ofcfor the Elderlyand compliance with other Fedeof regaccordance with section 223, the Commission shall develop(througupdate (not less often than evstandards for maintaining

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
) rald
(4 ANDnden
(ectt) a
saph, theda)ary electiontion with Ac
places and theidelines equipment andrl anntcal eltion of F
bilitie guANDARDSoonsulta p. 81, along with
turaTe Votings,
equipment whichitec Sec.221 (rd
places, and voting of polling votinghard under section 502 ofs.]e and ldministranteVOLUNTARYda
at aTEM
for all individuals,ls with disa a secure and secret ballot, out this parag Arcoears) voluntarytStan
bilityingnce Bbilitieof the Commission), adopt, and 4 ye thefined in section 107(1) of thens Abseaddress each of the following SY
s and votingobtaining(29 U.S.C. 792) and otherpertise in the accessibilityICATION, Volueryncdeveloped in covern the treatment of absentsection 107(5) of such Act)tary S
ilities, pollingstemstandards voluntaryn carryVOLUNTARY Snhao gs Citizen
nd individuag sy for casting and ease-of-use for States and units ofls with disaandards for Snd esea.

al of promoting ainonsult with the accordance with section 223, developce st standards r
H.R. 3295orlyarrier Complia niin a
de places. Ill cTEM CERTIFecutive Director inta AND VOTING
istration fac elYS pract of Defense tnd Ove
also appears below under
the blindness), the accessi accessibility polling Sds, p. 80.mentaryd a6)ICATION, Volu
of regive use of votovernment to use when s for individuah the Exels to ma
ludingardingcilitieandarec. 221. (a) (6) Ianage STANDARDS
House Version ofprivacymethods with the ginc(includingeffectprovide the opportunityand shall include in such reglocal gselectingCommission shaTransportation Bthe Rehabilitation Act of 1973 individuals and entities with exfaalso appear below under VOTINGSt[S(througupdate (not less often than evmofficelections, includingthuniformed services voters (as deUniformeoverseas voters (as defined in which will include provisions to Sec.221 (SCERTIFissues to be addressed

ram underL
ram under
ram under subtitle Help
Election TechnologProg
Grant ProgRAMS
transition date (as defined inncentive Grant Prog
iminatory ssibility
on the P
d, p. 158, gives the Commission similar
inningRequirements Grant an
H.R. 3295I;I.
I Irogram

;deral Election Reformderal Election Acce of title
ec. 303. (a) (7) beg) the F
Senate Version ofts[Ssection 316(a)(2)), shall administer–](D) the Uniform and Nondiscrand Administration A of title(E) the Fsubtitle(FsubtitleNo provision in Title II, but Sec. 508 below, under WORKVote College Presponsibility.
te College Programe
c) to on, p.
arylerica Vl Colle
delahouse andede Vote
Sec. 221 (house andearinghouseica
ANDARDS C (reHelp Amr
tion of Ftion of F
lp Ame
ITH STANDARDSSORS- The CommissionICATION, Volud in subtitle information and training He2) also appears above under
is subtitle in consultation withard of Advisors.] information and review ofdministraribe information and review ofdministrathe
ON W ADVIo asc provided under such subtitle; a out
VOLUNTARY Sthes deantsthe
TATItion ofrtion ofing] Sec. 202 (
H.R. 3295OARD OFard and the BYSompila dutie also appears above under ompila
o S c2) c and carry, p. 12.
– out thement of the g–
out its duties under thds, p. 83.inge
e for therrye for the
a Sec. 202 (ram under title aringhouse
ec. 221 (c) CONSULOARD AND BandarSec. 202. Duties.sourcSec. 202. Duties.sourc
House Version of[SBshall carrythe Standards Balso appears below under AND VOTINGSt[The Commission shall serve as a national clearingreprocedures with respect to elections by(2) celection assistance), and providingthe managand]12.[The Commission shall serve as a national clearingreprocedures with respect to elections by(3) developingProgCle

robably refers to
on election(pON-

out the provisions of section 9 oftion Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C.N
H.R. 3295
t (2) shall carry (6) shall conduct the study STUDI
resy and administration under subsection (b)(1) anddOGY AND ADMI
7);; an
ec. 303. (a)]n ProcedusSec. 303. (a)])(3Sec. 303. (b)]
Senate Version ofgistration Ac[Sthe National Voter Reg1973gioNo provision[technologsubmit the report under subsection (b)(2) (b[TECHNOL
r RelectStudie
g of EPeriodic Studiesy
ewd in to use forie
evi proceduresistered andSSUES
National VRribe
scpeditious sy.ON I
lish profic
s de methods of voting
d Eng for useTRATI
sults;afford each reg to vote; andtiveIS
of State officials, assist suchstudies available to the publiction issue accessible, and easye uniformed services, blind andcN
t of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gpartisan panels of election and ffe
tion.ection or vote countingh bi the Commission for such purpose.ection rest-e
al of promotingrs with limitelo
out the provisions of section 9 of thegistradministrao eopportunityON ADMI
stration Acr reew of elled bytingt and c
H.R. 3295iction a elections which– members of thnd voteenECTI
(7) Carryil vote (9) At the request e revi (5) Make periodic elers, affic
held the most accurate, secure, and exnd ta e
man t the votei aBED-]
s id
rdingcialederal elections, througardingbleible voter an equal CRI
ec. 221. (a)]gaSec. 221. (a)]Sec. 221. (a)]g) will ySec. 221. (b) EL
House Version of[SNational Voter Regre[offiin Fprofessionals assemb[resubsection (b), with the gand administering(A) will be the most convenient,voters, includingdisa(Bfor voting(C) will be nondiscriminatoryelig(D) will be[DES

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stems; istration, ie
reg, deterring
stems in and sy,d proficing
of voting
the over-vote and under-
all conduct periodic studiesy and votingrs with limite
such technolog elections for Federal office;
includingnd voteud in
tions for Federal office; the accessibility equipment to all voters, including
rs, as and methods of identify fra
H.R. 3295d votege voting
s for elecua
ederal office, nblengting
ES- The Commission sha
places, and votingnd disalish lastig
Senate Version of(2) STUDIof–(A) methods of election technologelections for Fvote notification capabilities of (B) ballot desig(C) methods of ensuringpollingblind athe(D) nationwide statisticand inve(E) methods of voter intimidation;

erstiveencies andrs a
c ballots that
ra vote provisional equipment to
istration,ered votred. the accessibilityrs with limiteistration for
d in this subseistd, inteiste site
ribederal office.s for elections for Federallizegnd vote
scens of regntrall re polling
tet aters a handled and counted.
s desig lis cnked to relevant agices and overseas voters, and
e tha places, and votingvoters receive timely
hods and mechanisms of votingthods of voter regt of athods of conductinghods of ensuringd votehods of voter regously
tion issuetion list linsuring ablepediti
the disa. that such
H.R. 3295blishmegistrand et
star res), astration, pollinguding and ex
dministra votes in elections for F e list ail
ws:ng secure and accurat the vote site reg
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ction aaiide polling.r
letwlish proficiency
all pollingll vote
House Version ofTheare as fol(1) Current and alternate metand counting(2) Current and alternate ballot deoffice.(3) Current and alternate mem(incstaaon the(4) Current and alternate mevoting(5) Current and alternate metof votingaEng(6) Current and alternate metmembers of the uniformed servmethods of ensuringwill be properly

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y Sctions for govern–
elections fortion da assie t
rs;aces, and durilectatderal office;
pl etion of ee
of establishing would be necessary whether votes are
fferentent can best each S
of conductingat ditablishingmdministra fundingardingill constitute a vote on each
of poll workeilitys, dvisabilitys at win the State to conduct elections

elections for Fha
ining day the a and e the w
nd trafferent timeef
H.R. 3295 and advisabterminations regt d
nt a;ha
losingys to improves t equipment used
uitmece on diaws and procedures used byard
cr offis that the Federal Governthoritied
rel holidauhe ltan
ral a) t contests of de s
) theedea)(i) recounts of ballots cast inI)III)pe of voting
Senate Version of(F(G) the feasibilityFederaldifferent hours, includinguniform poll cF(H) waylocFederal office and what levels ofprovide such assistance;(I(I(Icounted in such elections; and(ty
rsonsring the.
of peministe timetion of
and improving voters about the
ibilitynd alosingministra
lig the operation of places, and all other a ad
the the
of educatingderal office on different day
rningtions.nt to votinge different hours, includingwhat levels of funding
hods of recruitingovee and votinglecva uniform poll cl Government can best assist
le adera
rees to improve
l workers.ws g to vot in erly
H.R. 3295tetablishingthoritie
ipa elections for Fs auederal office and
isteringrtics that the Fal to provide such assistance.
ance of poll and Sta of e
rand loc
ede mechanisms, the location of pollingcts of pabilityte a
e performspedvisa
House Version of(7) Current and alternate metth(8) Fto vote.(9) Current and alternate methodsprocess of regvotinga(10) Matters particulelections in rural and urban areas.(11) Conductingat different places, and duringa(12) The wayStaelections for Fbe necessary

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Commission) tha votingteME VOTERS W
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tions for a
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eieED- The study
ntifie necedures used with respect to Commission de of providingwho speak those langmme
s idere is as the rec Com mission de-
(ars aasibilitylish profic Commission shah theL
H.R. 3295esttes for voters s- The Commission shall conduct a studyclude–

ctical feed Eng (1) STUDY OF FIY MAISSUES STUDIl in
r or not ther mahnicuagr with suc action aFIC I
st prathec limiteress a report on each st) shal
be States with respect to the recounts and contestsh othe tereethetiveSTER BTUDY- GENERAL
slaec. 303. (b)]N
) sucgiSause (i
Senate Version offor Federal office;(ii) theused bydescribed in clause (i); and(iii) wheState recount and contest proelections for Federal office;(Jappropriate; and(K) theor more langwho a(3) REPORTS- Theand Cong(2) togleho Register by Mail[REGI(A) S(i) Ithe impact of section 103(b) on (ii) SPECIcl
First-Time Voters W
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

i Ssta be
e naml elstite on whic
the impactibl alxior a conducted
ighat ections foristration card. da
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chress on the studyc
prevent and ensuri andf sunature verification of voteer with such recommendations a
nglsls; oggistration process, such asrmation on the reg 18 months aect, the Commission shall submitethtive
istration;udiactntitysis of other changnCongsla
ncler roler rolmp ider thagite.
, ie ite
lshe use of si thend le
H.R. 3295f th a
er rolaced on votis orifyraph (A)(i) togtiveppropria

placed on votalys to ves is a
amination of the impact of section 103(b) on first timeistrant voters who vote in person, includingamination of the impact of such section on the of votng an
beies are pl anices, such as teduredministrarmine
) an exIII)ederal office, and an analy) REPORT- Not late
Senate Version of(I) an exmail regof such section on voter reg(IIaccuracyfromnam(practprocFmade to improve the voter reverification or additional info(Bsection 103(b)(2)(A) takes effa report to the President and under subparagfor adeNo provision
Human Factors Researchan factn-c
nt of this Ac shall submit astems,
, could be to ensure the
acognd huma
e areas of humering
of thehinestems desig
teg products and sy
da enon, which feasibly
r theh assesses tility
fteStandards and Technolicb of voting
a usa
H.R. 3295ear products and sy
ress whuding
n 1 ystitute of l
n and accuracy
r thah, inc
House Version ofSec. 262. (b) REPORT ON HUMAN FNot lathe Commission, in consultation with the Director of theNational Ireport to Congreand human-machine interactiapplied to votingusability

ld byllhr
rae suctetion
eedegram af
Fram inear study

on the the posta and disabled,blishing
t byllots submitte to thest is 1 y
tion Commissionn bact conducted under of e
e3406 of title 39, Unitedte thaction Administraport on the
spetion Commission sha the elderly re
blishmesentebility da Eless a
tab there
HMENT OF A FREE es with reneficiaries under the progudingdvisant, the
ISshall conduct a studyt to ay of the study
tion Administracr Federal office (other thane results of such surveynd ar tha
on free absentee ballot postagc of thespe ate
TABL Eleraph, incl
T POSTAGE PROGRAM- bilityction Administraibility
H.R. 3295LO- The with remailed under section Eleasnt of this Ac
and report ALdvisaable of potential be feON- Not lactmell submit to Cong
nd aeneral elections foC SURVEY- As part theT- ISSIn
applic materials LIORM
e araph (1), theram.EPte of e
asrate da
Senate Version ofSec. 507. Study(a) SAB(1) Iestablished under section 301 feElection Commission and the Postal Service of a progunder which the Postal Service shall waive the amount ofpostavoters in gballotingStates Code) that does not applrequired to send the absentee ballots to voters.(2) PUBpaconduct a surveydescribed in such paragand shall take into account thdea prog(b) R(1) SUBtheCommission sha
Free Absentee Ballot Postage
and to reduce voter error and
H.R. 3295
methods to improve access for individuals with
House Version ofincludingdisabilities (includingthe number of spoiled ballots in elections.No provision

ara oflervice’
tive)(1) withral eDERLraph (1)
prog ibility ne tion
secostal S
raph (1) shall the feaction (a g
dministra.ral Ele under section

ether with and atablishingis of thed in the Fe.
sysd in subse
tiveppropriad under paragalm described in subsectionthe number of such individuals
ribeubmitted under paragof thera study out its duty
islas asts of en ansc REGARDINED- The term ‘Pal Service established under
(a)(1) toggondividuals and individuals withederal office.ing
h lermine cin am dellots submitteONS i
teON- The report submitted underontarae bas that progCE DEFI holidayn carry
H.R. 3295te of thell c prognteVI- I
et elderlyR
bseLED- The report sdE
tions for sucstima the an methods to increase S
ndan eEMENTATIntingSABs; aTAL
n aPLraph (1) shamect to theederal office held in 2004.OS GENERAL
mme Commission deiMgll–bilitie) identifyN
cos theontaraspe
Senate Version ofconducted under subsection rea(2) COSTS- The report submittecdescribed in subsection (a)(1).(3) Ipaimplerefor F(4) RECOMMENDATIAND DIsha(A) include recommendations Commission on way(a)(1) would targdisa(Bwho vote in elections for F(c) Pmeans the United States Postsection 201 of title 39, United States Code.Sec. 511. Election day(a) I
Election Day Holiday
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

ress on, the fac to ber
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y,s,deral inc
ae of 72.9er and Fordellye for use as

l Commissionnlabl
y holidaederal offices on anns Da uniform that study following’s Cy’. Holding the F
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te Nad allow election dayilyre avai
ction da Veration theresil holida of Veterans Dayaso
les conducting P the cost and administrative or weekend could allow es m
n eections for Fh anureau asked thousands of non- of thetionaliday, may.g
detailed report to the Cong a elor of establishingonsidespondents, was that they work or school schedule.islation to hold presidential andnaand observed by moree the pool of available poll
y sucnt, istered voters in the United Statestions between 1999 and 2000. Afterg formernt
ERED- I the November 2000 Presidentialide
blishingsideD into cs to vote
ta holidakeal public ho
H.R. 3295s Pre Pre without addingople
of e the hours.ll ta did not vote. The top reason for not voting the pet could increas
l public elections on a holiday
bility options for holdinggad by 51 percent of reg they 22.6 percent of the re or had a conflictinress should enact legd by
dvisalaAressional elections on a la working
aistingiven by
Senate Version of303(a)(1)(G), the Commission, within 6 months after itsestablishment, shall provide a theincludingexprocweekend voting(b) FCommission sha(1) Onlyturned out to vote duringelection–well-below the worldwide turnout averagpercent for Presidential electhe 2000 election, the Census Bvoters whygtoo busy(2) One of the recommendationson Election Reform led byis ‘Congcongelections on the legprocGovernment or on the weekendsa national holidayburden of an additional holiday(3) Holdingmorevoter turnout. Iworkers and make public buildin
H.R. 3295
House Version of

t (42
tion and Ac
or to shiftl esult in the
ray reation or time document under Votingonstitute
ede ma locey c
a holidayt thentet ma
of F than
hours.ress on issues regaberning on the feasibilitys Abseume; and

tion day ccticee development of a standard materials.is section referred to as then
over a weekend could provide been offered in the 107th byonc that a material misstatement of doc
options should be sensitive to pra a
voters of all faiths and to ours Citizeh
daylse election information.stingtion ca
elections fa under section 303(a)(1)(G), thensmittingdca place.rse
port to the Cong
H.R. 3295 information of suc
broa and report on thnd Ove
new voting or tralse a standard oath for use with anyd a
to a weekend haveroadcasting out its dutyastinguding of–omple
needed for uniform pollingious observances of dclt of fars c
places. Holdingress. Anyingasbility
ibility broadcec. 409. Study Uniformet in the
carrysults incas VoteSdvisacrounds for a conviction for perjury
Senate Version ofpollingflex(4) Several proposals to make elecelection dayCongthe religNation’s veterans.Sec. 513. BInCommission, within 6 months after its establishment shallprovide a detailed retherebroaof operation of a pollingrse[oath for use with overseas voting(a) STUDY- The Election Administration Commissionestablished under section 301 (in th‘Commission’), shall conduct a studya(1) prescribingtheU.S.C. 1973ff et seq) affirmingfag
Broadcasting False Information
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provisionNo provision

ethertivele andrseethertiveAS
Sec. 409 alsoEASaw 107-107;ministra Sec. 406 Overseas

port todministrate.] information bytion of oveport tod
o accom reistration of- reraph (1) tog
nd apansion of singistrand a
ion t a on the feasibilityg a
rmtives aent retive
ll submit agisla p. 148.ERMANENT VOTERSnll submit agisla
require the State to use theraph (1).under subsection (a) togthis subsection referred to asunder paragRegistration of
h or affitermine overseas votingnd report on exEASrmae Uniformed and Overseasof the National Defensetermines appropriate.]
aRT ON P for pe Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-3), asMILITARY AND OVERSanent
scal Year 2002 (Public Ltions for leerm
conducted tions for leMILITARY AND OVERS studyOi conducted
H.R. 3295res an oatbed in parag Commission shanda Standard Oath,ce;s. Commission shanda
and report on permanent regie
e requicommee offiON OF OVERS of providing section 1606(b) comme
tat re, Use oftatce dut re, Study on P
h STRATIation Act for Fh
he Sress on the studyleTUDY AND REPSbilityens Absentee Votingress on the study
f t document under such Act, to nge offi
ec. 406. Studytatdvisa
Senate Version of(2) ianystandard oath descri(b) REPORT- TheCongwith sucaction as the Commission deappears below under VOTING[Soverseas voters; distribution ofa siS(a) SREGI(1) STUDY- The Election Administration Commissionestablished under section 301 (in the ‘Commission’), shall conduct a studyavoters under section 104 of thCitizamended byAuthoriz115 Stat. 1279) and this title.(2) REPORT- TheCongwith sucaction as the Commission dealso appears below under VOTING
H.R. 3295
House Version of

s voteethertive
andeirems, sit a
rvicSec. 410 alsoASu, for theing
seport todministra.]E Reqar, receive suchon or such
to accept anyd retessi
nd aonh hemible.

notarization azatiom
on the feasibilitynt uniformell submit aslatives ahe Cdvisa
is section referred to as thesegior, at its direction, any hold sucrs a
bunder subsection (a) togg Notari such testimony
n aterminehs as t
on prohibitingon, absentee ballot request, or aounds that the document involved isonside
a State from refusingd byrohibitinr c
conducted tions for leMILITARY AND OVERSrmbe
H.R. 3295 Commission shanda out this subtitlester such oat
and report ingni
ommearryie or me
of prohibitingllot submitteed.c, Study on P Powers of the Commission.NGS- The Commission
p. 154.istration applicati bah re of c
nteress on the studydence, admommitte
tizenSec. 410. StudybseSec. 305.]
Senate Version ofCi[requirements.(a) STUDY- The Election Administration Commissionestablished under section 301 (in th‘Commission’), shall conduct a studyadvisabilityvoter regaor overseas voter on the gnot notariz(b) REPORT- TheCongwith sucaction as the Commission deappears above under VOTINGp. 154.ers[(a) HEARIsubcommittee or member of the Commission, maypurposeact at such times and places, takeevisubc
hold carry
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, and receivesablths a
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out this Act, sit andders advi the
y aing be
ke such testimonyon consiar
ONS- The Commission mayissi
oms a
H.R. 3295he C Commission ma
for the purpose of carry
Powers.NGS AND SESSIst. The
dence as ttions to witne
ec. 205. ]ffirma
House Version of[S(a) HEARIsuch hearingact at such times and places, tasuch eviout this Aca

ECTI AND vote of theated underte such
uidelines and
ll– AND
rs of theON
a majority
mbeNATORY ELTANDARDSor 103 as of the transition
meMISTRATIidelines have beenlines by upon the approval of atransition date (as defined in
ua)(2)), not later than 30 day Commission.ANDARDS
theSCRINIidech standards or gTter than the date described in

mmission shall have 1 vote.SION OF S Commission shauffect onlyhave not been promulg
vote of , thers of the
NG- Each action of the Commission shall beES-- teuidelines
H.R. 3295-L standards or gmbe
f Commission; orHMENT OF S idelines not la
RUON OR REVIsition daate revisions to su meIS-u
(b) VOTI a majorityALOGY AND ADMITIINES- Ited under section 101, 102, nINES
FORM AND NONDIREMENTSa trars of the of the
N SPECIr thembe promulgjorityf
ec. 305.]2)fte) adopt such standards or gI)) I
Senate Version of[S(1) Iapproved byand each member of the Co((A) UNITECHNOLREQUI(i) ADOPGUIpromulgdate (as defined in section 316(a(Ime(Isuch revisions shall take ema(ii) ESGUI(Isection 101, 102, or 103 as of the section 316(a)(2)), the Commission shall promulgstandards or g
ission Decisionsdginsessbers
m intom
h beron unleTEM
Compprove ANDoie mS
to aON OFc)s sect Sd
tions submitteoard under- Theriod whicrocess fON- Theaph (1), and nohie of tg an
ndaONSy pe Commission submitsANDARDSSSIry vot
ERATIard of Advisors and the Sec. 223 (Tt
mmeIDo p. 86 .ajori) also appears below under Testin
- such a standard) shall not be the Commission unless the (or modification), takingco 90-da COMMI (2
standard described in Commission votector of the the BICATION, P BYunder parag a mb) AND VOTINGystem
ed bynd re S
d for purposes of tg
nts aand the Standards Btion of the Direte
adoptrs of the
APPROVAL A voluntarymmeOD FOR CONS subsection (a) (or modification of such axpiracutive VOLUNTARY S Sec. 224 (ANDARDS
H.R. 3295-mbe coERI not vote on the final adoption of a voluntary ees approved byT
ard under subsection (a).]YS Voluntary Standards,aytion i
theo S on the list submitted mtaICATION, Votin
of theration theoard of Advisors MUM Pteoryation,
GENERALNIrd) until the daific
ec. 223 (c) FIonside the BSec. 224 (b) (2) APPROVALaboratts accredi
House Version of[S(1) Isubsection (a) (or modification ofconsidered to be finallymathe final adoption of the standardcbysubsection (b).(2) MICOMMENTSCommission maystandard described instaon thethe standard (or modification) toStandards Bappears below underVOTINGAdoption of[Commission shall vote on the proposed accreditation of eachlaboratoryliof the Commission.]VOLUNTARY SCERTIFCe

ffefinet isd toESria
e vote ofite
kes de vote ofte thaICIr
ll tate (a daOnd c
r of– the Pies a
s shaten a majority
line lasition da a majorityr thaation is submitte
nants shall be approved orteral polic upon the approval of a
uide of the members of the is the trarpplicdate (as defined in section
or gitylauser the aies and criteria for thes after the transition date, thend criteria by ge
te- The gh theON OF GENERALcheffect only Commission.

subcection 101(c)(1), 102(c), or 103(c)s af- ALSI
neral policrs of the
on whicf geons have been established under section
H.R. 3295 Commission not late- I Commission; ormbe
OGRAMS OR DENI daAll–eneral policies a me
and such standards RON OR REVIate revisions to su
I)rs of theter theTIrs of the
OVAL afTERI of the
upon the approval of a major The date described this me me promulgjority
)) adopt such gI)
Senate Version ofsubclause (IonlyCommission.(II(aa) the date described in s(as applicable); or (bb) the date that is 30 dayin section 316(a)(2)). (B) GRANT P(i) APdenied under sections 204, 213, and 223 bythe30 dathe Commission under section 203, 212, or 222.(ii) ADOPAND CRIapproval of applicati204, 213, or 223 as of the transition 316(a)(2)), not later than 30 dayCommission sha(Ithe(Iand such revisions shall take ma
H.R. 3295
House Version of

nd) andfinen. Unite
s aI upon thes de the
ie (a from a
ES ANDtetly use
ICIl polic Commission.ter of–c Commission.y
ra effect only laDERAL direderal Government.

POLenensition daEure out this subtitlee
h grs of the is the traOM Fcarrye head of such departmenttion to the
sucmbelauseRy to c
ter thery Commission maes of the F
s defined in section 316(a)(2)),a described in subclause (Ite such information as the
GENERALte me subc afON Fssa informanner and under the same conditionsenci
criteria for the approval oftablished under section 204, 213, or datheection 101(c)(1), 102(c), or 103(c)sencyceh
theand criteria shall take of RMATIrs neCES- The
H.R. 3295ll promulgnFO Commission ma
SHMENT OFter thaNonsidell furnish suc SERVI
LI- (c) IS- The
AEy sha
eneral policies and not laeneral policies enc
TERIf g Commission sharia The date described thisderal department or agg
iteI)Sec. 305.]e
Senate Version of(iii) ESTABCRI(I) Iapplications have been es223 as of the transition date (athecrsuch gapproval of a majority(I(aa) the date described in s(as applicable); or (bb) the date that is 30 dayin section 316(a)(2)). [AGENCIFCommission cUpon request of the Commission, thor a(d) POSTALStates mails in the same maas other departments and ag
inistrative Supportny
Adm the
from a
ctlytion to they useES- Upon the
EDERAL dire out this Act. Uponederal Government.C
re informa
OM F se carry
toes of the F
ON F such information as thernish suc Commission maenci
nner and under the same conditions
RMATI shall fuCES- TheV
H.R. 3295FO Commission maency
ec. 205. ]ederal department or ag) POSTAL
House Version of[SAGENCIFCommission considers necessaryrequest of the Chair of the Commission, the head of suchdepartment or agCommission.(cStates mails in the same maas other departments and ag(d) ADMI


r of theF
me(b) STAF
all of amatters. ]
t the
ll me not meet less often than monthly
H.R. 3295s of the Commission.
Commission shaec. 306. Commission personnel
Senate Version ofNo provisione ComSec. 304. MeetingTheCommission, but mayrsonne[S
aking Authorityaff/Pent and Com
m rule,gs ofSt
s andRule
out its dutie. to issue any
arry contract with andes for suppl
other action which
enci authority authority
ative support services that arel ag State or unit of local
take anytent permitted under the National
deraection 3709 of the Revised Statutes
ovide to the Commission, on ae
Commission to c
ard to sulation, or RECTOR AND OTHER S
H.R. 3295le the
b regcept to the exE DI
na requirement on any V
imitation on rulemakingistration Act of 1993. Staff.
to eate any
ceovernment, exSec. 204.]
House Version ofrequest of the Chair of the Commission, the Administrator ofGeneral Services shall prreimbursable basis, the administrneunder this Act.(e) CONTRACTS- The Commission maycompensate persons and Fservices without regof the United States (41 U.S.C. 5).Sec. 206. LThe Commission shall not have anypromulgimposes anygVoter RegNo provision[(a) EXECUTI

able nothehe
e General
to rates,or, Generalhor or tty of t
theriard to the

tingrectrectjoubject to
y fixladule payor and ta
, reve Directive Di a mON- S
iceed the rate pay
s Codeecutnot exive Diears. An individual mayecutNATI, without reg
rector, General Counsel, and chapter 51 and subchapter Ite e Exnt of an individual withDirector and General Counsel
he Execut 6 yhCE- Notwithstanding
Commission maard tod Stand General Schee Exa successor is appointed under
for ths as tl be approved by OFFIecutive
ecutive DiermN
5, Unite of payecutive Schedule under section 5316 of of t shal
H.R. 3295ON- Theeerman 2 trm
he Commission.
tho each taph (C), the ExIN
r 53 of titlehat.M- The tos of therO
pte t title trraph (1).Praph (2), the Commission may
hacepth) TERmbe
Senate Version of(3) COMPENSATIcompensation of the Exother personnel without regof cclassification of positions aexCounsel, and other personnel mayfor level V of the Exsuc(CCounsel shall be for a period ofserve for mGeneral Counsel. The appointmerespectme(D) CONTIsubparagshall continue in office until parag(1) APparag
or be
onlatinghat anrectay
e of theissi t
ecutiveEm ree Dior m
he rat theComt titleceptcess of theivrect
RVIe Chas, exRECTOR-ecut
ceed t SEhf tte in executive Schedule.E DIve Di
ex appoint and fixecutive DirectorL3 o raVhe Exi
toVIaff of trd to the provisions ofer 5), tecut
e notN CI to the provisions of title 5,hareceive payTMENT-
appointments in the competitivef cph (3)(CN
a ratecutive Schedule.or and stard hout reg not vel V of the Exra
d atonnel as the Exrecter III oears. An Ex
Subject to rules prescribed byecutive Director mayY OF CERTAIive DioverninghapGeneral Schedule pay of 4 y
H.R. 3295- The Commission shall have an Exl be paiF-IT be paid witbcerm
Lecut su
ABI and
for level V of the ExLIC1
GENERALor, who shalPS- The Exter 5 serve for a t
Nrect of such additional persW be appointed without regpcept as provided in paragl
o specific provisions for General Counsel)Aha
House Version of(1) IDibasic pay(4) OTHER STAFCommission, the Expayconsiders appropriate.(N(5) APLmayUnited States Code, gservice, and maycto classification and individual so appointed mayannual rate of basic pay(2) TERM OF SERVIExshalreappointed for additional terms.(3) PROCEDURE FOR APPOI

- sitionon unt
EL of thenssi
tramiraph (1).

rningction Commissionom
ove COUNSON- The appointment a majority on thee C
, gral Eleh
rvice, appoint and terminateNATIegor of t
s Codee Director and General Counsel F
teral Counsel, and such other to enable the Commission topproved byrect
d Staecutivive Diappointed under parag
TMENT- Btion of the
RECTOR; GENERALNection 316(a)(2)), the Director of the Officeecut
H.R. 3295 5, Unite be necessary
E DI Commission.he Ex
VTMENT AND TERMIaph (1) shall be a APPOI
rs of theITIction Administra
ecutive Director, a GeneNl serve as t
mbe) I
Senate Version ofprovisions of titleappointments in the competitive sean Expersonnel as mayperform its duties.(2) EXECUTI(A) APPOIand termination of the Exunder paragme(Bdate (as defined in sof Eleshalsuch date as a successor is
ones foroarding
ission-and the
missiEES position ofstn any
ommmNE- Theraph (A) asith the Standardsng ing
on 3 nomineecutiveVtwhi
for theo servi
ance Cr thaTTEESes- N
ists in the position ofststance Cwe the Standards B the ExNT appoint an individualhs. Not
exEtor prior to thecept that such individual’sontor from
ON OF NOMI Advisors shall each appoint aTMc
ion Assion Assi part 2) shall each appoint araph (C), the Commission shallended bynd nominece with subparagon mayued to prohibit the individualrect
ectind not femIRST EXECUTIappointment of their members.OIN Dire
ectDERATIR FmmePPtiveceed 6 mive Di
he Ele ElommeIOEARCH COMMIcocu ex
hen a vacancyhcS FL Ae be constrecut
or, tees recomEnd reIA not
H.R. 3295- Wrect to rein aITay Ex
ee), the Commissioard of Advisors, exrst
first Exce m
e DiRING CONSe nom RULNG OF SIM INhe firm.
ivmmittehoard of Advisors in appointingALmmitteRraph (Bs thel te
GENERALecuth coder tor.h coTE ag as t
Nrc SPECIrcrve of servin
e Extandards Board and tacept as provided in subparagrectC)RECTOR-tandards Board and the Board ofaecutive Director in accordanii) INoard or the Bermdditiona
House Version of(A) IthSBoard of Advisors (described insethe position.(B) REQUIExconsiand the BDi(DI(i) CONVENISseExsoon as practicable after the (subparagto serecommendation of nominees for the position byBtprevious sentence mayservia

procureh do not
OYEES-d to the
ilels whic
y be
ma, and such detail shall be
eevil service status or privilegtes for individua
oy rathe annual rate of basic payecutive Schedule under section
ES- The Commission may, ate Ex
H.R. 3295mittent services under section 3109(b) oftes
equivalent of
d Sta

(c) DETAITTENT SERVI and inter
ederal Government empl
FTERMI 5, Unite
ec. 306]Nceed the daily
Senate Version of[SAnyCommission without reimbursementwithout interruption or loss of ci(d) PROCUREMENT OF TEMPORARY ANDItemporarytitleexprescribed for level V of th5316 of such title.No provision
arryard of ANDn
mayoorORS- I
rect temporaryS
Temporary and Intermittent Servicesencyssist it in c BOARD- Atof personnel of
Board of Advisors and Standards Boardve Diilable to assist the oard of Advisors
TANTS- Subject toecutive DirectorSTANCE FORi
ecutive Director shallecutN MATTERS
ES- Upon request of the of the personnel of thatANDARDS detailing
The Ex-term plans, mission
rmittent services under sectionCode, with the approval of a Commission. anythe Exduties under this title (including the Commission shall consult
l department or ag Commission to as as tduals for providingporary
AGENCING FOR ASSI AND SAssistance Commission Bssistance Commission StandardsITH BOARD OF ADVIals, longtters for the Commission, theaff of
and inters of the Federa to theRSementto make personnel avao
ySO out their ON W
H.R. 3295 the Commission, the ExmbeEDERALencingOARD ON CERTAIram gor and st
me FgTATI Brect
(b) EXPERTS AND CONSULF OFnt or a (d) ARRANGI such arrangUL the prog
of thehe head of anytoive Di
procure temporaryjorityair, trtmeard established under part 2, er iards with carry Commission).ANDARDSecut
ec. 204.]hpaSec. 204.]ooT
House Version of[Srules prescribed bymay3109(b) of title 5, United States ma(c) STAFCdetail, on a reimbursable basis,deout its duties under this Act.[BOARD OF ADVIthe request of the Election Advisors or the Election ABentconsiders appropriate Bcontracts with private indivipersonnel services or the temthe(e) CONSSpreparingstatements, and related maExwith the Election Assistance Commission B

. and Loc
out this subtitle
ppropriated to the Commission such
to c
be ary
on of appropriations.oessa
H.R. 3295atized tc
horiy be

s ma, p. 43.
Senate Version of AppropriationsSec. 307. AuthorizThere are autsums aNo provision, but see Sec. 506 below under Input
rantsStandards Boardrred toferre of
ed to beh 2004oard and refe re
appropriated ance
Authorization ofents and g out its dutiesstancest
mceed $10,000,000Standards Board and Board of
tandards Boardr in this title
on Sion Assiter in this titleion Assiafte and procedural
issied for paythorized to beears 2002 througectreain section 221(a)(1), anyin section 221(a)(4), and any
me Elard of Advisors shall each, inineering
om (but not to exhe Eld (heho
ar eng
hed to
ance Cis
ston of appropriations.ablrds B
H.R. 3295ati be necessary estrd of Advisors (heard and the B
ear) for the Commission to carryndaoao
ion Assiram under section 303, there are authorizoard of Advisors’). standards described
ecttandards Board’) and t of the voluntary
he Elhe ‘S
addition to the amounts authorizoard of Advisors
House Version ofand testablished under part 2.Sec. 207. AuthorizInunder subtitle C and the amounts aufor the progappropriated for each of the fiscal ysuch sums as mayfor each such yunder this title.Part 2–Election Assistance Commission Standards BBSec. 211. Establishment.There are herebyCommission Staas tCommission Bto as the ‘BSec. 212. Duties.The Standards Baccordance with the procedures described in section 223,review anyperformance standards described the voluntary

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
eftate’se loish aect
vbl eloard whome
ir of thee chiatiraph, andacal sa
ha tho
cn accordance Each Sl est.ES
-, Guamal
theed byed iSiairs of the
shalcept that under suchRTI
ectectCIALmbcial not be a member of the PA
modifications to such the Commission underoard.ation bye) a representoluo serve as a lmbe
s sels seltat ttion offic me
ale.alraph, ex mayecCAL
ment practice standardstificcitatcihe S of Cion offiduallITI
ge(and anyON OFFIlect (under a process supervisede for purposes of paragrictectviparagief eL not be
of ttatstf elndihOy
mmended bycomposed of 110 members asion offiion offiECTIciale Se c ma
ects of each Sect ELhhe Dig an is thete
el the chiin aX OF P Sta
H.R. 3295ON-- Subject to certate elcialcalion offiectrty
election manaTIoOCAL fromoa, tme
Ioard shall be be Sectciale case of tmal paNG MI sa.

be lraph (2).f elhaRIrty
.OSlion offil OF Len tt the pa
B GENERALectSTcan Senal
Ne elIhe chiion offieri politics
deral Election Commission under subsection (b), thetat tectmepre
House Version ofof the voluntarydescribed in section 221(a)(6) standards) which are recosubtitleSec. 213. Membership of Standards B(a) COMP(1) IFeStandards Bfollows:(A) 55 shalS(B) 55 shalwith parag(2) Llocal election officials shall sebyel(1)(B). IAmprocedure for selofficial for purposes of such a procedure the individual selectedsa(3) REQUIREPRESENTED- The 2 members of the Standards Brepolitic

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
Nherees tate Staal aretatetionederal
Otion fromtdci a Sc
c agalctef
ATIte of theal of talcilel Ele
CONcil Elecion offiCE- Ira
FI dara sei
ectedeoard under
ECTIr theon offiedeion offiion offit the elard under this title. F
i Fectcalo
EL afteectect el a notice from a Sderal ElectionoDE NOTI
yse ele elcaleation thave lir of theithin the deadline describedecutive Bout the duties of the F
E AND CERTItathair of thetate laR c
C 90 daf Stivtion (a)(2) who will serve on thertific
need SaeStandards B
to cectard under this title; and caph (1) wON- Upon the appointment of the
r thae chie–oe to theron of the Ex
R OF FEDERALte the sele representURE TO PSSI
, notic thhL
H.R. 3295 FOR NOTI Acthathe representON- Upon receiving notic
issmit a tATIll publish aal and taph, no representative from the State may COMMI
TMENT-E TO CHAION- Not lahnente of toard under this title.ICraph (1), the chair of the Fcinsmit ar
NC of temF OF
SSIentll traatE
OCEDURESme namon offi
Rte shahis not tra
House Version of(b) POF APPOI(1) NOTICOMMIenactStaCommission containing(A) a stserve on the Standards B(B) tthe State selected under subsecStandards B(2) CERTIunder paragCommission shaelappointed as members of the (3) EFFECT OF FAIdoeCommission under paragin such paragparticipate in the selectisubsection (c).(4) ROLmembers of the Election Assistance Commission, the ElectionAssistance Commission shall carryElection Commission under this subsection.

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
y onal
st datandards
la be certifiedtandardss;s; and politic serve for ahe Sned under this

yalalle first
r thehe Scicimer
fte saaph (3), members ofrs a
ar- Of the members
ysard shall select 9 of itsion offiion offimbe
oects of theve Board of t
s Be Board of t electr parag TERMSi me
n 60 da its members maive elmberve for more than 3 consecutiveLecut the other duties assig
oftatlocaltandards Board shalIA
r thaecut S meITe Ex time
te be be behe SNh
y not set the
he Ex
H.R. 3295- Not la 5 ma lot a
E BOARD-ncept as provided inNG OF I serve on tn addition to any
V thae Board of tod by
o serve as tivears and mayed tES- I
GENERALbers t.ecutTAGGERIect–termine
Nmard, of whom– selard) 3 shall serve for 3 consecutive terms,
eo) not more than 5 mayhe Exrms.rsts de
House Version of(c) EXECUTI(1) Iwhich the appointment of anyunder subsection (b), the StandardmB(A) not more than 5 may(B(C) not moreparty(2) TERMS- Extterm of 2 yte(3) SfiBo(A) 3 shall serve for one term;(B) 3 shall serve for 2 consecutive terms; and(Caappointed.(4) DUTI

e and Loc
H.R. 3295

, p. 43.
Senate Version ofNo provision, but see Sec. 506 below under Input
arryBoard of Advisors
y c
rd ma
oatandards Board m
rds Bhe Sard under section 502 of
Staoard as tnce Be National Conference of StateNational Association of Stateministrators, and Clerks.
oard of Advisors.oard of Advisors shall be composed the United States Commission on the Architectural and the National Governors th the National Association of the the National Association of the National Association of
rd of the 1973 (29 U.S.C. 792).
H.R. 3295 B- The Barrier Compliae.
ects.s of Srect
Exte.hures.e Recorders, Election Ad
GENERALslatariion Di
, thelegaNgiect
House Version oftitlesuch duties of the Standards BdeSec. 214. Membership of B(a) Iof 25 members appointed as follows:(1) 2 members appointed byCivil Rig(2) 2 members appointed byTransportation Bthe Rehabilitation Act of(3) 2 members appointed byAssociation.(4) 2 members appointed byLe(5) 2 members appointed bySecret(6) 2 members appointed byEl(7) 2 members appointed byCounties.(8) 2 members appointed byCounty

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
thes then
artisa ber from
pa bipagions of the
al of the re a C
politicntegraphicears, and mayl el
meeoginal appointment was
nternational Association of 1 shall be appointed by sa
of the Senate (or, if thesors shal
e United States Conference of the Election Center. the Iofessionals in the field ofTMENTS- Appointments shall be under subsection (a) in a mannerthe orig
thbyOfficials, and Treasurers. prpresentatives and 1 shall ber of theNrd of Advisors will berious gterm of 2 y
leader leader of the Senate).oa va in the Board of Advisors shall be
of whommbe BE; VACANCY- Members of the Board
y,t theC

H.R. 3295 mestice, or the chief’s desigN APPOIt thefleRVI vacancyr
is auY Ioard of AdvisorsEmbe
the majorityder the minorityTs thaes.- The Board of Advi
Recorders, Election leVERSIn and will red S its me
ors.jorityh eteHAIong
House Version of(9) 2 members appointed byMay(10) 2 members appointed (11) 2 members appointed byCounty(12) 2 members representingscience and technologSpeaker of the House of Reappointed bymaSpeaker, by(13) The chief of the Office of Public IDepartment of J(b) DImade to the BwhicnaUni(c) TERM OF Sof Advisors shall serve for a reappointed. Anyfilled in the manner in which made.(d) Ca

H.R. 3295

Senate Version ofNo provision
d thane
h theo carryiv The
e tS- out this
ard ofecut for purposeE
througay each hol, and receivesabloers–tey each secure such
bhe Exa to carry
Standards and Advisory Boards’ Powersem tency
sors m out this Act, sit andders advi not issue subpoenasts m year for purposes ofinppropria AGENCIsors m
of witnesses or theectoard (in the case of the
oard (actingingard and the B of iard, not less frequentlyrs a
ke such testimonyoards maystimonyionsidess as it considers appropriate
no compensation for service.SIONStent that funds are made availableeetrred to it under section 223;partment or agecutive B
EShe Board of Advid a m than once everys it c.e Board of Adviral de
s ahdeoard considers necessary
H.R. 3295- To the ex evidence.ON FROM FEDERAL Fe
AND Scept that the B each holears for purposes of selr timeny
s for the purpose of carryNGS- The Standards Bl such other busine
NGSence as each such Board consi 2 yh othe
e Board) and td the attendance and tent with this title from a
GENERALivsors shal on the standards refe andt sucFORMATItly
the Commission, the Standards B) in the case of the Standards Bonsistetandards Board and t
House Version ofSec. 215. Powers of boards; (a) HEARI(1) IbyExsuch hearingact at such times and places, tasuch eviout this title, exrequiringproduction of any(2) MEETIAdvi(A) not less frequentlyvoting(Bonce everyBoard;(C) aof conductingc(b) ISdireinformation as the BAct. Upon request of the Ex

H.R. 3295

Senate Version ofNo provision
s Against Boardsd
ll be pain
ly fromance ofClaim
he Boardmeandardsa
ttion sha shal aw
shall furnish sae S to enable the
he Board ofencyES- Upon thehhe perform
Cce, but, while t
ils in theard of Advisors), theCE- Members of theard of Advisors shallnd of Advisors, a
oo with respect to thear
s mahe case of tes Administra are necessaryRVIeir serviencies under subchapter Is Codeness i Bo
he case of tandards Board and tten tEthe Bhte
n ttitions as a department orof the Brvicem in lieu of subsistence, atof agmembers for purposes of claimsll applyons performed pursuant to and
r (ird.d Stal Seees d Staard, the
haioa- The Se case raion for t per diaces of busio
BES UniteE SUPPORT SERVIve Board (in thneON FOR Srds B
he CIC theVi GeTIpensat 5, Unitear plcts or omissi
H.R. 3295Vecutair (iard, on a reimbursable basis, theAul- The provisions of chapters 161 and 171 ofnda
useederal Government.ho com
ERyTRATI out its duties under this title.ENSard and members of ed for employe Board. Stas for a
tion to the SISe Exe Ctor of theohr
hhes or reg
ALNve anypenses, includingr 57 of title of thembe
ST of the F of tapteces for t GENERAL
informaOard to carry receihr homNir me
andards Board) or thencyoheiainst board.bility
House Version ofStAdvisors), the head of such department or agsuc(c) Pof Advisors mamanner and under the same condag(d) ADMIrequestBoard) or tAdministraprovide to the Badministrative support services thatB(e) NO COMPStandards Bnottravel exrates authorizof ctserviSec. 216. Status of boards and ag(a) Ititle 28, United States Code, shaliathe

ection officials.
: to ensure that oure on Elepe of advisory
State and local input
election reform lawses that are made to theh some ty
arding process.es and localities have a vestedate and local elt is the sense of the Senate that Committere that States and localities are
regoraled, and that votes are counted inhould ensure that States and election mandates placed uponat any St chang throug
ect and they
e el process. in anys.e
thress finds the followingsayustic
H.R. 3295oongress has the responsibilityoralalitie
ade t- Cect THE SENATE- Int of Jommission.

t to vote is protecte el
es mNGSh Congh thederal Government s and locress should ensure thrtmee or c
intespa process, preferabl
changerest Sta Demmitte
al Inputntontecto
Senate Version ofSec. 506. Sense of the Senate i(a) FI(1) Althougcitizens’ riga fair and accurate manner, Stati(2) The Flocalities have some the(3) Congcontain provisions for input by(b) SENSE OFtheReform should take steps to ensuallowed some input into anyelc
e and Loc
ain, orat
d of
AND OTHER not be construedard of Advisors.
s or omissions, willfulo
ctd and Boar
ACTS(a) mayl a
the scope of the service of as Boar
NALriminad or the Bd
and responsibilities of the BMIubsection for c acts or omissions for private go
H.R. 3295bility
l lia
above, p. 35.
LF other act or omission outside visors
House Version ofin the course of the duties (b) EXCEPWto limit peor malicious misconduct,anymember of the Standards BNo provision, but see Ad

nd theess (ind of 16he
a Bureau ofn t
General,- Four
l Procmposeed i inquiries into
Votingtora coagVES
ce Federal the respective
ronic Elee’).ll beour representatives ofhederal Electiony industries (at least 2 is eng
e shaor of tnated byVES- Four representatives thENTATIovernments (2 of whom process).

nd theVES- Fices on the date on which theESoral
ased of the Attorneyrecttechnologanyrnet or communications syR
e on Elean of the Fp servtelocal g made preliminaryect
‘Committee Dind at least 2 of whom shall In
e el
Votings the Committeh a come in REPe and th
sCALtat in
Committetronic- iO S
H.R. 3295ngcd to aIPpertrnet
SHMENT- There is established the Advisoryfe follows: of Defense, te.l representales frome I
ic Votirocess LIe on Ele resarytivtivh
C–Advisory Prs aDERALderal Government, compriation, and the ChairmaTERNET REPRESENTATInternet and information shaly).ATE AND La
lectronoralmbeEeecret) IN
Eecthe Snvestighe use of t
Senate Version ofSubtitleElSec. 321. Establishment of Committee.(a) ESTABCommittethis subtitle(b) MEMBER(1) COMPOSIme(A) Fthe FtICommission, or an individual desigrepresent(Bof the Iof whomprovision of electronic votingrepresentative is appointed, apossess specisecuri(C) Srepresentshall be from States that havet
ittee on
sory Com
) provides for periodic study of
above, p. 17.
H.R. 3295, Du
House Version ofNo provision, but Sec. 221 (“alternate methods of voting.” See CO

) and 1 shall) and 1 shallraph (1)(BT
nt (2 of whomall be made inaph (1)(C).raph (1)(D) shall
after the date ofrNORI
VES- Fourrnmes
raph (1)(Braph (1)(BE MI
Goveaph (1)(C).aph (1)(C). Leader of the Senate and

r of the Senate, of whom 1rbed in parag
law, and 2 of whom shall have appointments shADER- Two individuals shall beer of the Senate, of whom 1ADER- Two individuals shall beE- Two individuals shall bedescribed in paragll be an individual described in an individual described inrity
EeadEeaderdescribed in paragEADER- Two individuals shall beeader of the House of
d with the L L L
the date that is 30 dayr:RIl described in paragbed in paragTl described in paragbed in paragTRITY AND HOUS the Majo
ffiliaOO by
H.R. 3295nneNORI
NORI) and 1 shall be).
s not apertise in election TMENTS- Appointments to the Committee shall ma the Majority the Minority the Speaker of the House of Representatives, of the Minority
tiveNE MI
VATE SECTOR REPRESENTATIntaEAKER OF THE HOUSaph (1)(Baph (1)(CNATE MAJY- Two individuals descri
prepertise in political speech). following) SENATE MIOI
Senate Version of(D) PRIreshall have exex(2) APPOIbe made not later thanenactment of this Act and suchthe(A) SENATE MAJappointed byshall be an individuabe an individual descri(Bappointed byshall be an individuabe an individual descri(C) Sappointed bywhom 1 shall be an individual and 1 shall be an individual (D) HOUSappointed byRepresentatives, of whom 1 shaparagparag(E) SJbe appointed jointly
H.R. 3295
House Version of

r the filleenall of theforeister.
Y afte vacancyll be be. c of the be
es.Tys- Membersveys shall be open
ivraph (1)(D) shallES after the datet the
atNORIse hat aderal Reg
rs, but sha is 14 da
is 30 dall met
NATE MIbed in parageader of the Senate.te tha Committee shaquest of a majorityte tha
E L the members of the Committeet its powe dahed in the F
ity dacinal appointment.is
norn thet.TMENT; VACANCIffers of thee.n the
he House of R the Speaker of the House ofe MiINe origmbe Committe be publ
TY AND Shr thaOll not aNG- Not later than 30 dayter tha of the Committee, the Chairperson shallot members of the Committee shall

H.R. 3295ORI byte of this AcP sha me- TheNGS- Each Committee meetingh
e Committeereof t
eader of tes and t not lah
LtivdeL MEETIll of theNGS- E- Not la.
tyE MAJaACice t
Y- Two individuals descri maOD OF APTIh ars of the
noriTLERI CommitteI GENERAL public
Npresentll beNNmbe
e MiOIe
Senate Version ofth(F) HOUSJbe appointed jointlyR(3) DATE- The appointments ofshadate of enactment(c) Pshall be appointed for the life of the Committee. Anyin thein the same manner as th(d) Ion whicappointed, the Committee shall hold its first meeting(e) MEETI(1) IChairperson or upon the written reme(2) NOTIdate of each meetingcause not(3) OPEN MEETIto the(f) QUORUM- Eig
H.R. 3295
House Version of

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hold byludetionoral

iies toe el
vote of the theederal, State,y incies in order to regnd th
a adopt suchlude ma, an
ctppropriae.eamination of– i
le aem
ll se a majority to be to inc incorporating or in the onlinest
sallyies in the F; be utilized in the sy
e sha Committeific Committeternet or otheres and rules to be adopted inernet
rminechnolograph (1) an exems or technolognd votens to voteInt
r number of members mayte, speesented byst a as Ie use of those technologn
ders of theesED- The measures required and minimumud in votingr thitize statut
Committe its members bye.ES- The Committee mayegisteies, that may c
mbenternet teccurityl for frable
H.R. 3295 RUL me- The Committee shall conduct a thoroug process.E STUDIte sentians to ren
Committe Committeoralnd e
ONALs the of theect poted citizers a
RPERSON- Thes of theTIs a vote el conducted under paragppropria the
s.rUDY- GENERALcal alifier vote
ngr ruleTN of issues and challengoSSUES TO Bste
) CHAImbejority) the possible methods, suchgi
Senate Version ofconstitute a quorum, but a lesseheari(gChairperson from amongme(h) ADDIothemaSec. 322. Duties of the Committee.(a) S(1) Istudypotential for election fraud, prcommunications and Iand l(2) Ithe study(A) thestandards for certification of syminimizeof qua(Bcommunications technologelectoral process, includingrerecommendations concerningorder to implement an online or
H.R. 3295
House Version of

srnetrnet, or
e,d ortete
,nr to vote aner Innd

isteng available orty of accessn
itizensmitteg usiine and Istems andns; a
ons aft
nternet technolognd cies;nd tranternet votingecti onlve equiitize
process, such asd arson to re for and castingstration syll c
tion ate peingi
tions or I the elections process, voterectoralneraibles of elarison of total cost saving process bys to a
issues related to the conductation of collection, storageoralration of voters, for votingm
inge el informas, could benefit from theiz glig applye coststtion fraud, currently
al process could have on voterhteternet technologallyny engthect and foreseeablis; syste
orn a comphe el eleco ensure and achi or voter regh
ect, and other s of tandidaronich t
trmit ac
e ellecstem and on of tuthoritie
H.R. 3295 thmity of cistems); whiss of suc
ns, voter education, public accessibilitys to petrat
her aspect of egeot;ision of currenttion anternet votingirne
ternal influences durilabilityssalinicatlec fa
her otvaessingistration syies or syifies for use in the reg eeans by
s for use i and anony al meee bale adment bye mss the
stnd proc) the implementation cost of an online or Iddre
Senate Version ofprocess;(C) the impact that new communicasyparticipation ratepotential exprivacyand administration of elections;(D) whetpubliccommunication with candidateincreased use of online or I(E) the requirements for authoradigor vote in an election, includiabsent(Fvoter regimplementation (includingfor ttechnolog(G) itechnologfor the purpose of reducingin use(H) tto online or Ia
H.R. 3295
House Version of

te ats, sitl
da timeraphingl
tions ors of the thetionar, ande sha
r thet
ftensmit to required byndareed to by ah heeneral public,roups to testify

ll tracomme or serving Committe
ree hold suc
e shation Commissiont shall be agy
tate, and local elections.n 20 months ative findingction Administra maY- The
l, Sr the consideration of suchsults of the studygislato address the finding Elet transmitted under parage, take such testimonyFtatives of the gals, and other g
r tha le Committe
te Committered tablished under section 303(a)(5).Committee considers advisable to
y on the speed, timeliness, and the reORT- Any
t, thetion Administra suchrs of theNG- The Committe
H.R. 3295ON- Not la Elembe- TheTI
OF REP- overnment offici
- SSIaws as are requiternet website es
Tnt of this Acnd thee le.OVAL or recommendation is made.nNGS
of vote counts in FederaORtmess atatR
EPnacre SPt 2/3 of theNTERNET POSTIN GENERAL out this subtitle
Senate Version of(I) the impact of technologaccuracy(b) R(1) TRANSMIof eCongestablished under section 301, fobodies, a report reflectingsubsection (a), includingmCommitte(2) APrecommendation included in the reporlethe finding(3) ICommission shall post the repor(1) on the ISec. 323. Powers of the Committee.(a) HEARI(1) Iand act at such times and placesreceive such evidence as the c(2) OPPORTUNIprovide opportunities for represenState and local g
H.R. 3295
House Version of

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piration, while th
- Thepartmell furnish Uniterantor.n
ESy sha the.encies unders Codeess i
l denc use Committeten
edee maederal Government. per diem in lieu ofees of agd Stae.
AGENCIy F accept, use, andrs of the
nnt or a
.ts not used at the exERS- Each member of thembeaces of busi
quest of the Chairperson of thepartmeees of the Fran me, including 5, Unitear pl
from a Committe for employul Committe
ctlythe Committee considers necessaryh denner and under the same conditionsenci of services or property MEMBed
penses for the
dire CommitteES- The Gifts or gr 57 of titlees
red of sucC-tees or reg
H.R. 3295ON FROM FEDERALcua- The Committee mayON OFaprvic
y se hetion to the EXPENSES- Theeir hom
the SERVI- ifts or donationsED GIr I of c thce of se
s.e mae,n
ngFORMATI such information as out this subtitle. Upon reFTS GENERALpteAFF-

Nh informaNha fromT
heariency) POSTALrforma
Senate Version ofat(b) ICommitteagto carryCommittesuc(cStates mails in the same maas other departments and ag(d) GI(1) Idispose of g(2) UNUSof the Committee shall be returned to the donor or gSec. 324. Committee personnel matters.(a) COMPENSATICommittee shall serve without compensation.(b) TRAVELshall be allowed travel exsubsistence, at rates authorizsubcawaype(c) S
H.R. 3295
House Version of

y , or e her f her e s

e marectIII o rates,ees undere.
e di. toor and ot personnele.- Anynt se
ive Committeor and ot- aph (A) shall not
ulations, appointrectr Committe
recttingdule payrmitte
Committeecute dilae diOYEES
v, reivble for level V of theLOYEES CommitteL
Committerson of theiad to thend inte
of an ex theecut Codeecutile a
ntirpes pay EMPees shall be employates Code, for purposes ofs of thetary
rson of theice laws and regor and such other additional to enable the Committee tomee extehe exr dech detail shall be without
irperecttion by Chahchapter 51 and subchapter nd General Scheecutive director and anyTTEE- Subparagmbe beservice status or privilegES- The Chairperson of thempora
e did Sta for tyC te
Chaivion of trd to ma
aceed the rate FEDERAL to meeeure
H.R. 3295- Theecut be necessaryonfirmaON- Theensat 5, Unitee of pay AS- The ex COMMI
to cp not expplymployy proc
ard to the civil servate an exe com tERS OFd to aLnt eTTENT SERVIe ma
in subje thhatONNEL
GENERALermxter 53 of title tERSN GENERALrnme
Nll bey fipecutive Schedule under section 5316 of such title.) MEMBonstrueTERMI
ahacept cN
Senate Version of(1) Iwithout regand tpersonnel as mayperform its duties. The employsha(2) COMPENSATImpersonnel without regcclassification of positions aexpersonnel mayEx(3) P(A) Iof the Committee who are employsection 2105 of title 5, United Stchapters 63, 81, 83, 84, 85, 87, 89, and 90 of that title.(Bbe(d) DETAIGovewithout reimbursement, and suinterruption or loss of civil (e) PROCUREMENT OF TEMPORARY ANDICommitte
H.R. 3295
House Version of

he ecutive ila ble e
a th
of tte on whicvo
ent dain aI before the
valappropriated toma OF FEDERAL
r thell rehts Act of 2001.
equifteONSransferred t of title I
lys aed to be sha Rig
d States Code, at rates forypended.
he daihorizon established under sectionand B
e 90 daof VotingN FUNCTI
ceed tt sums appropriated under thederal Election Commission under
ex prescribed for level V of the ExrminaION- There are te
on of appropriations.ned in this subtitleissionSSned in section 316(a)(2)).

H.R. 3295payll teati- There are autTY- Anyim
ch do note shaALILIontaear limitation, until exnsition ProvisionsOMMI
s whiLAtion c–ction Com Equal Protection ON C
dualN GENER out this subtitle not less than $2,000,000 from the funds
vi Committethorizaec. 311.]EC
ovisionsral EleS
Senate Version ofunder section 3109(b) of title 5, Uniteindiannual rate of basic Schedule under section 5316 of such title.Sec. 325. Termination of the Committee.Thethe Committee transmits its report under section 322(b)(1).Sec. 326. Authoriz(a) Icarryappropriated under section 307.(b) AVAIauwithout fiscal yrSubtitlede[(a) TRANSELElection Administration Commissi301 all functions of the Fsection 101 and under subtitles A transition date (as defi
in Fe
Transition Pr Ce
tions of the
tions Unde Func
ITr to Commission of F
H.R. 3295
House Version ofTISubtitleLaNo provision

ect Offic, and
ONS OF the Ele of theh
oaph (2), theree of the Generalandards of the Civil
rrgd in ses ste
UNCTIustice underhastice, and the Civil Rigem
N Ftion Commissionu systice under section 104

ransferred t- ral in c of thes dengu
(a General shall remaini
General in chargnergeteneral in charg
CERTAI- blished under section 301 alleytransition date (as defined inONSll functions of the Attorneyy GehaJustice under subtitles A, Br section 213 shall not bet action required under this Act,he vot Gent of J
Department of Jpartment of Je plans under section 204 and they
- There are ttion Administral in cnsition da of t
ER OFcept as provided in paragcraraph (1).ent
ONS Ex Elent Attornene trat Attorne
H.R. 3295ralTING FUNCTI-y Ge the enforcemenn
nerams of the DeforeON- The functions of the AttorneyMENT- The Attorney
d to the AssistaCEe enforcem Assista
y Ge (b) TRANSF FUNChts Division of the rreI be th
E Isfel, thent Attorne I to the review of Stat
TLN GENERALnrastice Progngh thets Division of the Departme
AttorneSec. 311.]re traneu) EXCEPTIncludih
Senate Version of[THE ATTORNEY GENERAL(1) TIAdministration Commission estafunctions of the Assistant AttornCivil Rigsections 102 and 103 before the section 316(a)(2)).(2) GRANTMAKI(A) Iaestablished under section 301 aGeof JAssistaDivision of the Department of C of title316(a)(2)).(Brelatingcertification requirements undetransferred under parag(3) ENFORresponsible for anyithrougRig
tions of the
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

ne the
ONS OFe Elarriers
o trs Complia
UNCTIrrieard.CE OF
N FI before the transitioncept that–ao
ransferred ttion Bn Act of 1971.on established under section Section 311(a) of the
title I OF OFFIction Commission be
CERTAIblished under section 301 allhed under section 502 of thesportar the approval of applicationsON- There are transferred to the of the Office of the Electiont of 1971 (2 U.S.C. 438(a)) is
and Transportation Ble under section 223 for theONSl Ele
R OF and C ofria fo systems standards under sectionderan Ac
lties under section 502.D- There are t 1973 (29 U.S.C. 792)) under section 101tion 316(a)(2)), ex and Tranritearriers Compliance BIS Fned in section 316(a)(2)).
H.R. 3295nd cN
ard (as establisurals a the votingNG AMENDMENT-
S BOARotectiederal Election Campaig
l policpaign Act
he Archiard shall remain responsibraECTIderal Election Campaig
ec. 311.]oenee
Senate Version ofand the criminal pena[STHE ACAdministration Commission estafunctions of the ArchitecturalCompliance BRehabilitation Act ofand under subtitles A, Bdate (as defined in sec(1) tBgsubmitted under section 222(a); and(2) in revising101(c)(2) the Commission shall consult with the Architecturaland Transportation BCamSec. 312. F(a) TRANSELElection Administration Commissi301 all functions of the DirectorAdministratransition date (as defi(b) CONFFamended–

Functions of the Access Boardderal EleECTIntion,
Fe ELecti
InterimCE OF
he El
o ttion Administrat. Section 311(a) of the
n Act of 1971. OF OFFIc
ONSON OF FEDERALransferred tl Election Commission, ext of 1971 (2 U.S.C. 438(a)) is
e of theederant of this Acn
IS Offica
H.R. 3295N
h the
deral Election CampaigFER OF FUNCTIION- There are t
ECTIOMMItions whicederal Election Campaig
House Version ofNo provisionSec. 701. F(a) TRANSELCAssistance Commission established under section 201 allfuncestablished within the Fbefore the date of en(b) CONFF

a period;
iosts of, or made
r purposes of sectionectreransferred by
Fohe El
deral Election Commission tThe contracts, liabilities,nd inteh are ttion.

- There are transferred to theon established under sectioneotion Administraa
‘and’ at the end; ‘; and’ and insertingstration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C.ts ae offices and functions of thec
istration Act of 1993.ONSral Election Commission under thegithe Fy, records, and personnel.sse Ele alloc
10) and the second and thirdRegedeiate
inserting strikingration Act of 1993 before the transition
aph (istd to the
H.R. 3295r section 316(a)(2)).o be a reference t and other arre
paragted ttion Commission whicn
raph (8), byraph (9), byFER OF FUNCTItion Commission.ce tra
7(a)), the reference to l Ele ar
strikingg- be deemra
Senate Version of(1) in parag(2) in paragand(3) bysentgistration AcSec. 313. National Voter (a) TRANSElection Administration Commissi301 all functions of the FNational Voter Regdate (as defined in(b) CONFORMI9(a) of the National Voter Re1973gshalAdministraSec. 314. Transfer of propert(a) PROPERTY AND RECORDS- records, propertyavailable in connection with, thFesubtitleCommission for appropr
r Re
erci th
a period;on exmi
National VissiomProperty, Records, Personnele Commission
msts of, or madenc
omion Creransferred by
ection 9(a) of theect
ion C ElThe contracts, liabilities,nd inteh are t
- There are transferred to theestablished under section 201ecte Commission’.tion Assista
‘and’ at the end; ‘; and’ and inserting Elration Act of 1993 before thects ae offices and functions of thec
istration Act of 1993.ONSlistt.Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973g ‘Federalny, records, and personnel.sse Ele
10) and the second and thirdRegedera
inserting striking
raph (istration strikingtion Assistad to the
H.R. 3295 of this Acc, and other arre
parag ‘Eletion Commission whicn
raph (8), byraph (9), byFER OF FUNCTIce tra
rtingl Ele ar
House Version ofamended–(1) in parag(2) in paragand(3) bysentSec. 702. National Voter (a) TRANSElection Assistance Commission all functions which the Funder the National Voter Regdate of enactment(b) CONFORMINational Voter Reg7(a)) is amended byand inseSec. 703. Transfer of propert(a) PROPERTY AND RECORDS- records, propertyavailable in connection with, thFesubtitlefor appropriate allocation.

d to theEtion
rreVE S
tion CommissionnsfeRSONNELection
ed in connection withc traE
l Elere tion Commission’ a ‘, the Electionederal Election

ra aON Pd States Code, is amended
edeSSIWS-OR EXECUTIction AdministraECTOR GENERALspector General Act of 1978 (5
FA5, United States Code, isSPnafter ‘F
thetion Administration Commissionrams.E LENI EleN inserting
this subtitleCction Administra
‘or the
H.R. 3295- The personnel employrred bytion Commission.e of Elec SERVI) of title 5, Unite Ele
nsfeVI)(i)(I ‘or theION FROM S inse
trae LawsN CIUS
reicrtingd by
h action Administrarvnde
Senate Version of(b) PERSONNELthe offices and functions of whicEleil SeSec. 315. Coveragunder certain laws and prog(a) TREATMENT OF COMMICERTAI(1) COVERAGE UNDER HATCH ACT- S7323(b)(2)(Bby‘Commission’.(2) EXCLSection 3132(a)(1)(C) of title aCommission’ after ‘Commission’.(b) COVERAGE UNDER I1978- Section 8G(a)(2) of the IU.S.C. App.) is amended byAdministration Commission,’
of Civnd
ed inraderCE-
abilityaws afRVI ‘the
d to thein LE
rreApplicrtaVE S
tion Commissionnsfer Ceectionnspector General insertingederal Election
ed in connection withc
tra Commission’ a
l Elerece
ra a on the date of the enactmentd States Code, is amendedn
edert-time personnel employseparated or reduced in gtransfer under this subsectionOR EXECUTI after ‘F
F5, United States Code, isector General Act of 1978. amended by
theinningmmission personnel under certainENInsp
this subtitlection Assista
of Commission Unde ‘or the Election Assistance Commission’ under I
H.R. 3295-- The personnel employrred by full-time or page) of title 5, Unite Elee- Section 8G(a)(2) of the I
nsfeear period begCove laws.)(i)(I ‘or theION FROM S inserting
ONNELre traECT- Anyt. B–eUS
RS GENERALF the 1-yrvicrting GENERAL
ENh arams r ‘Commission’.N
vil se insefte
House Version of(b) P(1) Ithe offices and functions of whicElection Assistance Commission.(2) EFpermanent positions shall not be or compensation because of the duringof this AcSubtitleProgSec. 711. Treatment of Coci(a) COVERAGE UNDER HATCH ACT- S7323(b)(2)(Bby‘Commission’.(b) EXCLSection 3132(a)(1)(C) of title amended byaSec. 712. Coverag(a) IAct of 1978 (5 U.S.C. App.) isElection Assistance Commission,’

byd inve the
definell of thisd to
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m this section, the termutions.

asition dan of etion Commission han trasona
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nd the trar of– da first daent of the entityees, and other personnel of theve bee amendments made byy reh
aINED- Ir theoy
lier thetes ma
on the earfte af ar of suc
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ffes theearyction Administrations han
ention Commission is a tra
H.R. 3295- This subtitlekea Eleh funcrly
E DATE- ll taION DATE DEF’ met is 1 yt is 60 daION- With the consriod of time
V shaTte tha thas of theT pe orde
teterh the
da dambes from whicte
eN GENERALraph (2)).nsition daction Administra for suc
t; or) the metitiecilita
Senate Version ofCommission,’.ve DatSec. 316. Effective date; transition.(a) EFFECTI(1) Ithis subtitleparag(2) TRANSI‘tra(A) theAc(Bthebeen appointed under section 302.(b) TRANSIEleservices of such officers, emplenCommission under this title or thtitlefa
E ma
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nts mar
subsection involved, thed to thesfe
endmed to utilizesfe tra
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nd theu be
aent of the entityees, and other personnel of the the
after the appointment of allstance Commission under sectionstance Commission under sectionoy for suc
s cilita
ect upon the appointment of alltions ha
this titled to fa
H.R. 3295ce Commission is ah func byede
E DATE- The amendment made byE DATE- This titleION- With the consnde ne
ts ma be
FEFs from whic
tion Assistaendmesona
) EF this title shall take effcntitiema
House Version ofCommission,’.(b) EF(a) shall take effect 180 daymembers of the Election Assi203.Sec. 704. Effective date; transition.(abymembers of the Election Assi203.(b) TRANSIEleservices of such officers, empleElection Assistance Commission under this title or thearefunctions.

Od to and the
TRATIonstruet tha as such State
NATORYNISre minimum c stricederal requirements
MI all be
SCRI share more
this title election technologt a with the F
d byhing
described in section 509.

OGY AND ADMI in this titlents, thad under this title, so long
blisheme law
H.R. 3295sta
FORM AND NONDInts end nothing
ments ation re
E I re
TL ECTI quire d ministra
Senate Version of AND REQUIREMENTSTIELREQUISec. 105. Minimum Standards.Thereprevent a State from establisarequirements establisherequirements are not inconsistentunder this title or any
ANDARDSmplia Rigt, thet, ao msen
Teod Ace temh
c Actatst
stems.al of eachnppeNED- I
cie is in c Votingahe Sion syFT TOte is the
TATEte tEces on t
e Votingndicect DEFI Sta
ion offition Assista Stantee elON Lc choiAL
FOR Sectcnts of theistration Act of 1993, thend Hao enabltatfiCI’ of a
MANDATORY Se el Elems, theme aslation enacted pursuant toial
Regns Abserlyion tgit of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973g
for State election sytatstequireatto the discretion of the State.State under section 10 of thetion of the State’s responsibilities
f S to the re EldegislON OFFI
ANDARDSetion syble CitizeeLEMENTATI the letion offic the
Tcaasandards for SPECTIec
lerse for theed l stMTATE- The speci elstration Ac
H.R. 3295L- The chi in writing– e applicumteated byi
MUM SAtringim OF I Stan
NIertifynd OvessibilityinTATE ELf
istingd acee has enacte mON OF Shie Standards described.
ON SYSTEMSll cdministe ex ActathETIEF S ‘c
E V–MIN GENERe shahe SCR, the
TLECTItSSec. 502.]
House Version ofTIELSec. 501. Minimum standards (a) IStaCommission tha(1) in awith theAct of 1965, the National Voter UniformeVotingthe Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990; and(2) teach of tdescribed in section 502.(b) METHODSDImethods of implementingsubsection (a)(2) shall be left (c) CHItitleindividual desigNational Voter Regto be responsible for coordinaunder such Act.[

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for aan 1
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stem, optical scanningectopportunitylo for morem shaer has selballot is cast and counted of thes for the
the following sy el thethe ballot is cast and counted or correctsste
grify to correct the error throug ballothe vot vote
Each votnllot is cast and counted;ent sy t
stems standards.-cts votehatle office on the ballot;
H.R. 3295 sy- r to veacemhe balle
L recordie t se votinger t multiple
MENTSA lever votingrect vote error before r the
Ee,e votsting
VotingR any the opportunity chang voteh the voter before the a
oify t
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emec. 101.]Nstemle) notI) notifyc
Senate Version of[S(a) Rfor Federal office shall meet(1) I(A) Ex(includingsy(i) pethe ballot before the ba(ii) provide the voter with the or correct any(includingissuance of a replunabl(iii) if thesing(Icandidate for a sing(Ieffe
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to correct equipment (within the same voting
H.R. 3295s follows: the State uses votingisting
andards for S af to correct erro
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um (7) I
imtion a
ec. 502.]overnment within the States, procuringstem), shall ensure that the new voting
House Version ofThe mthis se[Svoters the opportunitythat voters are able to checkconditions which assure privacygwithin their jurisdiction, exsupplementingsythe opportunity

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– instructions onnual
to correct the ballotllot votingil-in ba specihe effectny notificl produce a record votinga
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H.R. 3295oteality sy notsteL-
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p) A Staludinginec. 101. (a)]th PERMANENT PAPER RECORD-
Senate Version of(III)before the ballot is cast and counted.(Bpunchcard voting(incmeet the requirements of(i) establishingvotmultiple(ii) providingballot before it is cast and counthow tballot if the voter was otherwiscorrect(C) Therequired under this paragand the[S(A) Iwi(B) MANUAL(i)produce a permfor such sy
Audit Capacity
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

shash the use
m access if on or after
ste the ballot orVIDUAL impaired, in astem or otherI
sye sy
stem is used.NDI for access and
voting to chang paper record istem shall–raph (A) throug
Theanentaph (A) shall be available as sy
rLITY FOR I with disabilities, including and independence) as for otherviduals with disabilities at each
R RECOUNTS- The printedwhich the syIsubparagelectronic votingandards for disabilityailable under title I
OBme opportunityg
e perm recount conducted with respect to anyn
ERRORS- for the blind and visually privacystem st
H.R. 3295r anytersTIES- The voting recordi sy
error before thCIALSAB the requirement of 1 di
stem equipped for indi 1, 2007.

FIeast sy place; and
CORRECTId and Blind Vec. 101 (a)]ITH DI) satisfy lnuary
Senate Version of(ii)provide the voter with an opportunitycorrect anyproduced.(iii) OFrecord produced under subparagan official record foelection for Federal office in [SW(A) be accessible for individualsnonvisual accessibilitymanner that provides the saparticipation (includingvoters;(Bof atvotingpolling(C) meet the votingpurchased with funds made avJa
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for Disable phyal of tblm in
ssibilitystems toers wiion Fund accessi blindness); andund pay ma blindness).]
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Acectect ful accessible to
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e mss) to cast a secret ballot. recei plblilities (includingbilities (including
oe chila
portion of its Election F
blindnen order tear, t Commission with thet–em avaisical disabsical disa
H.R. 3295L- I y thest machines, at
Ascaltion thang sy
ai place in the State will be fully
(6) The State requires new voting
for a fill provideations:ertific
GENERent sha one vot
ec. 502.]Sec. 233. Conditions for receipt of funds.ereast) if the State uses any
House Version of[Sprovide a practical and effectivdisabilities (includingA related provision appears as a condition for receivingformula grant funds: [(a) IpayStac(4) A c(A) in each precinct or pollinglindividuals with phy(Bobtain new votingeach pollingindividuals with phy

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NG MATERI langlish in a State oror of ttion spere limitedcy
as their first langnraitize
tiverecte citizens who reside ine cr of c
VOTIrna-aguagient; al illiteureau of the Census–
tivendian reservation if, as
lte the Die or jurisdicnd who ating
aother than Engte aoup of citizens who speak thattiona other than Engn na the Bl numbe
NGUALe d by Stauaggr naeskaof an I tota
LIuaghnglish proficuag
TIcept as provided in subparagrminen the part
ll providete or Ala
H.R. 3295- Ex sha in sucd-Engr thaannt of the
ms desideir first la rate of the heric the Director ofrce
(4) MULste– limite
sy as is hig Amest 5 pe
GENERALtion if, ans who regeient; orgetivea
Nua the illiteracyuat le
ec. 101 (a)] voting)(aa) at least 5 percent of the total number of votingitizengnd who aI)ng Na) a
Senate Version of[S(A) Itheaccessibility(i) with respect to a langjurisdicthe Census–(Iclaprofic(bb) there are at least 10,000 vothat jurisdiction who speak that langa(Ila(ii) with respect to a langbythat contains all or anydetermined by(I
rogramMultilingual Capability
ts P
H.R. 3295lecti
) also appears below under, E
House Version ofSec. 233. (PRp. 94.No provision

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naph citizeeint of
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gee-agm actmege
askan natua.e as tm (bb) of.stee accessibilitynaraph with alternativeuae would cause

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cyangnt; aria sy
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erindith respect to that langh cr votingis parag the providingrna
s thel illitee, a jurisdiction of that Stateeak tt the levee by) if–lte
e Amge aient; agl numbeee aforents of this pa a
ivroup of citizens who speak thattionaa of item (aa) of subparaguaraph wlish proficsalternative lang bemeuagh the votingition of the lang
uag na totawas not included in the votingdd the
e Nat lang theovide alternative langd-Engspect to that langt usealityquireraph (3)(B
agtnt of the thae that re throug to a
g-lish profic- n provisions of thble
H.R. 3295ink thar thaealityuagte or loct thea
a rate of the hercre limiteaph with reeticstem or the add
d-EngIONSr Sta mec
under this parag 5 pend a or locy sy
PTn ate accessibility
ion are vots who spee limitege is higE) with respect to a langge of thet mae
nruaf a State meets the criteriss thauamuag
) the illiteracyng) lengI) the jurisdiction does not mste) it is not pra
Senate Version ofreservatcitizewho a(IIla(B) EXC(i) I(A)(i)(Ishall not be required to praccessibilityif–(Iwho reside in that jurisdiction spla(Isuch subparag(ii) A Stawould be required to provide under the precedingan additional langsythis Acrespect to such additional langlangthe requirement of parag(Ilever voting
H.R. 3295
House Version of

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ult to rer with thection syct syceed t
iveleapproved the exstems this section,echani
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or difficder t votingtion Commission
en o takingcINED- Iect
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tlel Elecal
onfusingquedate (as defined in sectionstrab the Director of the Office ofra
c reovide alternative langnippropriate) has .he votbyedem, control, and support the
d ation of thesition mis aI)ibutad Fs–echani the softra
morend of tine such Office under subsection (c)).an
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co ha) would prti an actm’ meion of m(including
cotion of theNG SYSTEM DEFat
H.R. 3295 to bealityfter the Elesubclause (I ballots (determined bye tnd masteinent
mtion Administra ofabld a sybpm
stee or loccraph (3)(B; andicetion Commission (a (5) ERROR RATES- The error rate of the votingibut the Director of com
sytfftrisions (b) VOTItalc equi
Stae of Elehe O atrds issuerm ‘votinge to
votingI) the tec. 101 (a)]stem in counting those errors which are attrndaction Administram Provec. 101.] tehect
Senate Version ofthefor other voters;(IOfficCommission or, a316(a)(2)), with the Election Administration Commission, thatdescribes the need for the waiver and how the votingunder paragaccessibility(III)Administrarequest filed under [Ssyonlyand noterror rate standards estabstaEle(as revised byste[Sthe(1) teldocumentation required to progequipment) that is used–

oting Sy
Machine Error Ratesr V
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provisionNo provision

na asdrds a
odl Elenda
tion;intede tnh aICE OFderablishe
aFesta the voting
nd mam; ar (suc Fs e of Sta
ste the Director of

tion used–nt ao be m sy vote 1, 2004, the Directord (a
ndil informaas tarstitute
enteY THE OFol In
lopmeanuarytion of thee B
sults; a audit trave changls to thencintained by
tionastandards revising
nyed documstem errors and defects;emation of theteriaON BON- ilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. Na
aat its destate
ction reesylific ma
y e duringrds of fil qua aNISIStion Administrars Compliaor of the
H.R. 3295nd producstem components and versions of suchmcobleN- Not later than Jcrriect
stee speci initiaailaa
in aices and associ sy syin rein ave of Ele Dire, shall promulg
rmter theketion By
port or displaintast theintae afON ADMInd the
detm GENERAL Officsporta
he practoECTINn
) to cast and count votes;) to testeSec. 101 (c) ADMIstems standards issued and ma
Senate Version of(A) to define ballots;(B(C) to re(D) to ma(2) t(A) to identifycomponents;(B(C) to ma(D) tsy(E) to manotices, instructions, forms, or paper ballots).[EL(1) Iof theCommission, in consultation with the Architectural andTraunder section 502 of the Rehab792)) aTechnologsy
H.R. 3295
House Version of

of ao be tors
rriersh the
sa thanquires,ible vote
entnstitutestemsm order tligible
syll restenlig
reml IICATION OFl is e
tionads, p. 79.stems (including syion ition in whic
e requi Naction shachineect information list of e
thDirector of the Office ofCERTIFstems, and directials follows:

eetandarstem or syr ma syn an el jurisdic individuaffic
deral Election Commission, inal and Transportation Btor of they St in this se sy in-person, absentee, andve thellot a
- The eturcll review the votingaph (1) no less frequently) also appears below under AND ars, lein theoffice, but the name of thetion official asserts that the
rcmcanning and votingl ba
EWe Fitec Dire, shalunts) used it.vote, such individual shall be
andards mhyostef an individual declares that suchderal
REVI Arcnd theSec. 101 (ANDARDSS, Ve the voting systible to
H.R. 3295 such stALd aTON- Nothingstems, includingc syistered voter provisiona
hatoarears.]STEM syllotingroni with this Ac place, or an elecst a
B 4 yr bastems, optical sectnce Provisional votingREMENTS- I
ce so ttion with thenceG SYpeg eld to c
TINil-in paompliaec. 102.]rmitte
Senate Version ofsuch Offiestablished under subsection (a).(2) QUADRENNIElection Administration of thconsultaCompliaStandards and Technologstandards revised under paragonce everyVOLUNTARY SV(d) CONSTRUCTIjurisdiction to changpaper ballotingmapunchcard syrecordiin c[requirements(a) REQUIindividual is a regindividual desires to vote and thatvote in an election for Findividual does not appear on the ofor the pollingindividual is not eligpe
ovisional Votingtatral
Pr everyene
in g
he case of a S Sta.
n t on and after the dateail
y i
the deadline required appls in the by
t provisional votingl notontinuously
ll vote
h achieves the same objective,t, a
ce are cast
aph shal offi
be qualified to vote in the State, or hasr
H.R. 3295
paragnt of this Ac
(3) The State permits, by thctme
th eons for Federal
ec. 502.]ceptect
House Version of[Sunder section 504(b), in-precincvoter who claims to adopted an alternative whicexin which, under law in effect cof theel

l ba placillot, the
thellot inraph (3)
l baion offil batain throug
pollingive they individuaer
ectballot shall bensc
provisionat the elt a
st aial aocal tha to a
provisionaa provisionaesble
place shall notifyast ad to ction of a written affirmation place shall transmit the the individual undere or lraph (4).ible under State law to votests at a
at stae was counted, and, if the vote
y cecution officvoter information contained inStatcal election official to whom the eligl ctoll-free telephone number or an
marmittelecurisdiction in which the individualection.e pollingted by transmitted under paragdual’s provisional tion official shall gat the vote was not counted.

pen el is–he jt elecu election thallot will be
an tl ba
ll ben individuaocal
H.R. 3295cial at the pollingl shaforeer i in that a
l be individua thae or ln informastem (such as a
place upon the ex the individual or tat
thestered vot to vote timete Sl writte provisiona
ion. individuatiibleats a
ect individua thaligraph (2) to an appropriate the appropriate State or loas
el theting) ef
atnternet website) whether the vot
Senate Version of(1) An election offiindividual that the individual th(2) Theat that pollingbysta(A) a regdesires to vote; and(B(3) An election official at thballot cast bythe written affirmation exparagfor prompt verification under parag(4) Iballot or voter information isdetermines that the individual isin the jurisdiction, the indivicounted as a vote in that election.(5) At theappropriindividuawho ca free access syIwas not counted, the reason th
H.R. 3295
House Version of

e ofintallei
l meet thety,oablOSE- Anys before
he vot est
shalnd mation c CL
alher tistrationemLSuidelines as are
ci-2(b)) maye securistGHTSts Division of the
gblish a th RIh
taectl informaL
ion offi individual who casts a voter regll esVIte such g
ectscover whet protrsona 1, 2003, the Assistanta
el diC. 1973gl sha toate court order, after the time vote in that election by
that anyond, if the vote was not counted,applicable State law. Theiae free access sytion for Federal office for anyate law in effect 10 daythe Civil Rigquirements of subsection (a).

ocal(such as a toll-free telephonetion using of pe thss to information about an St onlyanuary
4(b) of the National Voterity aye of re
e or lstem access tal officgrllot shall be restricted to the individualshall promulg
tatayederal or StON BY THE CInt the
H.R. 3295te S mse used by a F polls bystice me
aternet website) lotte or locnd intellot.HO VOTE AFTER THE POLu
n, a theTRATI
balte Stalityherwiraph (6)(B). Acce baNIS to imple
tiast thelosing a provisional ballot under subsection (a).ON- Not later than J General in chargry
siistration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.SIssa
ored, or ott for cVIc
Senate Version of(6) The appropriestablish a free access synumber or an Iprovithat individual was counted, athe reason that the vote was not counted.States described in section Regrequirements of this subsecprocedures established under appropriareasonable procedures necessaryconfidestunder paragindividual provisional bawho c(c) VOTERS Windividual who votes in an elecreason, includingsethe date of that election macasting(d) ADMIDIAttorneyDepartment of Jne
H.R. 3295
House Version of

ion ttrsht of anged t mail.
REMENTS- nform of eachd for thaister by
are al
g i this section, the usehtsistration list
how to cast a vote
ON REQUI will bend first-timets under applicablehese ri
ON DAY- The appropriateINED- Itnts ahf tE VOTER

l cause vot place on the dayte of the election and the hours rig information on the rigs iID
RMATIECTI shalans–llot thagistraballot and instructions on howcialewide voter reg
Nci the da offi
il-in reateed statrements for voters who reg
NG ING ON ELRMATItion’ mearding places will be open;
H.R. 3295TIion offiOZED STATEW
SectFrsion of the
O elN ve
(b) VOTIIC Pcal posted at each pollingNG I informations for ma the appropris Computeriz
BL saon; which pollingeneral information on votingacty
ationec. 102.]Uate or li) information regderal and State laws, including Sec. 103.]
rm ‘votingecteo contonS
Senate Version oform[S(1) PStbe publiclyelection for Federal office.(2) VOTIte(A) ael(Bduring(C) instructions on how to vote, includingand how to cast a provisional ballot;(D) instrucunder section 103(b); and(E) gFindividual to cast a provisional thave been violated.[requirements and requi(a) COMPUTERI
Voting Inf
Voter Regi
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provisionSee below

d list,
taterizer in theisterede toiorizee
regraph (A)blTENANCE- electt to theth t
omputeed voteallyNcmpute
- h the chief Sctivegistee c
cept as provided inra re offil be accessiate.IST MAIe or l
ttat with re follows:stration Act of 1993 (42

- Ex throug inteallyo each l shale S Ses accordance wii
nlegier t of enactment of this Act,rement for individuals in theist thED Latencd from then
REMENTSnt athat contains the name and ifment under subparag inZnasis ar Reg
actingentzed lalinter bamove
medwhich, under a State law in effectons for Federalericilareoved i
ate, subsection referred to as theigu
REQUION- m/ListN GENERALttion list que iisectput re
STstell implestran thistration requi elion offi The appropril be rem
H.R. 3295Igi toectL-
s a unie (i to a State in elArform list ma shal
ON L (1) (A) Iial, shar regntatON- The require on and after the date- The com (3) COMPUTERI list on a
ed list’).Socalll peddual
e Sh respectSizevi
RATIEMENTATIraph (B), each S vote thtCE shar
STMPLgistration Sytion officwidenN GENERial an individual is to be ndi
stration information of everye and assier i) EXCEPTIe wie and lec. 103. (a)]mputef
r ReSec. 103. (a)]lecteitattattatSo
Senate Version ofREGI(1) Iote[subparagestaregSvot‘computeriz(Bshall not applycontinuouslythere is no voter regS(2) ACS[(A) Iofficc(i) Isuch iprovisions of the National Vote
List Maintenancel Vote
o an:iligtiona
t of Stateal jurisdicistration t
ene case of a Sate are accurat Na
loc tht
ry in on and after the dateh respecte Sal list of ederal office and who
ve data with other States,yt thie
Establishmment an official Statewided to e appltate wistem includes provisions to the following officnt with thes who have not voted in 2 or
kesharing note Son syisteions for F
lontinuouslyhnce which removes registrant
t, there is no voter regn ton records i includingna from the elect
er iratinte
raph shal votistularly mastem, consneral
H.R. 3295stem networ to votee
paragnt of this Acer regibleive g
is for any of file
(1) The State will implestration sy thctment (2) The State electi votmlig
ihatnaehatste ine
t eremre
istration Act of 1993, regre consecut
ec. 502.]ceptSec. 502.]o
House Version of[Svoter regin the State, with provisions for exin which, under law in effect cof therequielection for Federal office.[ensure tand are updated reg(A) A sywho avoters. Under such syRegm

g-grible toZED

rs fromd list with records voteaw.
6).rizeencye l
g- voteibletatheUTERI
e aglig Sn t
iblemputetatth; and
ligo-6(a)(4)(A)), the Stateh Sist
the andistrant under sectiont wis of inezed l
s of ineteus;is provisions of thismeer appears ieriTY OF COMP
subsections (a)(4), (c)(2), (d),meat nated in a manner that ensuresstered or who are not eliged from the computerized list.
s– stzed lribed in section 4(b) of theiput
naroordinaAct of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973g then accordance wiCURI
) of such Act (42 U.S.C. 1973gonyerit iered vote comE
ch Act (42 U.S.C. 1973g votell cputmoveisisth S
ible sha the precedingstration ed l t
H.R. 3295ligtehe comill rezCAL
Stae tte shaeriOGI
g et seq.), including records on felput of each regd list;oved from
l list of e)), thenatraph, if a State is desct Staraph (A) shall be conducerize
iaencye com voters who are not reg
or purposes of removinge ag reason of the death of the regl coordi th–he nam
offic) under section 8(a)(3)(B)(3)(BtatI) by) CONDUCT- The list maintenance performed undert) tmputee are rem
Senate Version ofU.S.C. 1973gand (e) of section 8 of su(ii) Fthe(I6(aS(I8(a)(4)(A) of such Act (42 U.S.C. 1973gshalon death.(iii) NotwithstandingsubparagNational Voter Reg2(b)), thafrom(Bsubparagtha(ico(ii) onlyvot(iii) duplicate names are eliminat(4) TECHNOL
bes notvery
ofr the bel haneralor E
r ity ON rting e E NALTIES
l Vote
istrant may OF CHANGEaph may
ECTI FROMtionag-6(b)(2)) isnd inser individua) or responded to a the period in
rs. Na the procedures
nd a
voteY OF ELTRANTS ers if the
St the in writingstrar duringCRIMINAL P
cept that no regible voters are not removed inibleons to protect integLIT ON GROUNDS)(2) of thea in this parag votei
lignd (d) to remove an individual2 or more consecutive gnd has not either notified the reg that the individual intends tog Voters to Cast Votes f
ce shall be removed from thers, exeligibledistrar’s jurisdiction.’.n
voteal list of e the period
H.R. 3295ible reason of a failure to vote.iON OF ABI OF VOTERSons are hel, Coerci
lig by officATISTcept that nothingial list of eistrar (in person or the applicableecti
ICS TO REMOVE REGI LI strikingistered in the ) appears below under
uards to ensure that FDENCE- Section 8(b: ‘, ex officb
l list of eafegARICIALCIALh such ele, p. 171.
ia RESIistration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gcOHIBITIONS
House Version ofhave not responded to a notiofficremoved solely(B) Serror from theSec. 802. Miscellaneous provisielection process.(a) CLOFFIOFFIOFRegamended byfollowingconstrued to prohibit a State from usingdescribed in subsections (c) afrom thevoted or appeared to vote in elections for Federal office aapplicable regnotice sent bywhiremain regSec. 802 (PROffic

ize such of a
ON- r
ion offi
o mpute lig ibility ect
c eh el
FORMATION- araph (1), only under the law of thetr purposes of this
N other provision of law, theo
ed list established under I shall provide, uponiningon wi
ih the information contained
eriz anyintarmineatON- Fnd
FORMATItetion under clause (i) shall be number of an individual
local official shall provide measures to prevent the IN maat receives information under thisform
itylityunder parag to denrityrds; a
ary thRMATIcable information’ meansco
ITH FEDERALssaFO whether– secug deceased.

ete to protect and prevent the misuse ofNalr’s ren
H.R. 3295ical secur- Notwithstandingte or loccE I
ON Wy share such iLarding
TO FEDERAL Stas is neAB and soci
ed access to the computS State or localityy onlICeoner as bei
ed list implemented tion aassi
ction.TERACTI GENERALst from ae nam Commissionemi
ST- The appropriate State orqueause m) to
Senate Version ofLIadequate technologunauthorizthis se(5) I(A) ACCES(i) Ithe Commissioner of Social Securityrecentralizinformaindividual to vote in such State or localityState. Anycl(ii) PROCEDURE- The informaprovided in such place and such manner as the Commissionerdetermines appropriainformation.(Bsubsection, the term ‘appliinformation reg(iprovided to the Commissioner matcin the(ii) such individual is shown on the records of theC
H.R. 3295
House Version of

g angte tha
inO ma
to anyHre an Sta
tion byd in as with the
l requiraph (2) if–te
ances warrante shal jurisdicmplie
stR VOTERS Wat voted in an election foro
O section 6(c) of thet in a voted in such an electiont c
(A) shall not apply circumouslytion is loc
e individual or interference with(3), a Sments of parag vote list tha
raph ionalAct of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gd
individual if the Commissioner of th Mailraph e; or jurisdicrize
cept byREMENTS F- istered totat- vidual who votes in person–

rL Notwithstandingistration nd the An individual meets the requirements ofndi
H.R. 3295-he Sompute-
giste MAIn t c
ON- Subparagere are exYtion a a
hation). (b) REQUIce iveREMENTSaph if the individual–
es t offire case of an i
inrs Who ReSTER B GENERAL jurisdic GENERALh
Nn t
ermception (such as safetyoteec. 103.]N)(i) the individual has not previs not ha) i
Senate Version of(C) EXCEPTIrequest for a record of an detexan investig[SREGI(1) INational Voter Reg4(c)) and subject to paragindividual to meet the require(A) the individual regand(BFederal(ii) the individual has not previouslyin thedoerequirements of section 103(a).(2) REQUI(A) Ithis parag(i
ts for V
ation Re
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

aal antg-4)
cintrnme in the
raph (A)(i), mail but
rnmeaph (A)(ii)
ion offiion offiil, submits withnt, Gover
ect elect mamer–

elnt, Gove byte
tnk station e
e or late or lment document that shows thement document that shows theaph (1) shall not apply
tat Stnk stal who votewho desires to vote in person,rements of subparagwho desires to vote byments of subparagnd the ballot shall be counted asgrt of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gistra
e Sate bill, baara mail under section 6 of the reg
atllot under section 102(a). mail a Ph
bill, baNG- Y-
nt utilityistration Ac
H.R. 3295e appropriof the voter; orn individuarreILITrt of suc
he approprio thnt utility of a cuss of the voter.- An individual ABs pa
o ts turreheck, or other Governaseheck, or other GovernAFE VOTILICisters to vote by
s t cc c of a current and valid photo identification; or of ac-SPL
opyL PERSON- An individual Y MAIAP
of allot– a cN cast a provisional ba cast such a ballot by
) presentopy ba) a copyI)3) INnd submits a
Senate Version of(I) presentcurrent and valid photo identification; or(IIccheck, payname and address (ii) in thethe(I(Icheck, payname and addre(B) FAI(i) Ibut who does not meet the requimay(ii) Bwho does not meet the requiremaya provisional ballot in accordance with section 102(a).(case of a person–(A) who regNational Voter Rega
H.R. 3295
House Version of

rnmeal num Elde other
)(ii)); or
t, Goveon offihe samstration; or for the
eni tiON FORM- The

te elssibility
r – cal ce TRATI
nk staitheo Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-1 et AcS
nt document that shows the mail under section 6 of thet of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gtion eate or lubmitted under clause (i) matchesballot under the Uniformed andotherwise than in person underC. 1973ee-1(b)(2)(Bthan in person under any
bill, baof the individual’s social securitytion record beariovided in such reg Voting-IN REGI
stra a SL
giits icat
h rei absentee ht to vote
H.R. 3295rrent utilityistration Aco whomdent)(ii) of the
uss of the voter;sters to vote byst 4 dig te i OF MAI
ci latatens Absentee Voting
heck, or Governmet the S
of a current valid photo identification; or of acas respectingw.
opy lethistl la
c attion 3(b)(2)(Bra
)(i) who regnd submits with suc) a driver’s license number; orI)i) wi) who is–cede
Senate Version of(i) a copy(ii) acheck, payname and addre(BNational Voter Rega(I(Inumber; and(icertifies that the information san exname and date of birth as pr(C(i) entitled to vote byOverseas Citizseq.);(ii) provided the rigseand Handicapped Act (42 U.S.(iii) entitled to vote otherwise F(4) CONTENTS
H.R. 3295
House Version of



g-ecatSI to
s ofcatd Stafore indiction dall beVI General
indi DI
d Stao Unitetion sha
r on ec
e on or beo check tstration Act of 1993GHTS
Unite check tn of theg ti RI
tors of aicantVInes as are necessary
itizeea 18 or oldeeli
n of theicant cthe date of enactment of thise Assistant Attorneyd
in this subsel Voter Regui
veloped under section 6 of thet of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gitize 18 yhe applat was not required to comply
ce applt will bets Division of the Department of
hou beanhnts of subsection (a).
ou aes for tou checked ‘no’ in response to either ofe such g
yt is or is not ayON BY THE CIatme
H.R. 3295istration Aces for tan applicf ON- Nothingg et seq.) before ulg
istration form de:pplic’ and box with such a provision after such date.STRATI Civil Rig re

stion ‘Are astion ‘Will y?Il prom
N of thent the
lude que’ and boxr the quer or not thege
ca?heion dayhearce shalme
ll incerit) Theectthsti
Senate Version ofmail voter regNational Voter Regsha(A) TheAmwhe(Belwhe(C) The statement ‘Ithese questions, do not complete this form’.(5) CONSTRUCTIconstrued to require a State thwith a provision of the Nationa(42 U.S.C. 1973gAct to comply(c) ADMINot later than October 1, 2003, thin cJuimpletes a VoteNo provision
at Con
Wh of voting
e S
dopted uniform standards that th
H.R. 3295ed for use i
(4) The State has a cert
ec. 502.]
House Version of[Sdefine what will constitute a vote on each categequi

l in
ra a

neaph (2), if aram under
y Geay be necessaryhts and remedies
hts Division of therant prog of me
ef as m- The remedies established
nt Attorne an appropriate district courtiS
e relAWR- purpose
subsection (b), the Attorneyiv Lto all other rigO
the Civil Rig AssistaDivision of the Department ofction inunctunds under a g
ts njcept as provided in paragI for the
h thehivil a HARB I
H.R. 3295stice.- Subject to a c or i.E- Ex
u througory receives f of title
ting Civil Rig bringaratON TO OTHER law.
rst Enforcement bycyTI (b) SAF
enl, a of the, maLA A or B
GENERALraee out this titleE GENERAL
as VoteforcemSec. 104.]hausticarry this section are in addition Sec. 104.]
Senate Version ofrseNo provisionn[Department of J(a) IGecJfor such declc(c) Rbyprovided by[(1) IState or localitysubtitle
ss Es
y/Oveardardion i.Safe Harbor
ilitarafeStifi the
M to vote and, Stion of the
r recein an
uards to ensureee i
e’s cert Aftat or injunctivetion of this title
tats in violaL-t
also appears below VOTINGA a S
5)at a S viola
AS, p. 156.hctivitieainst a
(as defined in section 107(5)me
voters (as defined in sectionOverseas Citizens AbsenteeSec. 502 (ON TO ATTORNEYdence t out aion agsuch declaratory
ceson have the opportunity as VoteSSIinge Commission shall notifyNEY GENER to re
ele eviarryvil actry
H.R. 3295ed servi COMMIte is cg a cice
l.n ne
formYf a State does not provide a certification under Stara bri be
It aneyy
uniy and Ove-on has crediON BY ATTORa
Ge m ma
Act) and overseas voters MILITARY AND OVERSilitarissiyTIs
absent M REPORT Bmm or thaf a
ec. 502. (5) The State has implemented safeghata)olselie
House Version of[St107(1) of the Uniformed and Votingof such Act) in the jurisdictito have their votes counted.]under forSec. 503. Enforcement.(GENERALsection 501 to the Election Assistance Commission, or if theCfaterms of the certification, thAttorne(b) ACnotice from the Commission under subsection (a), the AttorneyGeneralappropriate district court for reNo provision

haphll bed to
r sha
h be on theE DATE- shall belitytate andments ofquire
e with sucV with the 1, 2006.
ncECTImplyquirell be
nd loc- Each S re
e with sucFoanuarye a sha
ncompliatt.HO REGIlity
d to c Sta Wa
(e) EFhE VOTER with the
ompliaquirecID 1, 2004.nd loc
to the requirement described in requirements of subsection (a) onquirements of subsection (b) onREMENTSmplye aof subsection (b) on and after

in c is not in crbor provision under paragnt of this Acoanuaryt
reON- Ea reE DATE-nts
1, 2010, and no action mayainst such State or localityalityll beon on and after JVE DATE-NG- Each State and localitytmeV Sta
to be shaacT REQUId to cchme
H.R. 3295emae or loc with respect stems standards.]alityFE with the 1, 2004.ORMATI with theFEZED STATEWquire- Eaquire
det syNFON L re re
StaON- The safe hand locONALomplynuaryomply
ll be a (e) EFSIa (d) EFll beREMENT FOR VOTERS
shaht under this Act agtd to cd to cST sha- GENERAL with the
alitysis thaec. 101.Votingchec. 102.]quirequireec. 103]amply
Senate Version ofrequirement under section 101, 102, or 103, such State orlocrequirement until Jbrougbarequirement before such date.(2) EXCEPTI(1) shall not applysection 101(a)(3).e Dates[SEarequirements of this secti[S(1) PROVIreand after J(2) VOTIreand after the date of [S(1) COMPUTERIREGIlocsubsection (a) on and after J(2) REQUIMAI(A) Ico
Edf t Sta
rly i
piration ofal of a Suladulehatood cause
ci reghe trd in the to the
on offi of theON OFularly staspe
upon the exectite in-precinct provisionalgce, exh
re offi
e el da with respect to the Statee with re
tat waive the requirements of thisederal office held in Novemberttion for Federal office held in
on the date of the enactment off Sct to thetion of suc Sta
e until theEMENTATIpermittingffice held in November 2002 and
ins ists totePLspenta
e chiMNG- The minimum standard described to me in the
cept as provided in subsection (b), thef th Staederal oion for Federalfficial of a State certifies that general elec
title shall take effect ipply
H.R. 3295- Exhat with reect imple
tood cause exct to theES FOR I VOTIpplyg el thell a
ceptspeeneral election for F on the date of such election.INll alard sha
ONAL scheduled g
, exSI) shanda
GENERALear period which beglarly
Ns Act with reinningOVI stau
iReneral election for Fxists to de
House Version ofSec. 504. Effective date.(a) Irequirements of this the 2-ythcertifies that gtitlescheduled g2004, the requirements shall applybeg(b) DEADLPin section 502(3) (relatingvotinggeach succeedichief State election oethereg

nd of
raphdrds asarriers than

istrationraph.DUALral Elendaentnstitutestems
VIICE OFdetablishereml I sy
Fes the voting
NDI individual who Fs e of Stationa
the Director ofe requi
1, 2004, the Directorrd (astituteh Na
to anyction Commission: THE OFan t
ol IDirector of the Office of
ECT TO I 1, 2003.c) contains the followingYanuarytion of thee Beet
ared to receive regls described in subparagPral Elencintained byederal Election Commission, inal and Transportation Btor of the
all applydeON BON- ilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C.tionastandards revising- The turcll review the votingaph (1) no less frequently
ribed in such subparaganuaryICATION Fe Nate EWe Fcr
aandards mite Dire, sha
individua byISISTRATIrs Complia REVI
Y WdNN Not later than Jction Administrator of the Arcnd the
H.R. 3295IT-rriec such stALd a
ABISTEM CERTIFe of Eletion B Dire, shall promulge B
ICYs maintaineON ADMIyce so ttion with thenc
1, 2004, and shall be prepPL Sd GENERALnd the
ntlyN Officsporta
sters to vote on or after Jrreec. 101 (c) ADMIECTIn
nuary) on and after the date desciandaruSstems standards issued and maonsulta
Senate Version ofJamaterials submitted by(B(B) APThe provisions of section (b) shregNo provision. However, Sec. 101 (provision, which arguably applies to the voluntary standardsc[EL(1) Iof theCommission, in consultation with the Architectural andTraunder section 502 of the Rehab792)) aTechnologsysuch Offiestablished under subsection (a).(2) QUADRENNIElection Administration of thcCompliaStandards and Technologstandards revised under parag
y St
Vineeriware andlhe
h thestems usedn t to the voter.
eng systems), thetiona the
and update (notaryraf or i
ANDARDSion of softel
ll: following p. 14.icatnd ope i
election for Federal officerds election standards.er) volt theies, ators for usingassure privacy
untaryhereaftndards for votingll me) also appears above underit for non-ballot syband maintenance of equipment.de that voters have the the precinct or other polling equi
mmission), adopt, 1rds should include securityngministra
( audid
VOLUNTARY Sction Sta Commission shaears th shaa)SSION, Dution and decertnt of usa
Icate vots to a
y Ele The 4 yMifi th
H.R. 3295r-ssmeinline
.tions whicSec.221 (sseth
tec auide
e to correct errors at
Sta–Voluntahan everyl el a documentary, theher wil g
Ben traret
GENERAL accordance with section 223, develop (througdetiona
Nnecutive Director of the Coera
ld in theSec. 221. Development of vol) Iess oftrdwauidelines for the proper use ) The standards should proviace, ei
House Version ofNovember 2004 and each succeedingheSubtitle[(a(1) IExland procedural performance stain Frequirements:]ELECTION COM(A) The scope of the standa(includingprocedures for certhag(Bopportunityplopeequipment, under conditions which

also appears above under AND REQUIREMENTS

H.R. 3295Sec. 101 (T p. 65.
4 y
ing Syst
Senate Version ofonce everyMANDATORY SV
raph, in and
the s rding e ssibility s
r bybilitieac accessibility places and the
tion of then Ac
raithes irdingbilitie
d eal disaenta equipment which
nd opertifiesiceneral. Voting the accessibility places, and voting of polling
n aehouse of information onovernmovernment reg places. Additionallyears thereafter) voluntary for all individuals,ls with disa
sigms c grds described in paragAct (42 U.S.C. 1973ee et seq.)of the Commission), adopt, and 4 ybility a secure and secret ballot,
tified for use should include as deState should provide a practicalcalndants of theral laws regenhancing
ste rs with phyostems in gication, and recertification of local gmeerys and voting
sta syon 224, provide for the voluntaryem
proposed statement of what in thent sy anyry and ilities, pollingst
stem cere and lquirend individua sy for casting
sytat voting real of promoting aing
H.R. 3295r votequipmens for vote voluntaorly
tally ea and Handicapped acilities and pollingecutive Director stration faclde
prope me the with thei e
s aovernment or byctive blindness) to cast a secret ballot.ences of Sntingstems.nce the blindness), the accessi
w votingffeperime accordance with secti, certification, decertif syistration fh the Ex of regive use of vot
stem.ederal gnd eSec. 221 (a) (2) Maintain a clearinghe exomplia
House Version of(C) Each votingpart of the certification a constitutesy(D) NeFa(including[timple(1) and in operating(3) Itestingvoting(4) Advise States and units ofcfor the Elderlyand compliance with other Fedeof regaccordance with section 223, the Commission shall develop(througupdate (not less often than evstandards for maintainingprivacymethods with the ginc(includingeffectprovide the opportunity

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
t) a
) (ISSION,ecttion with
da election el Ac
raph, the anSSION,Mtion of F
uidelines equipment andlMIocal
gturaonsulta Voting
cSec.221 (e
votinghiteard under section 502 ofs.] e and ldministrante
oears) voluntarytat a
out this parag Arc
ingnce B(29 U.S.C. 792) and otherpertise in the accessibilitybilitieodic studies available to theof the Commission), adopt, and 4 ye thefined in section 107(1) of thens Abseaddress each of the following
obtainingELECTION COMeryncdeveloped in covern the treatment of absentsection 107(5) of such Act)uniformed services voters absentrmed services voters and overseas
standards voluntaryn carryELECTION COMnhaos Citize
and ease-of-use for States and units ofls with disaandards for Snd esea
H.R. 3295onsult with thearrier Complian accordance with section 223, developice stin a standards rrs.
places. Ill c, on making periecutive Director

5) practinta of Defense tnd Ovets of residence of ry ordets of absent unifoister to vote and cast absentee ballots.

) (entaryd ahh
accessibility pollingam
overnment to use when s for individua p. 14. p. 17.h the Exeals to maecret
ardingcilitieties,ties,ec. 221. (a) (6) Ianagie S to milita) The rig
House Version ofand shall include in such reglocal gselectingCommission shaTransportation Bthe Rehabilitation Act of 1973 individuals and entities with exfaalso appear above under DuSec. 221 (public, appears above under Du[S(througupdate (not less often than evmofficelections, includingthuniformed services voters (as deUniformeoverseas voters (as defined in which will include provisions to (A) The rigdue(Bvoters to reg

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
nnte ofs.nt
blbs ofec
ailingainst fraud.anl
duringiling maers ands to aers and me in e
lylistration andte
arn theria
eces vot of such balteces vottronicipa, Mail Delivery

for matwept maecrtic
ations eline absent uniformedear.l
aded servis for absentee ballots for all a yed servind ets of absent uniformeds to pa
pplicriod bellotingns in the transmission, receipt,sent uniformed services voterse need to protect ags ah VOTING
rmed services voters and overseasllot ation dervices voters and overseas voters.formine for recei thformhinet applications and absenteervices voters and overseas voters.e rigEAS
eclication by duringcation for voter regc
e ba-elers and overseas voters. concer mad to th) also appears below under
nte pre minimum pehe deadlle apple applite–(F
H.R. 3295bsetetensmission of ba absent unisimilelaD)
cs re) (
tra of ballots from ab6
hts of absent unifoear.ppropriappropriaers and tly and privacy of faa) (
a a time user issue
rs to submit aion yecurity
ect) Theederal elections occurring) The use of a sing) The
House Version of(C) The rigvoteel(D) Theballots to absent uniformed se(E) Theabsentee ballots to absent unioverseas vot(Funiformed services vot(G) Sand processingand overseas voters, including(H) The use of a singservices voters and overseas voterF(Iabsentee ballots byoverseas voters.(Jtransmission of absentee balloballots to absent uniformed se(K) Otheservices voters and overseas voterSec. 221 (MILITARY AND OVERS

H.R. 3295itt

t C
Senate Version ofeveNo provision
s D
ssist of
andarfter in thisll aity
l Streae’). shar
Sec. 221 (ISSION,ae
p. 15., p. 17.Mhnice (he
s,esc recommending
iei, and integ
p. 12.Te established thet CommitteF
s,TH STANDARDSnt Committe
ieISORS- The CommissionnT O
is subtitle in consultation withard of Advisors.] herebynt Committelopmeis subtitle by standards) to ensure theE
elopmeCommission in the developmentL S
ISSION, DutISSION, DutON W ADVIovvee , accessibility
MMELECTION COMrds development committee.lopme ‘Deh equipment.ITIA
, on NVRA, election information, reviewISSION, DutTATIve the De IN
s Theor of t, securityR
H.R. 329511)MOARD OFard and the Brds De-rectO
) to (oSHMENT- There isndad to aE F
p. 138, and the first paragraph appears above) (7), on issues to be studied by the EAC, appears aboveLIrreS-ve Di standards under thIN
ab out its duties under thl StafeEi, accuracystems and votingDL
ocedSec. 221 (c) CONSULOARD AND Bties,chnice Ex)
House Version ofPrunder Sec. 221 (of procedures, and clearinghouse duties, appear above underELECTION COMSec. 221 (under [Bshall carrythe Standards Balso appears above under DuSec. 222. Technical standa(a) ESTABTesubtitle(b) DUTI(1) Ithof voluntarystandards (and modifications tousabilityvoting(2

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
n 9ll benda of:a
r tha sha of Staether with a thetion Bandards ex
tee bystitutett.
n: Stificn business prior to
l Ingsporta
n stitute wi n ional
l Itionaloquipmecept that the
of the following e
nt Committetiona Nae fol and Traconduct any
502 of the Rehabilitation Actcan Nat
Nahoard.uraleri not
Commission not lalopmeor of theonsistingcthnical and sciennd voting
mmendations under this section tombers have been appointed.vecty, citee Ams a of the members of the Development
Detor of theard of Advisors.hhm
ONS- The Development Committee shallctor of the- Thec Direo Arce of tsteall of its members.

H.R. 3295IP-ber of each of tiv sy
H Direy (who shall serve as its chair), tognd theoard under section at
DireS numrs of the
utived of thembe. to voting
ExNmposeoup of 14 other individuals appointed jointlystitutelating
House Version ofRECOMMENDATIprovide its first set of recothemonths after all of its me(c) MEMBER(1) Icoand TechnologgrCommission aStandards and Technolog(A) An equal(i) Members of the Standards B(ii) Members of the B(iii) MeCompliance Bof 1973 (29 U.S.C. 792).(B) A representIn(C) Other individuals with tecre(2) QUORUM- A majorityCommittee shall constitute a quorum, exDevelopment Committee maythe appointment of

H.R. 3295

Senate Version of Voluntary StandardsNo provision
ees ofentITl for
aces ofT the
opmNStionar Adoption of OF OF
ar pl I INederalo standards and
compensatione DevelON OF
ed for employhONALONSrocess f standards.SSI TO BOARD OF
E- Members of thepenses, includingPI
Ces or regtor of theMveloping
OGY- At the request ofcy shall provide the out its duties under thisn de
ERVIr homces for t Direhnical support necessary BOARD-
id travel exrates authoriz chapter 57 of title 5, United theiserviMMENDATI published in the Fprovided under this section toTANDARDS
theOon of voluntaryTTEE; SUBTTEE- I
ofRT FROM NATIe,TechnologC
H.R. 3295Ale away SU AND TECHNOLSTER- At the time the Commission adoptsUNTARY S
ENSnt CommitteON OF R
ode, whiANDARDSve.ecutive Director of the Commission concerningOOO
TUBLister the recommendations it OSS
encies under subchapter Itates C Denstitute of Standards and EDERAL standard pursuant to section 223, the DevelopmentROP
House Version of(d) NO COMPDevelopment Committee shall not receive anyfor their service, but shall be padiem in lieu of subsistence, at agSbusiness in the performance of Committe(e) TECHNIOF StheIDevelopment Committee with tecthe Development Committee to carrysubtitle(f) PFanyCommittee shall cause to haveRegthe Exstandard adopted.Sec. 223. Process for adopti(a) CONSDEVELPADVI(1) CONSDEVEL

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
and and
tion theineeringionementineeringionementoard, whoit
ra such such
ecutive secto secto
tandards engn engnoard of Advisors
onside Sed iions ted iions t the standard (or
calbcatbcat standard described
into cecutive Director of thefiecutive Director of thefioard.ew and submarding
keandards described in section election managodiandards described in section election managodig-

ll ta the Techni st m st mard of the Standards Bvoluntaryon of such a standard) from the
this section, the Ex- The Exin section 221(a)(6)) developedin section 221(a)(6)) developedol each revi
RSandards (descrivoluntaryandards (descrivoluntaryr modification) and forward its
SOor (or anyor (or any APPROVAL
ard of Advisors.ance strectecutive B
H.R. 3295ance strecto BOARD- The Ex
Commission shaive Diive Di- Upon receipt of a
performecut performecutEWtandards Board shal
or of thee ExTANDARDSe Exhe S
cthhecutive Director of the Commission, the B
t tSec. 223. (c) FI
House Version ofmodifications for purposes ofDirerecommendations provided byDevelopment Committee under section 222.(2) BOARD OF ADVICommission shall submit each of the voluntaryprocedural221(a)(1)), each of the voluntary221(a)(4), and each of the practice standards (described bystandards) to the B(3) SCommission shall submit each of the voluntaryprocedural221(a)(1)), each of the voluntary221(a)(4), and each of the practice standards (described bystandards) to the Exshall review the standard (orecommendations to the Standards B(b) REVIin subsection (a) (or modificatiExand tcomments and recommendations remodification) to the Commission.[

H.R. 3295

Senate Version ofg and CeNo provision
dginsrs Te
h beoet
to aON OFc)ing Systtestem hardware
tions submitteoard under- Theriod whicISSION, Potstems.ation, sy the Commission
V sy
ndaONSy pe Commission submitsMtific
ERATIard of Advisors and the Sec. 223 ( accredier
IDo, c
omme 90-daNG-- At the option of a S
such a standard) shall not be the Commission unless the (or modification), takingcor of the the B of votingTIware byof its voting
standard described in Commission votectsting
ed bynd reication, and recertification ofATES teies accredited by
nts aand the Standards Btion of the Dire
adoptrs of theELECTION COM for the
mmeRIOD FOR CONS subsection (a) (or modification of such axpiracutive The Commission shall provide for theE BY S
H.R. 3295- A voluntarymbe coE not vote on the final adoption of a voluntary eeON AND TES-
me AND RECOMMENDATI Exard under subsection (a).]ATI hardware and soft US provide the laborator
of theration theoard of Advisors MUM Pte certification, decertifstTIONALte ma
GENERALNIrd) until the da GENERAL,g sy
NjorityndaNin Sta
the B
House Version of(1) Isubsection (a) (or modification ofconsidered to be finallymathe final adoption of the standardconsidebysubsection (b).(2) MICOMMENTSCommission maystandard described instaon thethe standard (or modification) toStandards Bappears above under p. 28.Sec. 224. Certification and (a) CERTI(1) Itestingvotlaboratories.(2) OPthedecertification, or recertification and software by

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
outmbrds basis,
UTE OF andion unleTUTEnda
ITderalhe mTIoingestion of such

STneeringe list of thoses sectNSoard of thrta
INiON- Thehie of t I of Stad by
engSSIraph (1), and no votteonside
ONALrityrs, p. 28.ONALnstitutes it cng
ON-jo also appears above underOGY-l Inui
Commission a to be accredited to carry COMMIa2)oweoard and the Bs accredii
TATIOGY- Not later than 6 monthsrds under this subtitle, thete of Standards and Technologtification, and recertification BYunder parag a mb) (tionand review, on an onge
BY NATIof independent, non-Fd for purposes of t BY NATIrds B Naorion, and shall make suchhe cont
stituteEWborato t
ONSnISSION, Pa Commission a t
Sec. 224 (M AND TECHNOL In cooperation with the Commission and intor of thehe l
H.R. 3295ll submit to thes approved by-c
AND TECHNOLnd shay be accredion iNG REVI Direy shall monitor ath respect
atiance of ttions to the wi
RATORY ACCREDIs a, certification, decer on the list submitted mtaNUIndate
) LTANDARDSboraSec. 224 (b) (2) APPROVALaboratts accredihe performco
House Version ofunder this section.(b(1) RECOMMENDATISafter the Commission first adopts voluntaryprocedural performance standaDirector of the National Ishall conduct an evaluation lalaboratories the Director proposesthe testingprovided for under this section.[Commission shall vote on the proposed accreditation of eachlaboratoryliof the Commission.]ELECTION COM(c) CONTIOF S(1) Iconsultation with the StandaAdvisors, theand TechnologtCommission under this sectireappropri

H.R. 3295rtific

ds and C
Senate Version ofandarNo provision
for purposes theest
ingir t
RED FORory the out the Commission
rs of theation on Voluntary St
aboratorm p. 13.
mbeo carryes,
. meInfers appropriate) informationssist in thed ti
orySION REQUItion of a llished reports, and such otherteant to section 224 as meetingrds adopted by
Stauidelines for applynd recertification of votingrdware and software products
of thetion to a
aboratrevoked unless the revocation iseware under section 224; and
s accredi standaSSION, Dut
recommendations to revoke the votternet, pubestem haI
nori Sec. 225 also appears above underM
H.R. 3295 such l BY COMMI not be election standards adopted byether with g sy
basis, the Commission shall disseminate to theh the Iaborat
ON- The accredi a majoritytion;
tion of anyROVALATIoingntaist of l
taPmee l
EVOCSec. 225. Dissemination of information.stem hardware and soft
House Version oflaboratories, includingaccredi(2) APRof this section mayapproved byCommission.[On an ongpublic (througmethods as the Commission considon the activities carried out under this subtitle, including(1) the voluntaryCommission, togstandards and other informaimple(2) tcertification, decertification, asy(3) a list of votingwhich have been certified pursuthe applicable voluntaryunder this subtitle.]ELECTION COM

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nd for thence BoardRt Attorne
riben Ge
riapliarants to StatesscE Prams of they
items deIC out this subtitle,
Uniform a and Administrationnd cU Assista
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ie anu
tration Requirements Granted to make g
Requirements Grant ProgUniform and NondiscriminatoryblisheCE OF J
staechnologral policblished under section 204 and inl Election Commission and theation Barri502 of the Rehabilitation Act ofSION- Ict througce of J Assista
ondiscriminatory is eram under which the Attorneyneraosts of theVIDivision of that Department.
re geede cll a and thehts
sms and Adminis F thel shae
H.R. 3295ray- The Election Tyra of the Offisticed activities.

t to theGHTS DIneeus
rogramnt Prog and Administration c and Transports to pa RI Ge Civil Rigitie
ynt of Jtiv
ts PGraytion with theurallitieON THROUGH OFFIVIL
enI–am. GENERALl, subjetectae of thed Ac
RAMSirem Iogr) INne Attornepaar
Senate Version ofOGuTitleSubtitle A–Uniform and NTechnologSec. 201. Establishment of the Election TechnologPr(aNondiscriminatoryRequirements Grant ProgGeapproval of applications estaconsultaArchi(as established under section 1973 (29 U.S.C. 792)), is authorizand locsection 205.(b) ACTIAND CItheGeneral in chargDechSec. 205. Authoriz
RANT Pstanstem syc
G Sy NOTy of thehe
Assin Ele in this partnr, t of Funds/Authorize an Election
on ant aion FundeUse
kemeectents to States
Ell mah
ngear tund payState receiving
e to implevi
ION St the Commission with respect to PAYMENTS- As soon as
ements to States for votingamount determined under sectionthe requirements described inSSAYMENT- NothingStaof the Commission are appointedmonths thereafter), and not lessendar y also appears below under
ncents to States for VotingE Pd)
Commission shaon for recei
ear in an ear.ti
H.R. 3295und Pay- The
Sec. 231 ( p. 101.
ction Assistatate which meets e,
an once each cal
Election fund payment each yTION OF COMMI standards adopted byr as a condi th
–Commission C–Ele GENERALRED TO RECEIattent.ive Dat
IIN be construed to require a mm
provementsec. 231.]) Iec. 231 (d) SCHEDULffectec. 231 (b) USE OF FUNDS- A
House Version ofTitleSubtitlePart 1–Election FIm[Simprovements. (aFund pay232 to each Ssection 233 for the y(c) ADOPREQUImayvoluntaryanypay[Spracticable after all members (but in no event later than 6 frequentCommission shall make Election Funder this part.]E[S

ion l
t meer reg
:e vot
ents received under thissrds thad mail under section
mnda that meets theewiraph (2), the Attorney

atster by
purposem sta and to meet the votingsection 103(a) and to meet thegi
rant paystezed st
sys under section 102(b).eri
use g followingput
H.R. 3295 mayents.- Subject to parag
of thent votingsh a comm
nymebli Pay
ec. 206.]
Senate Version ofA State or localitysubtitle(1) To implerequirements of section 101.(2) To provide for provisional votingrequirements of section 102(a)information requirement(3) To estthat meets the requirements of requirements for voters who re103(b).ation of Funds[S(a) P(1) I
ig and counting pollingministra
of elnd poll workeilable aear shall be equal
or all of theistsl ava the
e liasical disabilities
. of a also appears below
)ate for a y
hts and responsibilities.b, p. 109.
ent for any accuratentification of voters at thelity
mngs to votection offics to improveubsection (c), the amount of an
nir elend quaeir rigogram
ai ativitie Sec. 231 (r
nt votec
aiiningntityr ae.]
ibletatrant P Subject to sent made to a St
H.R. 3295s:lig quae S-m
and m end trah
ngging verification and id equipment and methods for casting a the voters about th access for voters with phy out othen t
ent shall use the pay activitieishi blindness). Allocation of funds. und pay
mbluitingingons i
aouraproving place.provingcrprovingrryiIncentive G GENERAL
aces.Sec. 232.]
House Version ofFund payfollowing(1) Estvoters.(2) Enc(3) Ipolling(4) Ivotes.(5) Re(6) Ipl(7) Educating(8) Assuring(including(9) Caof elunder [(a) IElection Fto the product of–

ear sucalitie costs
d bynd loc
ion approved uses a
d to be
an applnts to Sta
amount equal to 0.5 percent ofection 209 for the fiscal y PAYMENTS- The Attorneyyor 103 that were incurred

havie activities described in that pad under section 203 for any
e VEministration that meets a
tatL PAYMENT AMOUNT- The to each State that submits antion is submittetive
athorized under section 205.c
IAy or ad
H.R. 3295 to each SNh a re
l pay (a) (2) Ih suc (b) RETROACTIy ma
shal General shall pay whicsl ma an application approve
ec. 206.]Sec. 206.]ne
Senate Version ofGeneralunder section 203 the cost of thapplication.[SAttorneyapplication under section 203 an the amount appropriated under sduringState for the activities au[Gehavingfor election technologrequirement of section 101, 102,
ive Payment
entsin ofr
mermMinimum PaymentsctRet
NED- Thestico, Guam
und paye (as dete Dio Rslands, 20
tatuertin Iaph (1).
he Sates or t
t made to a State for a y Stth of P
for tenear under section 234; or
geRCENTAGE DEFIme total amount appropriated for
ted for Election FaE
e’ for a State is the amounte) equal to the quotient of–he severalmonwealribed in parag
ON Pagund payom
on percent age population of all States.MUM AMOUNT OF PAYMENT- The of tents for the ye C
H.R. 3295iOCATIpercentagNImh
catLe population of the State; and
lo ag
e al (c) MIund pay
ear under section 234; andtathe case of anyhe case of t
ATE AL t t
he STpressed as a percent not be less than–nn
ec. 232.]
House Version of(1) the total amount appropriafor the y(2) tunder subsection (b)).(b) S‘State allocation (ex(1) the voting(2) the total voting[Samount of an Election Fmay(1) iColumbia, ½ of 1 percent of thElection F(2) iAmerican Samoa, or the United States Virgpercent of the amount descNo provision

ont ofd
earhts Ac a
ible to
ents madey the protection a vote
ents made on orill of Rigstingeneral authorities as
mastem shall be
d in a multi-ynd B, cts Act of 2000 (42 sy
1, 2001, and endinggee a such services, protectionh
a 1, 2001, is elig other payc
ntate to ensure fullngthe same g
anuarynuary General shall pa to voteof Rigcept that the amount of the
aned in section 102 of theringill t forth in subsections (c)(3),
on Jlication was approved under such that is eng JON AND ADVOCACY SYSTEMS- s Assistal process for individuals withsten providi section 509 of the Rehabilitation in subsections (c)(3)(B) and
TItoragied as se) of
inningn addition to anybilitielec recat.

H.R. 3295- I e places. Ilo
stem (as defil Disaludingstems shall have
rant under section 203 for pay 1, 2001, pursuant to that contract. (c) PROTEC synta.C. 15002)) of each S systems referred to
tion in thes, inc pollingMUM GRANT AMOUNT- The minimum amount ofant to a protection and advocacyned and al) of that section shall be not less than $70,000 and
the period beg for a ganuary GENERALlopmeipaNIri
Nvebilitie are afforded under part C of the Developmentalerm
ec. 206.]rticrants to sy
Senate Version ofduringthe date on which such appsection. A State or localitycontract entered into prior toapplyafter J[S(1) Iunder this section, the Attorneyand advocacyDe2000 (42 U.Spadisaaccessingand advocacytheyDisabilities Assistance and BU.S.C. 15041 et seq.).(2) MIeach gdet(c)(4), (c)(5), (e), and (gAct of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 794e), exg(c)(4)(B$35,000, respectively
ection and Advocacy Systems
Payments to State Prot
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

des the
ve a ghatNATORY will use
e, tMIte
o recei StSCRII
res that
desis of t
hata State plan, in consultationcial subtitle to meet each of the
e t
tatription of how the
ion offi:OGY AND ADMIsc
Each S electwi
H.R. 3295L-lostem standards under section 101.

Aocal sy
e fol (1) UNI
State plans.h requirements:
ec. 202.](a)]tSec. 202. (a)]
Senate Version of[S[under this subtitle shall develop wifor each of tNo provision[ELREQUIfunds made available under this following(A) The voting
ed itst nee t
of tbl
alstem tha
ci sy
ion Fundnsure accessi
ection offi followingent and the amounthed a fundVoting System Standards/Requirementso produce a recordly
ectmisty ts ful
blh i
Application Process/Conditions for Receipt of Fundsve an Eltate elac
out the activities for whichund payat the State is in compliance minimum) e capaci
ef SProvision of Matching Funds and Establishment of Election Fundthat the State has authorizingde in an amount equal to 25 standards and certification its own State votingt atace in the State, there is ate whi
o recei be spent for such activitiesate has estr purposes of administering plabl
he chie St systemhe audil
order t Commission with thement is ma th avai
In year, that the Commission or that the State has have tem
H.R. 3295L- the votings.st
Ascale).ion tsm sy
(1) A certification und paytat (3) A certification tht casting
Conditions for receipt of funds.he Sificatislation establishinglo
GENER for a fill provideations: into account the Election F t mechani
INmentte shatific bying one vot
ec. 233.](a)]erSec. 233. (a)]Sec. 233. (a)]Sec. 233. (a) (4) A certification that–east
House Version of[S[payStac[and appropriated funds for carrythe Election Fpercent of the total amount to(takingspent(5) A certdescribed in subsection (b) foactivities under this part.[with the voluntaryprocesses adopted byenacted legstandards and processes which (avotfor each bal[(A) in each precinct or pollingl

hatsult in
t the
iso ensure ts not re
ion lnsureate t mail underts; and
rat a description of–tlo
isthe S; andister byllots doe
ls will en tistee bale ba
er regincludingia list.nte
ers ise
e vot votn such ls who regb
quirements under section 102.dle
reewiection officib the steps that the State will take to and absentnd a
atligrs from the-in
eilil-in a
H.R. 3295zed stst of elers appear i vote
erind lociible of m of ma
put ahe lliges.

teered vot use
of tistl of e thee vot
reghe accuracyi
ec. 202. (a)]) The provisional voting) The comymova) t
Senate Version ofRegistration Requirements[S(B(Crequirements under section 103(a), (i) how Staaccuracyonl(ii) the precautions that the State will take to prevent there(D) The requirements for votersection 103(b), includingensure–(i(ii) thadupl
ent to ins,
chg S
blindness); andund pay ma blindness).]
accessible toMANDATORY, Votin
t oneProvisional Voting and Voter
ilities (including lebilities (including
portion of its Election F
sical disabsical disa
H.R. 3295 machines, at
also appears above under AND REQUIREMENTS


place in the State will be fullya) (
) if the State uses anyTANDARDS
House Version ofindividuals with phy(Bobtain new votingeach pollingindividuals with phySec. 233. (S61.No provision

d Ac
te withappe
Sta.ndic Voting
e in theSnd Ha
will c a
terlys Abse
l officTH EXI Stan
ON, DETERRENCE, ANDedet the Elde Citize
ws relate to the provisions of:as
of how the State intends tos tha la for theseration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C.

CATING FRAUD- An assessment ofate such fraud.ANCE Wehrist
ctions for Fs suc following
ENTIlehts Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 1973 et seq.),essibilitynd Ove
H.R. 3295Dws, a thecd a
ON OF VOTI of e (3) COMPLW- Assural la Rig Ac
(2) IAraluding
GATIeptibility deter, and investigderal Law L Fede sections 4(f)(4) and 203 of such Act (42 U.S
TI fraud and a description ,t, inc Voting Uniforme
ec. 202. (a)]NVES suscSec. 202. (a)]EDERALxisting) The
Senate Version ofNo provision[SIthevotingidentifyisting Fe[Fethis Ac(A) The Votingincluding1973b(f)(4) and 1973aa-1a).(BAct (42 U.S.C. 1973ee et seq.).(C) The(42 U.S.C. 1973ff et seq.).(D) The National Voter Reg
ce.Voting Fraude with Exa
electionpplic and
pressed as a offi a
ta relevant to
ions, exComplianc ex
Performance Benchmarks for Voting Systemsstem performanceect
sy elon for Federal for the Elderly
ri elthat, in administeringe with the
tetions to report dats Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 1973istration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C.
for votinginisthe contest at the top of thenchg
eneral Rig Accessibility 1973ee et seq.), and theAct of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12101 et
tion admr each g
H.R. 3295sdics locee is in c
(2) A certification that the State has set a juriquire (6) A certification
of residual vote in ark aft Sta
ocalend res, the et seq.), the Voting
ec. 233. (a)]n each lllot, ahis benchmSec. 233. (a)]ste
House Version of[Suniform Statewide benchmark ipercentagbatNo provision[syrequirements of the Votinget seq.), the National Voter Re1973gHandicapped Act (42 U.S.C.Americans With Disabilities seq.).

nd a review

s a
tions submitte
l polica
l of ation 203(a) (including
blish g
1973 (29 U.S.C. 701 et seq.).sta
ll e a
l sha to the
H.R. 3295ract
y Ge
g et seq.).orker Training with re
Attorneria States and localities under sec
Senate Version of1973g(E) The Rehabilitation Act of No provisionNo provisionNo provisionSec. 204. Approval of applications.Thecrby
enciMethods of Compliancehe) (1
undFT TOApproval of Applicationsa
Nonsupplanting Use of Funds out theE
ion ag
rams to improvestratingces on t
Voter Education and Poll Wient is made.
process, andmIANCE L
progc choi
oraler regfi) requires certification by
ectund paya
traininge elfor personnel of State motorher vot
on that the State provides for ththe requirements of the Nationalsupplant funds provided under the discretion of the State. 233 (
ntion Fthe requirements described in
ion iATE- The speci with
H.R. 3295ici offices and ot
(7) A certificati the State under such Act. (8) A certification that the Election Frams funded in the State for carry
istration Act of 1993 (c) METHODS OF COMPLON OF S
o and partated by progETI
nment has not and will not CR
ec. 233. (a)]Sec. 233. (a)]istingSec. 233.]S
House Version of[Svoter education and poll worker access tprovides relevant trainingVoter Regvehicle authoritydesig[payexactivities for which the Elec[DImethods of complysubsection (a) shall be left toNo specific provision, but Sec.chief state election official with respect to Sec. 233 (

of the ANDl
EW the
se sha loc
r at a
nne the information a Stad by proposes to use
FOR REVI that desires to receiveh mad by
LANSthe State plan developedch other information as theis subtitle in a manner that is
section 202), the awardingE- A timetable for meetingfor public review and comment and in sucnd containing implement such State plan.ation submitte
LATE Papplication under section 203(a)how the locality
Tation submitteloped under section 202 and applican developed under section 202.

an.h time require, a require.ch a
METABe pl Each State or localityt suc applic
H.R. 3295tatTY OF S-h
Il a- c
(4) TIhe SBILraTIES- Ea
LA Ge General may General may
s of tyCAL
entN GENERALant under this subtitle shall submit an application to theONTENTSO
ants under this subtitle, and the use of assistance madeSec. 202. (a)]emr
Senate Version ofof State plans developed under gravailable under this subtitle.[el(b) AVAICOMMENT- A State shall make under subsection (a) available before the submission of an .Sec. 203. Application.(a) Ia gAttorneAttorneyrequired under subsection (b) and suAttorney(b) C(1) STATES- Eacontain the State plan devedescription of how the State proposes to use funds madeavailable under this subtitle to(2) Lshall contain a description of the funds made available under thconsistent with the State pl
und the this
Other Provisionsth then
ONction Fh the is the
amounts:NED- Ite
h the DEFI
R ELn accordance wis for whicAL’ of a
e fund shall be used byctivitie
BED- For purposes ofbed in this subsection withh is established in the treasurys used irwise made available bys for whic be appropriated under law. ato the State under this part.
h iists of the followingent made to the State under thisy
CRIctivitiemON OFFIction offic
REMENTS F ac out thele
, whirryECTIe e
entaent is made t
H.R. 3295 out theund pay to cmf Sta
(b) REQUIovernminglyTATE ELhie
ON FUND DESe garryund pay ‘c
atxclusiveEF S, the
ECTItraph (2), and which cons for cent is made to the State under this part.nterest earned on deposits of the fund. e
e Stemte
ec. 233. (a)]h) The Election F
House Version of[SFUND-(1) ELsubsection (a)(5), a fund descrirespect to a State is a fund whicof tparag(A) Amounts appropriated or otheStapay(Bpart.(C) Such other amounts as ma(D) I(2) USE OF FUND- Amounts in thStaElection F(d) CHIsubtitle

, for
tion amounts:ay benlee afforded
neral authorities
ht under this Act informaappropriated tos as miated under thisy be necessary this subsectionted to eeherwi
nySYSTEMS- Iala the g
ed to be s as mtion res are ot
y be brougsis of ad in the State plan developedaem
bahorizear, such sum to be appropr provided by litig systtal Disabilities Assistance and
yed to be appropriated $10,000,000 forents under section 206(c):ny on compliance with election
on theon submitted under subsection (a), fiscaledear such summnce notwithstandingtration requirements.

on of appropriations. y pay
alityati There are aut
H.R. 3295OR- No action ma-ears 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, and forscalomme
or loc information containeAear 2003, $1,000,000,000.ear 2004, $1,300,000,000.ear 2005, $500,000,000.ear 2006, $200,000,000. to cion and advocacy
te Authorizdts Act of 2000 (42 U.S.C. 15041 et seq.). and adminis
E HARB Sta any use
GENER out the provisions of this subtitle the followingor fiscal yor fiscal yor fiscal yor fiscal y other amounts authorize prot
nst aNll beh
aiSec. 209.]ill of Rig
Senate Version of(c) SAFagcontained in the applicatiincludingunder section 202.[(a) Icarry(1) F(2) F(3) F(4) F(5) For each subsequentnecessary(b) PROTECTIto anysection, there are authorizeach of the fiscal yeach subsequentthe purpose of makingProvided, That none of the fundssharelated disabilityof tunder part C of the DevelopmenBSec. 512. Sense of the Senatetechnolog


Authorization of Appropriations
h 2004.
ate amount of
t of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gtion of the State’s responsibilitiesgreg
State under section 10 of the
appropriated for Election Fears 2002 throug
the be
stration Acation of appropriations.
H.R. 3295ated byized t
ents under this part an ag
House Version ofindividual desigNational Voter Regto be responsible for coordinaunder such Act.Sec. 234. AuthorizThere are autpay$2,250,000,000 for fiscal y

toble ah the

ilat sucs
varaph (1)tivete.l a
ant underration a
in aramear.- Therne
ma General. yministra
shall be providedll redppropriay Ge
31, 2003, and eachll submit to therant progrs ah informa
or a
amounts appropriated activities funded by suc
y and administrationction shaanuaryral shativeonside Attorne
- nesubmitted under parag of anygislal ceach recipient of a gining
at full fundingeet the requirements relatingITY- Anyand the AttorneyS Geisra
Lress yport on the g:sneonta
to mechnologBI of this se Geports to thend c
LAress a retion for leyr, a
H.R. 3295t.thority- Not later than J Attornenda
uong followingnne
ad. TO CONGRESr, themme Attorne
(c) AVAIndeRTSafte and Cin thecot the to submit reh
e re General shall require
nt to this Acnt to thexpeO GENERALrdentonta
Nr thell c) Any, in suc
ec. 209.]earesirant awarded under this subtitle.ction tha
Senate Version ofIt is the sense of the Senate thto each State and localitycompliance with election tpursua of Funds[Spursuauntil eSec. 208. Reports to Cong(a) REP(1) IyPestablished under this subtitle for the preceding(2) CONTENTS- Each report sha(A) A description and analyg(Ba(b) REPORTS TO THE ATTORNEY GENERALAttorneythis subtitletime
Reports ofnd the
ailabilityear forear,orys aations
Avent made yegtion of out by
mscal the ydpplic
on Rulerriell a
ent under this each cateaa
ITY OF FUNDSund paym to equipment- Not later than 90 Administras c
IL Commission on theES
LAVITI Committectivitie the previous fiscal y
respect a
he end of each fithear, the Commission shall on Housedescription of
end the
be available to the State withouter tport to theunds provided during a on the
NG AVAIection Fund pay reade wiarticles of voting ON ACTIscal yste
ON- An Election Fhs afttivena
NUIontres m section 231(b); andpe of RTS Committenta Se
H.R. 3295tion.ll submit a
he 6 m shapendi REPpre
eport to thetion of the
(d) CONTIr limitahan ttate received an Elt of Re
eater t Staist of ex re
l y las after the end of each fi House
ec. 232.]TER APPROPRIart, theSec. 262. Reports.
House Version of[SAFto a State under this part shall fiscSec. 235. Reports. Notwhich a Spaactivities conducted with the fand shall include in the report–(1) a lactivities described in(2) the number and tyobtained with the funds.[(a) ANNUALdaysubmit atheAdministraCommission under this subtitle duringand shall include in the report a

tive auditndram

ntayies a
Generalsel tot Prog
preral, manerablen
renel polic Gra
ction Commission,damination, haver Generaral is a
r Geant under this subtitleenentive
l Ele- The Attorneythorizer gce
raut. Gen
edeONSny ara
ons of States and localities.REMENT- Each recipient of a F Comptrollerant under this subtitle and shall, audit or ex Comptrolle gtablish thelications under section 204 in aform I
ans Attorne
NATIral, or all e
aminatinel or theral or theted to thet thelater than October 1, 2002.ction Re
NG REQUItion with ther Geranelaral shas tha
H.R. 3295onsiders appropriate.Ine rel Ele
l c Ge recipient of a gy Ge benesurera
rae.y record of a recipient of a gy Gende
neonsultab AND EXAMI mayt eFe
y Gel, in c Comptrolle Attorner tha B
ral prescri Attorneamine any therminee Attorne
ant under this subtitle shall keep such records as the Attorneynend thettennerogram
Senate Version ofAttorneSec. 207. Audits and ex(a) RECORDKEEPgrGeshal(b) AUDIaof theor exfor the purpose of conductingaccess to anythadeve DatSec. 210. Effective date.Thecriteria for the approval of appmaapprove applications not Subtitle
alsoEIncentive PElecti
theb) p. 130. p. 90.
duringer, t
also appears p. 130e Sec. 263 (rograments to Statesrogram
a)s,ereaftmabove under
t onchts P
asilot Pen
rogramt leear tund pay
rants received by Sec. 262 (irem
ilot Pn addition to audits conductedfunds provided under this subtitle audit a PAYMENTS- As soon asof the Commission are appointedendar y
months thereafter), and not less) also appears above immediatelyReq
ear under this subtitle and theT- I under this subtitle.]E OFdce/
ents and g
mResearch and Pstan
H.R. 3295 the yrams
Sec. 231 ( Assi
Research and Phan once each calon
ec. 263. AuditSec. 231 (d) SCHEDUL
House Version offor Election Fund payCommission duringdisposition of such applications.]below underPart 4–Miscellaneous [S(b) MANDATORY AUDIpursuant to subsection (a), all shall be subject to mandatorylifetime of the progappears below under [practicable after all members (but in no event later than 6 frequentCommission shall make Election Funder this part.]under No specific provision, but Election Fund (

ce offe,
ctiond inOGRAMS rets’).onta
for theance BoardribeRe Offi Civil Righquire
l Elerialirants to StatesscE Phnd c
raitepIC out this subtitle,r, all re
ms deT of t of the
edersection 213(a) and inoSingegenne
Fnd cUustice; andar that desires to receivel sha
d as aers Cctivitie carryh– charghe (in this subtitleh mara
ie an inral for Civil Rigne
ed to make gl in cstic Ge
ederal Election ReformblisheCE OF Jrauneytion submitted under subsection
staram under which the Attorneyral policl Election Commission and theation Barri502 of the Rehabilitation Act ofSION- Ict througne Ge, in suc
raosts of theVIll a Generalpartment of J Gent of Jy time
.re is eeneede cyh Attorne
ram gons established under F thel shatorneyrtme suc the
H.R. 3295rog- Theyrapat Attorne- Each State or localityts
Pct to theGHTS DIne Atnt Attorne Denral a
and Transports to pa RI Gestantrams of the Denetion a
centive Grant ProguralON THROUGH OFFILy Ge
e Grantnl, subjetion with thealitieVI Assista ‘Assistay
iv GENERALratecte Assi the GENERAL informa
Nne AttornehsNrant under this subtitle shall submit an application to theh
cent) Ionsultand locustice Prog
Senate Version ofSec. 211. Establishment of the FIn(aReform IGeapproval of applicaticArchi(as established under section 1973 (29 U.S.C. 792)), is authorizasection 214.(b) ACTIAND CIthe(1) tJ(2) theDivision of theto aSec. 212. Application.(a) Ia gAttornesucconsistent with the provisions of this section.(b) CONTENTS- Each applica(a) shall–

h C
can be
p. 110 below)
s, p. 90)
rograms payments (
ts P
H.R. 3295iremr
House Version ofAssiVoting Machine Pused for some similar purposes.

to theL theC.a
Aty GeneralVIECTIraph (Bt.ndice Voting

antrney ELion (b)(2)
st will pato with thente
etion thand Ha
nc THE CI a
e Assialityhe AtY subsectrlys Abse
th mplia n monstra n
oON B Elde
e or locnces as t cbed id de Citize
ion bytderal sources; andATIileas
icat Sta of the activities for whichI for therse
r which assistance under thisifscribed in subsection (c);t the.Fon descri the provisions of this Act:
ts des thantiaIcept as provided in subparagficatc and delatessibilitynd Ove
for certhe Exifits Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 1973 et seq.),e
H.R. 3295ncht from non-FsseR CERTI-hcd a
eOSION- is in compliance with each of the followingws re Ac
ht;ssura la Rig
VIIANCE W for certn a specih
n a request as to bents of this subtitle DIai suc sections 4(f)(4) and 203 of such Act (42 U.S Uniforme
ail for Civil Rigderal share of the costme GENERALs Voting
raermine-Nl cont
netequire) REQUEST FGHTSWws, a
Senate Version of(1) describe the activities fosection is soug(2) contGe(3) providenon-Fassistance is soug(4) provide such additional assuradere(cRI(1) COMPLLA(A) Ieach requestshalState or localityla(i) The Votingincluding1973b(f)(4) and 1973aa-1a).(ii) TheAct (42 U.S.C. 1973ee et seq.).(iii) The
H.R. 3295
House Version of

ra the Statetion
s for aht under this Act
y informa
pplierant funds byn
c and det
it aant funds to meet eachNATORY the demonstration requiredfi be broug
raph (A), shall submit to therMION TECHNOL for certification described ine of gysis of a
timeCRI ba
1973 (29 U.S.C. 701 et seq.). TO MEET REQUI thend specific demonstration of howSECTIn a speci
istration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C.bilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C.LEtaint with the requirements underontained in the request for
t, ailed an addition to on theon submitted under subsection (a),
thain subparagtaalityd in subsection (c).
H.R. 3295 UNABlity de intends to use g FOR ELON- IOR- No action ma
al a
rae or loc information c
ANTSneraph (1), each requestt
Ce or locSTRATI is not inconsiste HARB any
g et seq.).P StaN
nst a
) APchgai
Senate Version ofAct (42 U.S.C. 1973ff et seq.).(iv) The National Voter Reg1973g(v) The Americans with Disa1994 et seq.).(vi) The Rehabilitation Act of(BEaunder this subtitle, does not demonstrate that it meets eachrequirement described Attornethe State or localitysuch requirement.(2) UNIREQUIADMIunder paragsubsection (b)(2) shall contdemonstration that the proposed usor localitysection 101, 102, or 103.(d) SAFacontained in the applicatiincludingcertification describeSec. 213. Approval of applications.

H.R. 3295
House Version of

raphnt tha
on fromll ce
for thecati Assista has provided
ria not approve anifi General for
ritehts under paragON- hts sharant under this

st to the
nd c.que
s aved a certlity- Upon receipt of the reCATI the State or locality
General may submitted under section 212(a)for Civil Rigd under section 212(b)(2), thets.st for certification demonstrates a State or localityation of how it will use funds
subsection (b), the Attorneyl polic or loche requirements of subparagmeet such requirements underl for Civil Rig
racality has receitesmit sucrale to receive a g
enesubmitted under section 212(a).ROCEDURE- Stanf the Assistant Attorneyrant funds byne
General h OF REQUESll tray Ge
meets th is elig
H.R. 3295- Subject to blish gON P- The Attorney GeneralON; NONCERTION- I
l shal for Civil Rig) of such section; and
staATIorneyct to sucTTALraraATICATI
ll eFICtspeMIneneFICIFIts finds that the requent Attorne
hraph (B
he Aty Gey GeRT
NneNess tt– Assista
Senate Version of(a) IGeapproval of applications (b) CERTI(1) Iapplication of a State or lounlthe Assistant Attorney(4) with re(2) TRANSrequest for certification submitteAttorneAttorne(3) CERTI(A) CCivil Rigtha(i) a State or locality(A) of section 212(c)(1), or thata detailed and specific demonstrreceived under this section to subparag(ii) the proposed use of gmeets the requirements of section 212(c)(2),thethe State or locality
H.R. 3295
House Version of

is or
Generalments Generallity Attorne) of suchs

araph (3); or General
quire or locraph (B for voting. an applicationctivitie
retesmit to the the relevantm a
ningsteality having
s the StaON- The Assistantl share of the costs of the
etll traaph (2), the Attorney for the
Assistant Attorney met theICATIraph (A) of parag’s syl office or in the request fore or locrderation.t of the amount appropriatedte
thaFhts shaalityrat localityeamits an application under sectionear in which such application Sta
f the alitythe Assistant Attorneytifyport identifyede Stah
e request for certification does noterpplic
a suc
ON- It the or loce’s or loc thederal share.t by
traph (A), rant under this subtitle. OF CERTItd byed
H.R. 3295CATI Stall not c Stactions for F- Subject to parag to each State ord in tha use
FIt al for Civil Rigther with a releents; F-
TTALrar–e emribeAYMENT AMOUNT- The Attorney
hts finds thae thahts shaMIne in thesc P
t GeitheiesringAL to each State that subd to be
.yl eaph, togencation submitte GENERALs deITI
monstraible to receive a gne) a notice of noncertification under subparagficdministeertificctivitie
Senate Version ofsubtitle(B) NONCERTIfor Civil Rigdedescribed in subparagfor Civil Rigelig(4) TRANSAttorneGe(A) a certification under subparag(BparagdeacSec. 215. Pay(a) P(1) IGeneral shall payapproved under section 213 the Fa(2) Ishall pay212 an amount equal to 0.5 percenunder section 218 for the fiscal yis submitte
H.R. 3295
House Version of

l ma aned bytre Sta a
rainh gheny
nevingrm. Generals
es for a St sucpreral, ma
y Ges haederal share of 1, 2001, andraph (2), the re
e det provide for ae costs thaction Commission,dne
alitienuaryaghr Geamination, have

Attornea of trminel Elethorize
nd loc on Jceed 80 percenttera- The Attorney au
s aor administration that meets exack of resources of tedeONSny
tey General mayl dee lREMENT- Each recipient of a Fant under this subtitle and shall, audit or ex
inningch application was approvedl be a percentneraons of States and localities. Comptroller an
NATIral, or a
ts to Staons 101, 102, and 103 that weres shalat does nothan 80 percenty Ge due to thaminatine
AYMENTS- Theenunder section 213 for the Fcept as provided in parag ther tral or the
m ExING REQUItion with ther Ge
H.R. 3295VE Py-he costreatne
pa the period begHARE- Attorne Ge recipient of a g
SON- The Attorneye.y
ctive General is necessaryonsultab AND EXAMI
if thee.TS
ed under section 214.troa on the date on which su share of torney share of glitylityl, in c Comptrolle
reN GENERALtaaral prescri Attorneamine any
ke costs for election technologe Atrant under this subtitle shall keep such records as the Attorneyne
Senate Version ofauthoriz(3) RETROACTImaapplication approved anythe requirements of sectiincurred duringendingunder such section.(b) FEDERAL(1) IFederalth(2) EXCEPTIFederalor locpercentagor locSec. 216. Audits and ex(a) RECORDKEEPgGeshal(b) AUDIand theof theor exfor the purpose of conducting
H.R. 3295
House Version of

tionorney a
toationraph (1)
le At
raibleonsulta hasrtific tht for theramear.
ne General forlig is a recipient ofenteatan General. y
el, in cpi c th gr
r Ge asrall– a
rant under this subtitlealitynee recipienth 31, 2003, and eachll submit to therant prog
h with the activities funded by
nt.e or localityy Geat teanuaryl sha
rain order to meet a certificationhnche recid to suc ra
Comptrolle gte or locteand the AttorneyS-nesubmitted under parag of any
mplia relay Geport on the gsis
Staection 212(c)(1)(A) (as permittednt Attorne ensure tosection 212(c)(1)(A); andress :
l or theted to thef the Assistant Attorneyd a to, cy be
rala- Ition Commission sha record of t such an audit.
nertifiecentving ma Not later than Jress a re
H.R. 3295 reTSe Assistapihie anys- Attorne
y Gey bes chl Eleco TO CONGRESong following
record of a recipient of a gant under this subtitle rarmineter, then the
s mahts harant, sucede such reciteRTSeaf and Ci
Attorne gr Ftd, or is al deO GENERALrentonta
aieveraNr thedll c
t theterminehhnearesirant awarded under this subtitle.

Senate Version ofaccess to anythade(c) OTHER AUDICivil Rigreceive a grequirement described in sunder section 214(5)) and such Statsucwith the(1) audiacrequirements described in (2) have access tGepurpose of conductingSec. 217. Reports to Cong(a) REP(1) IyePestablished under this subtitle for the preceding(2) CONTENTS- Each report sha(A) A description and analyg
H.R. 3295
House Version of

the of
sucss a tog
tivete.l atielein
ant underration ab
- Ther
nel policl is a
dministrappropriay Ge appropriatedneraneraace vot
informa out the provisions ofe
or ars ah g Geents received under thissical access for nonvisual access for

ed to beym, or repl
tive Attorne sucd.fy phy
slaonsideiningthorizblish theodi
gil ceach recipient of a gshall remain available withoutndetalications under section 213(a) in improve the accessibility
rapes Attornerant pay providing
neonta amounts appropriated pursuant toxll e the
tlater than October 1, 2002.ease, m and to providing
Geports to thend cear 2002 to carry use gy
tion for leyr, aon of appropriations.l shas thare, l
H.R. 3295ndaonsiders appropriate.ati- There are auTY- Anyra may
nnel cALLItion until enensure
mme Attorne to submit reh manera.BI of subsection (a) y Get e
cot theLAr limitarove, acqui
re General shall require y Geear thas–mp places, including
, in sucN GENERal y Attornennetivitieo i
) Anyction tha mastems and technolog
Senate Version of(Ba(b) REPORTS TO THE ATTORNEY GENERALAttorneythis subtitletimeAttorneSec. 218. Authoriz(a) I$400,000,000 for fiscal ythis subtitle(b) AVAIthe authorityfiscSec. 219. Effective date.Thecriteria for the approval of appaapprove applications not AcSec. 214. Authorized activities.A State or localitysubtitle(1) tsypollingindividuals with disabilities,
s (p
Authorizes, p. 90)
rogram an Election
e P
inrogram or all of the
ts P
ngState receiving
irement for any
VotiElection Fund program (u- A m
Reqs as follows:
h Cardce/tiv
H.R. 3295Pud acE OF FUNDS
n Assilate
provide funds for replacement or improvement ofoent shall use the pay
lectis for rem
ec. 231 (b) USund pay
House Version ofNo provision, but 110 below)punchcard voting systems, and under prov[SF

gehud use
ua to suc.

ngss polls a fra provides
assistanceedureeduret the
lish la votingSec. 214)
ets violations and
Engation aath
tion proction procstigederal election law in rig
procedures, votingntific (above, p. 109)
y in the
nct ide hotlines that voters may
ents, and providingiedministrato reduce disenfranchisement, votingto train election officials, polldministrand to inve fraud to the appropriate current Fogram
istration procedures;, and r, arof voting systems (
d proficection a regyection atevoting fraud and voting
to de
H.R. 3295w e’ votw e,tions of sIncentive P
nt ne technolognt nen
ls with limitemee-dayme individuals to presen) of such section;rogram
;e Pines
ms to idein
hts or votinguthorityeneral election information; or
Senate Version ofindividuals with visual impairmto individua(2) to impleincrease voter participation and such as ‘sam(3) to educate voters concerningrigworkers, and election volunteers;(4) to impleas requiringprogand to refer allega(5) to meet the requirements ofaccordance with the demonstration submitted under section212(c)(1)(B(6) to establish toll-free telephoneto report possible votingg(7) to meet the requirements under section 101, 102, or 103. Mach of MachNo provision, but specifically for replacement
rs.tion Voti
le eplacem of the
ig and counting pollingministrah Card da
d p. 90.nc
of elnd poll workeilable as,uESr the
ts aa thePNfte
isalv a
e lisical disabilitiesogramys
. of a also appears above underr
lityhts and responsibilities.bts P 30 da
accuratentification of voters at thetion officenNG MACHIram.n
ngrs to voteleceir rigs to improve
ni end quairemr tha
ai ativitie Sec. 231 (ute
nt votec
aiiningntityr ae.]Req
ibletat Not la
H.R. 3295s:lig quae Sce/-
and m end trah
ngging verification and id equipment and methods for casting a the voters about th access for voters with phy out othen tstan
ctivitieshi blindness).UNCH CARD VOTI
aiuitingingons i Assi–P
ablouraproving place.provingcrprovingrryionE I GENERAL
aces.lectiTL) I
House Version offollowing(1) Estvoters.(2) Enc(3) Ipolling(4) Ivotes.(5) Re(6) Ipl(7) Educating(8) Assuring(including(9) Caof elETISubtitle A–Replacement of MachinesSec. 101. Establishment of prog(a

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
esdera beneral
l Se scheduledularly
nestem toction for Fovernment shallement as mayustems under its
syleovernment sy scheduled g
l eovernment provides
tor of Geeneent under this subtitleu
e Administrator shall make a gmram under this subtitle shall-on (established under section
as the ‘Administrator’) shalldstem which does not use punchch other arrangogdate of the reg in time for the regFederal office to be held inof local g the regheld in November 2002) with a

ible State or unit of localdulesement) to replace its punch cardffice to be held in November
Administrahetate or unit of local g
t, thelarly- A Sease, or su A State or unit of local gtate or unit
H.R. 3295gu-ent under the pr
ram under which thent to each elig re or as reimburE-mf a Sderal office to be
mINeneral election for - Ie
nt of this Acr theE OF FUNDSstem with a voting purchase, l a payate the funds provided for the uses described inIV
acovernment which used a punch card votingdministeeneral election for Federal o) ensure that all of the punch card voting
House Version ofen(hereafter in this title referred toestablish a progone-time paygaoffice held in November 2000.(b) USuse the funds provided under a pay(either directlyvotingcards (byappropriate).(c) DEADL(1) Ireceiving(A) obligsubsection (b) not later than the g2002; and(Bjurisdiction have been replacedscheduled gNovember 2004.(2) Wthe Election Assistance Commissi201) (not later than the date ofelection for F

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
e or were wererh
attor ma
s theetstems thestems the

ithed sucld in
lineeh the Sent under thet (e syt (42 U.S.C. sy
ad notic tomen
dees, and tyymh usection hed Ac individuals with
theinl appl Administra pa whicleappe by
ets in the thetel ey
) to ‘November 2004' after the date of thes thederandic
ludeood cause for the failure tos Staeits duties under the Votings With Disabilities Act, and
; and.submits to the Administrator an form al F punch card votingic) punch card voting
such deadldayhra(snd Hatechnolog
nd inceetraph (1) shalaph (1)(A) to ‘November 2002'aph (1)(Bible to receive a paye will usent) to replace punch card votingnes a
o m Sta blindness);
t (in suc Elde
H.R. 3295te or unit will not meraph (1) alure tnes, parag.tate is eligt thetions within the to me
i out the g
Stahe faiibility- A Ss tha for the
t thent of this Acnc
or as reimbursemes in jurisdic
e tha such deadls if–TATESram under this subtitle if it ctmessurame will cessibility
eet) the reference in paragnastestems to carrytc
House Version ofnoticdescribed in paragreasons for tCommission finds that there is gmunit a(A) the reference in paraga reference to ‘November 2004'(Ba reference to ‘November 2006'Sec. 102. Elig(a) Sprogapplication not later than 120 erequire) which contains–(1) adirectlysysyNovember 2000;(2) assurances that in replacingStaAc1973ee et seq.) and the Americanwill consider the use of new disabilities (including(3) assurances that in replacing

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
fornt withiniseneralludingation
tion of theed–s ther assurapplic
m, inc
onsistehe Admraocatent under the
cs lm
y,dministra prog ih form a in its a
e accessibilitync aent under the prog scheduled gtins similateent made to a State or

uagiets Act of 1965 and anymlarlye unionta Stam
hute in theh a
for thech t and in such cby
Rigassurances as trybe held in November 2002, aipa
tive langlish proficgssathe regrtic whication under subsection (a) withinto receive a pay
ceeceive a paynible ent to replace punch card votingh time) whicment.
d Enge ne GOVERNMENT- A unit of localate iunder such subsection,mndquire
rible to rnt to patt suc re The amount of pay
H.R. 3295h aCALe Sy-
Oderal office to th unit; ation (a
whicehatator ma
ls with limiteT OF Lt of its inte
quireens in the applic GENERAL
y reram.temram, orste
House Version ofState will provide for alternaindividuathe requirements of the Votinother applicable provisions of law; and(4) such other information and maprog(b) UNIgovernment is eligunder this subtitle if it submits to the Administrator–(1) not later than the date of election for Fstaassurances t(A) failed to submit an applithe deadline specified (B) is otherwise not eligprog(C) will not use the paysy(2) aAdministrato those required to be provided under subsection (a).Sec. 103. Amount of pay(a) I

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ita by
ete orapdES-
thtate orer cIN
rate of theng th Sta out thee pere permine be)
ngaciay theragtetor.
es de
d byNG RATEv (a
reesram under this
of at
ram under this subtitley be) of repln no case mstem to carry whose averagrtile Administra
a iministe syd Sta
dnct the
hat aCT MATCHIst quam under this subtitle fails to to the Administrator ane funds provided to the State

the prog per precinct matchi tNthe ‘applicable per precinct UniteURE TO MEET DEADLra the State or unit under section
lehe case mceptECIent of funds.under the progudit byL
abceed the product of–ld in November 2000; andR lowemovernment (as the case may
precinctsts in the to a
pplict (as tstems used in each precinct in the S be), exER Pncct
H.R. 3295 a syayment exE P the case of a precici
n subje
overnment under l to thetate or unin subsection (a), ’ is–, i is within thell pre
ABLtemell be
quahe She case mederal election heLIC raoT- Funds provided funds under the prog
e tP incs for a sha
o (as tINED- Ihingme
ll be ttneral Ftcpitao
House Version ofunit of local gshacostpunch card votinguniamount of the pay(1) the number of votingunit which used a punch card votingge(2) $6,000.(b) APDEFma(1) 90 percent; or(2) 95 percentcaincthe 2000 decennial census).Sec. 104. Audit and repay(a) AUDIsubtitle(b) REPAYMENT FOR FAIIf a State or unit of local greceivingmeet the deadlines applicable to101(c), the State or unit shall payamount equal to the amount of th


Sec. 214)
(above, p. 109)
H.R. 3295Incentive P
Senate Version ofNo provision, but specifically for improvement of voting systems (
ance of Existing System
s te of theent
syste datablish a
Syr thesmake a one-time governmovernment shall
ftell ecal
s:Enhancing Performistings ao
myor sha
ste of Extt of lent under this subtitle be appropriate).
syce 30 datrator shall stem to administer them
stem defined.nram.n sytion for Federal office held in
sy votingr thatate or uniate or unit of local gt as may
rformate Administra Stbursement) to make technicalen
ram. Pet, theibleeneral elec- A Sem
H.R. 3295 followinging- Not laig
nc or as reim arrang
of the.aecorder.–Enhao each el scheduled g any
nyC Counter. Bnt of this Ac tE OF FUNDS (by
s a.E.Sollstar.unch CN GENERALtmeram under which the Adminisentlarlyem
r purposes of this subtitle, a ‘punch card votingan) Inacmust
House Version ofor unit under the progSec. 105. Punch card votingFome(1) C(2) Datavote.(3) PB(4) P(5) P(6) Vote R(7) VotomaSubtitleSec. 111. Establishment of prog(aeprogpaywhich used a punch card votingregNovember 2000.(b) USuse the funds provided under a pay(either directlyenhancements to the performance of its punch card votingsy(c) DEADL

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ctionnerale or were were to
scheduledral ese thehee Sligible
line th
ularlystems under itsd g noticy tte is e
overnment sy scheduled g dees, and t
duleovernment provideslarlyet theinl appl Sta
heus in the), a
ram under this subtitle scon (established under sectionlude) to ‘November 2004'
date of the regcements have been made to thelarlyof local gheld in November 2002) with aood cause for the failure to; and.tion (cram under this subtitle if it

ffice to be held in Novembergu the regnd inc such deadlaph (1) shalc
reeetrraph (1)(A) to ‘November 2002'raph (1)(B
enhano m
caltate or unit re t.t to subse
H.R. 3295- A State or unit of local gent under the prog for thete or unit will not meraph (1) alunes, paragc
m techni- If a Sederal office to be Stae faiiibilityent under the prog
hatER thehm
a payate the funds provided for the uses described intion in timeIVt
GENERALederal office to be held in November 2004.Ae tha such deadls if–
neral election for Federal oeet) the reference in parag) STATES- Subje
House Version of(1) Ireceivingsha(A) obligsubsection (b) not later than the ge2002; and(B) ensure tperformance of all of the punch card votingjurisdicfor F(2) Wthe Election Assistance Commissi201) (not later than the date ofelection for Fnoticdescribed in paragreasons for tCommission finds that there is gmunit a(A) the reference in paraga reference to ‘November 2004'(Ba reference to ‘November 2006'Sec. 112. Elig(areceive a pay

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
arryt (42tr
n 120rnis receineralluding
s to cd Aci toe
r thaithemtion of thele
tet (esteppeibm, inced–
enh syahe Admubject toigraocatent under the

ymstems inance of such votndicdministra is el prog is lm
syd suc ant scheduled gt
ation not la pand Hae
the athis subtitle if it submits toularly in thehe uni
pplicnt of this Act (in such form ash use the performrly for theteh t
n atmeto make technical enhancementsgassurances as try governmbe held in November 2002, aipac
c will usete whiction held in November 2000; Eldessathe regrtic whication under subsection (a) withinto receive a pay
tor a enaquire) which contains–teceocalram under n
Sta ne GOVERNMENT- Se iunder such subsection,ible
y re Sta for theret of lnt to patat
H.R. 3295 of thet theederal elech aOCALe S
tetor mator– th
Administra das thassibilityederal office to at
ece whic OF Lh
r thenc or as reimbursement) tions within theeneral FdTSion (c), a unient under the prognt of its inte
ftessura Acnquireme
a Administrat; ay reram. Administratem
ysstems the State will continue to meets its duties under the
House Version ofsubmits to thedathe(1) adirectlyto the performance of punch card votingjurisdicout the g(2) assurances that in enhancinsyVotingU.S.C. 1973ee et seq.) and the Americans With DisabilitiesAc(3) such other information and maprog(b) UNIsubsecta paythe(1) not later than the date of election for Fstaassurances t(A) failed to submit an applithe deadline specified (B) is otherwise not elig

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ess tote or
e ofation no case Sta
ncssura rate of thectivitien out the
s ther applicng aat i the
rforma td by
peh form a in its a PUNCH CARDment under the) of theram in each precinctceptre
ns similateNent made to a State orram under this subtitle bestem to carry
e theiate or unit of localmyministe
nconta a StaON It ma be), exd sy
ceed the product of– aCT MATCHI
nha and in such cbythe progper precinct matchiaser the progayN
PATIthe State or unit receives ale cent exthe ‘applicable per precinct
t to e time) whicCIto receive a payent.abmld in November 2000; andECI
enhram under subtitle A.ms theent undee case m precinctsR
ymstems in the unit; andquireARTIOGRAM- A Sible pplicmhER P
t suc reR The amount of pay a
H.R. 3295 pa syy-t (as tE P
theNG Pte or unit (a subsection (a),
ation (ator maBITIovernment under l to theABLnte’ is–

qua Staate or uniederal election heLIC ra
ram, orn aRLram under this subtitle if ment under the progNll behe S the amount of the payINED- Itching
st to then teneral F
House Version ofprog(C) will not usepunch card voting(2) aAdministrato those required to be provided under subsection (a).(c) PREPgovernment is not eligprogpaySec. 113. Amount of pay(a) Iunit of local gshacobe funded with the payimay(1) the number of votingunit which used a punch card votingg(2) $2,000.(b) APDEFma

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ita by

r cte or
e pere petermine to theraph (2)
gtor. Sta
ras deram under this
veovernment (asON FUND Commission
(aram under thisle to thece
of atesabram.ECTIn
whose averagrtile Administraed to be appropriated for the Commission to make
nctd Sta the applic AND FUNDS 1 of subtitle C of title I
st qua Unitese or unit shall payhorizction (b)).ed by
tion Assista
under the progudit byLURE TO MEETdlinec
lowement of funds. funds under the proga Ele and us
$400,000,000, to remain availableI)
ts in thect to af a State or unit of local g deon of appropriations.ct to subseENDED FOR EL
nct theati There are aut The amounts referred to in paragents under part
H.R. 3295 the case of a preciciel Provisions L--d to them
n subjeneraArre
, i is within thell pre be) receivingd (subje
ll beils to mendeING UNEXPnsfeund pay
omeT- Funds provided N
incmes for a sha GENERents under this title N
Nmll be
House Version of(1) 90 percent; or(2) 95 percentcaincthe 2000 decennial census).Sec. 114. Audit and repay(a) AUDIsubtitle(b) REPAYMENT FOR FAIREQUIthe case maysubtitleunit under section 111(c), the StatAdministrator an amount equal to the amount of the fundsprovided to the State or unit under the progSubtitleSec. 121. Authoriz(a) Ipayuntil e(b) USREMAIPAYMENTS-(1) Isha(established under title IElection F

ram ction
l Ele
Grant Prog F
d a
which the Attorney
taand criteria for the approval of

Accessibilitye Federal Election Accessibilitysies
is eram under
l polic
H.R. 3295- Thera
m. Grant Prog g
am GENERALt to the
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rogrn) I
Senate Version ofSubtitle C–Federal Election Sec. 221. Establishment of thGra(aAccessibilitysubje
ssibility P
stem’ means may be used tos (
a State or unit of a State or unit of sys)
above, p. 90, under
ated as of the date ofogram
rl disabilitie
suant to the authorizts Psica
unobligelection for Federal office helden
stem defined.stems:
ED- The amounts referred to in thisneral sy syuirem
rs with phy
ows: votingReqote
H.R. 3295lce/
scheduled gard.tic.stanss for v
amounts appropriated purularly amounts paid to the Administrator byovernment under section 104(b). amounts paid to the Administrator byovernment under section 114(b)..C Counter.n Assi ac(8)
raph are as fol.E.Sollstar.unch Cob)
) Anyor purposes of this title, a ‘punch card voting of the followinglecti
House Version of(2) AMOUNTS DESCRIparag(A) Anyunder this section which remain the regin November 2002.(Blocal g(C) Anylocal gSec. 122. Punch card votingFany(1) C(2) Datavote.(3) PB(4) P(5) P(6) Vote R(7) VotomaNo provision, but Election Fund payments (Eassure231(

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staard’), isROGRAMS Civil Rigonta
s eos to pahe Offind cquire
E P out this subtitle, will pa
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oaSingestice; andrge that desires to receivennea
e BUuha maral sha
nc and locn carryh–n charghnee or loc
liaes il in c Getderal sources; and

section 223 byilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C.tCE OF JON- It througnera, in sucytion submitted under subsection Sta of the activities for whiche
SIcpartment of Jr which assistance under this the
VIll a Generaly Geh timet
nts to Stascribed in section 224.rney Attornes tha
arriers Compral shao suc thee
H.R. 3295 grat- Each State or localitytsncht from non-F
keGHTS DIne Att Attornel a
antrams of the Denneration aht;ssura
L RIy Gest a
Assista GENERALederal share of the cost
he AssiNrant under this subtitle shall submit an application to theh informa
thorize Attorneustice Prog
Senate Version ofapplications established under and Transportation Bunder section 502 of the Rehab792)) (in this subtitle referred to as the ‘Access Baucosts of the activities de(b) ACTIAND CIthe(1) tJ(2) theDivision of that Department.Sec. 222. Application.(a) Ia gAttornesucconsistent with the provisions of this section.(b) CONTENTS- Each applica(a) shall–(1) describe the activities fosection is soug(2) providenon-Fassistance is soug
H.R. 3295
House Version of

tria andrams
General thationr
litynd c the blind privacy
rneyas a facility othe
toe with theht under this Actie of accessible
e access and

ncte or locy informand the outreach progh
he AtON REFORMns ae t
l policents received under thisot
omplia be brougneram the path of travel,
cECTIysis of aeation (includingbilitie prom
nces as to
baaph (1) with information about the availabilityon officials, poll workers, and t
nsure ELapplication under this section asrant payr
.tablish gons submitted under section 222(a). areas of each pollingmanner that provides the same places, including
l to e on theon submitted under subsection (a).sls with disa
submitted under section 212(a).lityll e use gin parag
ntia submit an a
H.R. 3295sseOR- No action ma may places, including
eard sha of pollingeers on how best
or locoits, and voting individua
ON TO FEDERALE GRANT PROGRAM- A Sta application te impaired, in a for access and participunt
s to bents of this subtitleTIV HARB Staess B
meAEc– places and to train election vol
rmineCENTIinst a Aci
Senate Version of(3) provide such additional assuradere(c) RELIdesires to do so maypart of any(d) SAFacontained in the applicatiSec. 223. Approval of applications.Thefor the approval of applicatiSec. 224. Authorized activities.A State or localitysubtitle(1) to make pollingentrances, exaccessible to individuals with disabilities, includingand visuallyopportunityindependence) as for other voters; and(2) to provideindividuals described the accessibilityto inform the individuals aboutpollingel
H.R. 3295
House Version of

e t e r tate ibe .

ed by grhe Ss
Generalserms for a S sucll pre
an applicationraph (2), thet
ctivitiege det provide for ae costs thard, sha
ons for Federal office.l share of the costs of the of trminess B
raph (2), the Attorneyderat of the amount appropriatedte for the exceed 80 percentteack of resources of tce
localityeation.ear in which such application General mayl dee lREMENT- Each recipient of a Ac
mits an application under sectionh Stal be a percentraons of States and localities.
t a sucs shal does nothan 80 percenty Geaminati
ederal share.d bycept as provided in parag thater t due to thNG REQUI
H.R. 3295 individuals in electi- Subject to parag to each State ord in tha use- Exhe costreatItion with the
ents; F- ribeAYMENT AMOUNT- The Attorney SHARE- ON- The Attorney Attorne
msc P Generalonsulta
Ld to be if thee is necessary.
tion of thes deIA to each State that subed under section 224. share of trney share of gl, in c
rticctivitiehe Atrant under this subtitle shall keep such records as the Attorneyne
Senate Version ofpaSec. 225. Pay(a) P(1) IGeneral shall payapproved under section 223 the Fa(2) Ishall pay222 an amount equal to 0.5 percenunder section 228 for the fiscal yis submitteauthoriz(b) FEDERAL(1) IFederalt(2) EXCEPTIFederalor locpercentagor locSec. 226. Audits and ex(a) RECORDKEEPgGe
H.R. 3295
House Version of

tive audit ah the
ntayaph (1)tive.t sucs
Generalselrteant underl a
preral, maneraramear.- Therneration a
d rene General. ydministra Ge appropriated

amination, haver Geppropriay
r Geant under this subtitle 31, 2003, and eachll submit to therant progs ah informa
r or ar
- The Attorneyuthorizet. activities funded by suced to be
aananuaryl shative Attorne
ONSnyant under this subtitle and shall, audit or ex Comptrolle gr- raislaonsideiningthoriz
Comptroller anand the AttorneySnesubmitted under paragis of anygral ceach recipient of a g
NATIral, or aress y Geport on the g:sneonta
nel or theral or theted to they Geports to thend c
ranelaress a retion for ler, aon of appropriations.
H.R. 3295r Gene re- Not later than J Attornendaonsiders appropriate.ati- There are au
Ge beong followingnnel cL
Ge recipient of a gyy TO CONGRESr, the AttorneraA
AND EXAMIy record of a recipient of a g maften theomme to submit reh mane
TSsORTSrea and Ci rect the General shall require Ge
Comptrolle Attorne Attorne GENERALentontay GENER
amine any thermineNr thedll c, in sucN
ttearesirant awarded under this subtitle.) Anytion tha
Senate Version of(b) AUDIand theof theor exfor the purpose of conductingaccess to anythadeSec. 227. Reports to Cong(a) REP(1) IyePestablished under this subtitle for the preceding(2) CONTENTS- Each report sha(A) A description and analyg(Bac(b) REPORTS TO THE ATTORNEY GENERALAttorneythis subtitletimeAttorneSec. 228. Authoriz(a) I
H.R. 3295
House Version of

nd to
s ale
l policral is a
out the provisions ofrane
ene Ge
shall remain available withoutpendelications under section 223 in a
amounts appropriated pursuant toxstablish the Attornelater than October 1, 2002.
ear 2002 to carryt the
ll e
H.R. 3295TY- Anys tha
Ition until erd sha

.AB of subsection (a) limitat e
Laress B
ecr thaogram
y Acr
Senate Version of$100,000,000 for fiscal ythis subtitle(b) AVAIthe authorityfiscSec. 229. Effective date.Thecriteria for the approval of appmaapprove applications not ilot PNo provision
ssist, and
Research Programant under and in
ts to ar
Research and P gt to improve time
ken, affordabilityh
t suc
Technolog technologll mavelopmestems, and voting
ible to receive a g require) an application
nd de, accessibility
aindividuals with disabilities
ch is eligch and development funded with
ar Commission (a
Commission shase
, accuracy
H.R. 3295- The out re equipment, election sy
ingITY- An entity accessible for
nts.arry, reliabilityy.BIL–
me of votingGI
GENERALs in cIrt if it submits to therant will take into account the need to make voting
provements) INntitie
House Version ofPART 2–Grants for Research on VotingIm Sec. 241. Grants for research on votingimprove(aethe qualitysecuritytechnolog(b) ELthis pasuch form as the Commission maycontaining(1) assurances that the researthe gequipment fully

H.R. 3295

Senate Version ofNo provision
get ofssion theederalscalPilot Program
uamie fi
such, and thenghts AcmONS MADEant underh
hat foroONSrd out with the
lish la Righe CATIress, and theants under this
arriehe end of tr
Engs cr t
o ensure t Voting INVENTIy invention made by funds provided undererant which is the subject
and with privacye accessibilityy in the INctivitieys aft
e need ttlyuagiencnts of theITY OF REGULpart using inventions made with F which receives a g all submit a report required underg of Equipment and Technolog
thLts in theear 2002.
mend assurances as tGHTSTANCE- Anchapter 18 of title 35, United Stateshrant. shappropriated for g
e langABIS received the g
d proficquireICSInt rigribingon of appropriations.
Lte Each entityscati
H.R. 3295 rePATENT RI AS-ed to be aram for Testin
rant under this to paport deE- An entity
blind individuals), ls with limitent with theNG Platingt a re
require.(c) APTH FEDERAL (restance).Nside
onsisteIear for which the entity
House Version of(includingindividuals can vote independenneed to provide alternativindividua(c1965); and(2) such other information amayGOVERNIWrecipient of a gthis part shall be subject to CodeassiSec. 242. Report.(a) Ithis part shall submit to the Commission, CongPrefunds provided under the g(b) DEADLsubsection (a) not later than 60 dayof the report.Sec. 243. AuthorizThere are authorizpart $20,000,000 for fiscal yPart 3–Pilot Prog

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
nd inrantissie fi
ant under a blindmh
nts to csis.romant under
ral ba timer out with the
gies in votinghe Cress, and thed
ke tria equipment fullynt with thehrrie
t sucahe end of t
ll mad on as cer trant which is the subject
nteible to receive a g (ctivities aft
me require) an applicationrams funded with the g for individuals with limitedgets Act of 1965); and acy
h new technologple is eligto make votingdisabilities (including that such individuals can vote, and the need to provideuah which receives a g thell submit a report required under
m Commission (aacyng Rignd assurances as trant. sha
Commission sha are ilish laribing received the g
ente accessibility Each entityscation of appropriations.

H.R. 3295ram.- Thepm Eng-
Y- An entityuagE- An entity
rams under whicLIT and with privport deIN
I–y in the re
IBncnt a
GENERALs and equiIGrt if it submits to theie GENERAL
Nem require.Nside
) Istear for which the entity
House Version ofSec. 251. Pilot prog(aout pilot progsy(b) ELthis pasuch form as the Commission maycontaining(1) assurances that the pilot progwill take into account the need accessible for individuals with individuals), the need to ensureindependentlyalternative langproficrequirements of the Voting(2) such other information amaySec. 252. Report.(a) Ithis part shall submit to the Commission, CongPrefunds provided under the g(b) DEADLsubsection (a) not later than 60 dayof the report.Sec. 253. Authoriz

H.R. 3295chnology

Senate Version ofNo provision
of Standards and Te
TED BYrantrant and
O of theVhe reci
yrant asat awarded by
rants under thisnstituteh ma RECEIon trant
of National Institute FOR RESissi
whicONSm of a g
RoleICStionar in this section referred tosATIoment
Narants awarded under part 2 andICunder part 2 or part 3 to theTMENT OF GRANTon has awarded a gpi
Prant e application and provide them t
ppropriated for gear 2002.nstitute of Standards and (hereaftefor issueomohe reci
ARCH GRANTSctor of theynd tr t
ON OF TOPEstions e Cee
ger thm and adjust the activities carried out under Aft
H.R. 3295ed to be a Direear.eL-
the y OF GRANT APON- The Commission shall submit eachay
y.EWTORIEStent permitted under the terms of the gUATI
SSITIrant modify.
TIe g
House Version ofThere are authorizpart $10,000,000 for fiscal ySec. 261. Role of National ITechnolog(a) RECOMMENDATIUNDER VOTIPROGRAMS- TheStandards and Technologas the ‘Director’) shall submit to the Commission an annual listof the Director’s sugsubject of research funded with part 3 during(b) REVICOMMIapplication it receives for a gDirector, who shall review thCommission with such comments as the Director considersappropriate.(c) MONIACunder part 2 or part 3, the Director shall monitor the g(to the exawarded) mof the gth(d) EVAL(1) I

H.R. 3295

Senate Version ofNo provision
nll incear in theENT-stems,stems,e In
nt, thePM researchh
raOuralh t
nt and application of blindness) and t
Commission araph (1) for a y for i products and syn assistive technologing
rms of the Commission sha products and sy
teramstration networks required; vot
Ther votingiscribed in section 502(1); the desigcludingng
d thee activities carried out under theregs (includingdudi
teARCH AND DEVEL support the development ofs, computer networks, andin votinger ncl
ear under section 262.Eish a proger; a, in
omplee and submit to theablpute used de votstems, inracying
H.R. 3295s cparrant and thNl estewi
y of comtls of lite
ll preON Ior shalthe S access vot
USI technical standards fo– t levete
tor shat.NCLNTRAMURALrecthe securiuding products and sying
Commission hacan) Iclryec. 263. Audit]
House Version oftheDireevaluation of the ggr(2the evaluations submitted under paragreport submitted for the y(e) IThe Diand development in areas tovoluntaryincluding(1) tcomputer data storaginunder the minimum standard de(2) methods to detect and prevent fraud;(3) the protection of voter privacy(4) the role of human factors invotingfor individuals with disabilitieva(5) rem[S


k Ele
nt Moc
H.R. 3295ograml Stude
Senate Version ofNo provisionSubtitle
green theear,s, p.arent Mock Election P
ll a Sec.tion ofs aations
t onc out byogram p. 21.
asdpplic thers,
rt 3 shat lee on Rulerriell ats Pie
funds under thisaa also appears
- Not later than 90 Administras ca)en
addition to audits audit aonESrem
rt 2 or pan p. 101.TItivitieuiNational Student/P
T- Itorylectis,VI Committe ac the previous fiscal yISSION, Dut
d in pato audit if 2 or more members(a), all funds provided underndaEear, the Commission shalle on Housedescription of rants received by Sec. 262 (ReqM
nd thece/
ribe to maograms under this subtitle.]rogramscal ys a on the
scct ON ACTItestanhuman factors research, appears
dets Ptativenaents and gear under this subtitle and the
tity subjeenRTS Committesen Sem the yn Assi
H.R. 3295- As a condition of receivingniremOo
or ell beu REPprelecti
teReqE, on a study of ELECTION COM
shaport to the of Retion of theb)
Stace/ re
GENERAL, a the lifetime of the prb) also appears above under stan after the end of each fi
Ns House
ec. 263 (b) MANDATORY AUDISec. 262. Reports.
House Version of(a) Isubtitlethat such funds shall be subject of the Commission vote to require an audit.[Sconducted pursuant to subsection this subtitleduring263 (Assi[(a) ANNUALdaysubmit atheAdministraCommission under this subtitle duringand shall include in the report a for Election Fund payCommission duringdisposition of such applications.]above under 100.Sec. 262 (above under No provision

dts localn; ork
nt Mocions tnts a beforenndig
reectsnts aes, is by, apa
ation thattatcesamnt Moc
nt/Panizen cre
acan els for stude studeted Sr
tion Commission iseri student and parent
l Studes and parentonfe of thent/Pa
n Amctivitietion by the Uniss cns to increase voter
tionaipanoursel Stude
udent pre c
Naation iation ay–lections at least 5 dayrtices i call-in shows on the national stkposters, telephone chains, and outstanding
nonpartisan orgl etattionao
ction Administra educs malumbia, and United States schools Na
rtionarmit pas before
Eleants to the pehe 50 Ses for such candidates;
rctivitied nattitions, moc to follow the awards ts.

H.R. 3295- Therd gh ateshborhood campaig newsletters, ect
a out voteompeting
wrryction tha c competitions;e present
ale each of tm meREMENT- Thelon proj
d to arents. Sucl e andkect
GENERALle it to cludectuas fromeion shal
Nbir pa ansportack el
) Iuthorizenaecto
Senate Version ofSec. 231. National Student/Parent Mock Election.(aaElection, a national nonprofit, works to promote voter participethe(1) inctheparentterritories, the District of Cooverseas;(2) consist of–(A) school forums and local cableissues to be voted upon in an ‘issues forum’;(B) speeches and debatcandidates or stand-in(C) quiz tespeech writing(D) we(E) school and neigturnout, includingtra(b) REQUIElm
H.R. 3295
House Version of

out theear 2002 andON REFORM
he 6 succeediECTI
for each of t
appropriated to carry
on of appropriations.o
H.R. 3295atized t be necessary

yEE Ir
Senate Version ofSec. 232. AuthorizThere are autprovisions of this subtitle $650,000 for fiscal ysuch sumfiscalTINo provision
n thist (42
vesny voting Ac
newl prescrii a
Voting Assistance Porce, andrectNED- I
dintinge Voting
TARY MEMBERSrams’ means–ram carried out under
LI of Defense shals Abse
, Navynce wi in implen
rams. ary plia nse ROGRAMS
OF MIat the end the following compliance assessments;ecretfe Citize
ENSr com assistance progse
GHTSZhei of DeANCE P Assistance Progrm.
TI adding- The SryTra
H.R. 3295NG RI CI assistance prog- (1) Chapter 80 of title 10, United States assistance:reta.SIS
ONScramnd Ove
EAS Sed ar prog
ATIrps ensure t
–VOTIo theNG ASederal Voting
GUL byy simila
E VIN GENERALElations to require that the Armyne Cdstance progn
TLu Uniforme
House Version ofTIAND OVERSSec. 601. Voting(a) ICode, is amended bysection:‘Sec. 1566. Votingassistance‘(a) RregMariissueassi‘(b) VOTIsection, the term ‘voting‘(1) the FtheU.S.C. 1973ff et seq.); and‘(2) a

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
assistancehatear to be reear ofendar yy, Navy
ANCEhe Arm assistance tor Generalss a cal
LInl of thereng- (1) The
of each suchnspectendar yhe Arm
fied inerats calENTS
he IngMfense installations
of each of t specior Gee resulaph (3).he precediSS
cthrear, tg tSE
S AND COMPspe on tn of each of t
ffectiveness of voting Inubmitted in time each ynspector General of thell submit to Cong the precedisL AS
ENESor Generalor Generale I shangs; andramApartment of Defense shall
Vrine Corps shall conduct–nseance duri
nspectnspecte under paragferampli Department of De
H.R. 3295ance prog GENER
EFFECTIrce, and Mall submit to thehan March 31 each ynt of Deiveness duri of comstTOR
(1) The Io of Defense a reportter tstance progvelg assiC conduct at
S-ent lartmeeinPE
ph shampae effect assie lrce, and Marine Corps.Stions with–

EW, Air Frams; andrams of that armed force.raph (1), each Igrahgh votoNlla
EVI) an annual review of the compliance with votingra Deinspector General of the De
House Version of‘(c) ANNUALRNavy‘(A) an annual review of the eprog‘(Bprog‘(2) Upon the completion of each annual review underparagpaDepartreview. Such report shall be sreflected in the report of thDepartment of Defens‘(3) Nottheon–‘(A) tvot‘(B) twiAir F‘(d) IIperiodicallyunannounced assessments of the compliance at thoseinsta

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
nsndrs ofdm
t a, notmera
rt (42
Citizet Acmbegate at that a prog
as tha mereure with the Ac
rse byggas departmente
ars of thenc
ardingassessment underned to dutye Voting
nd Oveg votingmbers to merams to be reviewedmplia
d ad, in theeonte
tions reram carried out under thatardingraph (1) shall include a reviewny of me officAof each militaryt of c
ularegssigonnel assigce eness review or inspection atnns Abse
anes and progctivith Department of Defense

Uniformeall conduct an 10 Department of Defenseear.re surveallation and their dependents; andssme
h ativenstssistaffe asses Citize
aITARY DEPt of issunt ena
endar yentahat iLmel arse
H.R. 3295nts of the Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff et seq.); Assistance Progs t segeve
me iance– pre o na
pl rened tAR MI in the mation lend Ove
quirenspector General shgudeyd a
reded forces.aph (1) at not less thantions each caltion;veness.l anlla
ederal Votingnrallallaill inc
) Department of Defense regt; ae armst) within a insta
House Version of‘(A) theAbsentee Voting‘(Bthe FAc‘(C) other requirements of law th‘(2) The Iparagin‘(3) Each assessment under paragof such com‘(A) within units to whicless than 20 percent of the persinsta‘(Bforces assi‘(C) within unit votingeffect‘(e) REGULASSESSMENTS- The SecretaryshaduringtheUniformeU.S.C. 1973ff et seq.) and w

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
m.mb of ton
raeuataryed of a
dcerary shall–
o med to serve theximume
e Progne performecreter able tos neecret
ncance tance evalh mae
ned under officers are trainedst on tress that (at astance offi and submitting the S
AssistaS- (1) Votingerformmentcer. The Sll, to theg assiaring
ERrs. P to Congr sha and reinneral election whenp
Cion and assite comtifyee pre
l Voting unit votingtatwho has been assiglance offirtment and that a replacement officer is no longcedures prescribed byd forces appointed or assig timere prepared by who are appointed or assigcers;

rations. Commanders at all levels mst officy
edeE OFFIappointed or assigula thatingcer shal assi installation and major commandinalncen theies as a votnts aent
Fngivender subsection (e), the Secretary
i gpeance offi
the STANC ssista st
H.R. 3295SI to a member ance offi assistance officer has been appointed or a, beber’s dutir de
rdingstulations and probleemts.ng assi
gaer as a vot department shall ceralo the number of members of the armed forces underi
of each assessm
NG ASed forces on votng assiemb, a member of the armes a votingctiche ms and the
t the period in advance of a gree bal department unde as vot
tions ree armie mned for each military ay
lahhnt prambe
guxteo dut
House Version ofre‘(f) VOTIassistance officers shall be Department of Defense regare responsible for ensuringand equipped to provide informaof treports pertainingas a votof teach militaryminimum) a votingassigunder the jurisdiction of the depawill be appointed if the origserve.‘(2) Under regSecretaryto dutyeperformduringmeabsent‘(3) As partmilitary‘(A) specifythe jurisdiction of the Secretart

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ei of the
e dut andho
iv; of each bothntbilityt by
ON FORxteila Ace or reserve
o act with theogramo performudingvaivl be

rl access t a
cers tomplyve tecretarys incimum eed forces and tnd dependents tont shall make the Votingat each person who shal
nxnd theehn an acts
tio cstance PNFORMATIa ma, ante
e so tion iorce, or Marine Corps
ance offind ra Assibers receicers. (1) The S of mehe arme have readysablat or day
stgmNG I-tyline departmeltends an enlistment or who
r aine votistration requirements andadprepared for purposes of thens AbseAir Fletion of the permanent chang day
riell, to theers of ttoistration), absentee ballotssist members a exe of st, al
g assiunder the jurisdiction of theVot vabd reg a
inance offi a, shaemieregnd deoith these requirements.on avai
such mstENDENTSifs Citizeissi, Navy
deral ning assidiaat m voter nts acers t w each militaryam changereafter as practicable.e, a speci
of votthis numbeeaig meh voter rsem
H.R. 3295ioher rinON AND VOTInt, usingrdingme ofistration form oanentcabl
e rathe tRATIrtmetronicaquireion Ctension, or comp
the whetbe ts as votTS AND DEPpalec, ensure ts who are qualstance offind Oveect
fy;catieSed as a perm
dend etion re assi Eletehere pract
ary ndi ry icabl a g l
) ieir dut) REGIinp
House Version of‘(B) specimembers of the armed forces Secret‘(Crequirements of the F‘(D) descrith‘(gMEMBERmilitaprint apractdependentinformation regdeadlines (includingapplicvotunderstand and comply‘(2) The Secretarynational voter regUniformeFederalenlists, reenlists, or voluntarilycomcomponent of the Armyshall receive such form at the time of the enlistment,reenlistment, exof station, or as soon th‘(3) W

E- newt allab ensurection
s ac e
Federals are mail for shal sentence do fina
rialthoritietent praaryh the
) of title 10,raph (4); and followingateux sea whenever t
iscal Year 2002 theg ml a atecret
nllots to thete on whic
rtingi postaximum e ba
votryor vesseles. The Se da
CRETARY OF DEFENS section 1602(a)(1) of thehat maat a postmark or other officialon tat under the precedingnte
m overseas precedingEbyon Act for Fph (3) as paragand inse milita thiponsible for collectingd Sbseter the
asureovided on each absentee ballotocattef
ES- Section 1566(gatir byll, to then of a
S OF Sl ensure tryllots a
IE paragraph (2) shas to ehe Uni
H.R. 3295 of mail froLIT DUTI shalaryo tliveh ba
Iatingaryditiouslyetsure date is pr overseas l t de
IBn paragxpecraent
ONALw 107-107; 115 Stat. 1274), is amended–ecret Se anym
TIad ent mep
uresPONS redesig strikingaphs:ed attion of suc
ions.rsmittes. Themelectrn shisult in the
rocedec. 504. Deliveryect) bynustina
Senate Version ofSel(a) RES(1) ADDIUnited States Code, as added National Defense Authoriz(Public L(A) by(Bparag‘(2) The Stratimeimpleproof of mailingcolDepartment of Defense is resretthat the measures implementednot redefor Federal office is held.

ery PGl-h,ed
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ecSec.601.]EDERALollelahe Uniteenlturn shipme
House Version ofdesiginformingelprocedures.[‘(h) DELFprecediDefense shall periodicallylocations and vessels at sea wcport faretdelocation and, if so, the lengbeen held at that location. Duringbefore a gconducted biweeklya gconducted weekly‘(2) The Stratimeimpleproof of mailingcolDepartment of Defense is resreto Cong

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departmellah at instad to thefe thend idescal Year 2002 (Public L
me10, United States Code (ass aFi
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, provideat id alivey of De thnriad in section 1602 of the National
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each militarycticection for whic locals.’.c)(2) of title ma
H.R. 3295 ofioned atl timeci Seph (1)), to eation Act for
nt praatral ecgrVE DATE- The amendments made by
xteedel fad to beion offira of voting
l Fcteect parkingECTI
d forces stnera postaxpe elress a report describingd byF
ximum eee ecal
Senate Version of‘(3) The Secretarymaarma gfrom abelo(2) REPORT- TheCongunder section 1566(gaddepostmaresponsible for implementing(b) EFshall take effect as if includeDefense Authoriz107-107; 115 Stat. 1274) upon the enactment of that Act.

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atctecalderal election month’ear.’. of such chapter istee and lministra
tent practicable, provideeneral F postapeoeears) voluntarytat ad
department, utiliz exinning followingnce assessments; assistance.’. the
nd postmaryre a ge and lates Code, as added byd not laof the Commission), adopt, and 4 yefined in section 107(1) of the
l a.ork established for each militaryimum exed forces stfod from a betateneral Fe begeryncdeveloped in covern the treatment of absent
e persons responsible fors beileblyte S‘gend thenhao g
thsuree armtesonaaandards for S
nsmittaingaha submittend e
H.R. 3295ly trah me of each milita last dallots maan re at the ll ben accordance with section 223, developice stin a standards
ers of te bae appropri assistance: compliaecutive Director inta
time sucembntetion c th adding REPORT- The first report under section), sha pract of Defense t
thentingo mbsellaoIAh the Exm
me assistance officer netwllation of theh aered tn this section, the term NITction (aeials to maecret
nsureice tt instaivec. 221 (a) (6) Ianage S
House Version ofto ematerials and identifyimple‘(3) The Secretaryvotinginstallation, shall, to the maxnotinstawhicthadel‘(4) Imeans November in an even-numbered y(2) The table of sections at thamended by‘1566. Voting(b) I1566(c)(3) of title 10, United Stsubse2003.[S(througupdate (not less often than evmofficelections, includingthuniformed services voters (as de

ectionnd the

GCE- Siscal Year 2002 at the
section 1606(a)(1) ofSTRATI
EASE Stion Act for Fd byE S
seas Citizens Absentee Votinga
tat. 1278) and the precedingmendeINGL
BUTI.C. 1973ff-1), as amended byw 107-107; 115 SN
RIa new subsection:IGNATIDE I
Senate Version ofSec.406(b) DIIN102 of the Uniformed and OverAct (42 U.Sthe National Defense Authoriz(Pprovisions of this titlefollowing‘(c) DESPAB
s in
ndsente ofts.nta) (r
t) a abilinglobses, p. 156.ate’; and
ll votet
Ac mar Single State OfL VOTERS
ilingers andls to a Sec.221 (CE TOON AND
n the of such balterias, p. 81 , and beloweas Votellots for a
e Voting for maeces votptdrsRATI
ntelinetwe mae baATE OFFIST
TEMDesignation ofnte ‘ before ‘Each S new subsection:T
aded serviVOLUNTARYYSandarse-
lloting SLE S
ns Absesection 107(5) of such Act)address each of the followingrvices voters and overseas voters.riod bene for receiy Sty and Ovend Overseas Citizens AbsenteeA
formiarle State office to provideNGL
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Citize-eles and overseas voters.]oluntilitarON ON REGI
se pre minimum pehsmission of ba stration and ab.C. 1973ff-1) is amended–NO
H.R. 3295rtetenation of singiON OF SLL
ds forn ‘(a) IA
tra AND VOTING at the end the followingFORMATI
nd Oveers and tlyguarN
d a appropriappropriaICATION,IGNATI
a time) also appears above under Safe Act (42 U.S inserting addingDE I
) TheD)–TtatRN STATE-
House Version ofUniformeoverseas voters (as defined in which will include provisions to (D) Theballots to absent uniformed se(E) Theabsentee ballots to absent unioverseas vot(Funiformed services voter(SCERTIFunder Sec. 602. Desiginformation on regSSection 102 of the Uniformed aVoting(1) by(2) by‘(b) DESPABI

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ngons, absentform redte
ated under sectioniraph (1) tognd a
e a siION OF S on the feasibilitynicat uniister to vote or vote in a
at information reg
gnederal write-in absenteeANStive appropria
to regll submit aunder paraggislas
l desithis subsection referred to astion (b)) responsible for theion applderal elections.

providingnd absentee ballot procedures to for Federal office (includingof the Fe office desigOverseas Citizens Absenteeistratee ballots (including each absentterminetion of ballots cast bye
e shal services voters and overseasionsed services voters and overseas- te.
tatectster to vote or vote in anyRT ON EXPES subsecs) fromtions for les in F
eliO the Stater reglot Sta conducted
H.R. 3295 to to the use nt uniformid vot Commission shanday Ballots
bseCE DUTIee balommeilitar
tion in thec M
TATE- Each Sistration procedures a absent uniformedth respectll a of makingh ree
e.’.UDY AND REP Act (as added byance of valn absentnte
tatTte-i jurisdicress on the study
THE Sers willot) to ae STATE OFFIny
Senate Version ofINwhich shall be responsible for voter regbe used byvotprocedures relatingbavoters who wish to regth(c) SS(1) STUDY- The Election Administration Commissionestablished under section 301 (in the ‘Commission’), shall conduct a studyadvisability102(c) of the Uniformed and Votingacceptballot applications, and absentwrivoter or overseas voter who wishesa(2) REPORT- TheCongwith sucaction as the Commission deSec. 401. Standard for invalidauniformed services voter
of Abse
ce rding -in CE aph d s e a
offil writecat
leraers andressiister to vote
ngde Invalidation
eE OF OFFInt uniforme
e a si Fces votS- Congion applsed fory and Ove
gn information reg of theNG USAated under paragistll ailitar
n.’. M
l desi useed serviwho wish to regteStandar
theformister to vote or vote in any MATERIout the State’s duties under thiser reg Stads for
e shalprovidingand absentee ballot procedures touniSce desig d votnd absentee ballots (including
tatnt ingillots) from aguar
bsete.ON REGARDIROCESng valetion in theSafe
ll aisente
H.R. 3295L- Each S Stab
A accept
AND P-in ay jurisdic
llot) to aTngn
istration procedures procedures relatinge bation in theudibelow, p. 156.
GENERncll write in a
Nnte, ira
House Version of‘(1) Iwhich shall be responsible for voter reg(includingaboverseas voters who wish to regjurisdic‘(2) RECOMMENDATITO ACCEPrecommends that the State offi(1) be responsible for carryActabsentee ballot applications, aFservices voters and overseas voters or voteNo provision, but seeVoters

L- ballot, waack of
ntnte votes a l
aw 107-107; GENER abt thehere i
N an-in a thanatures on
iaess ts.

‘(a) ION OF CERTAIe byture
:ral writer indics unlna
the Uniformed and OverseasIDATI not refuse to count a ballotral officede sig
) of the National Defenseedeure;a F);ny otheion form the
ate araten
Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-1), asscal Year 2002 (Public LNVALgn186' arist
itate’ and insertingrer; orregtwe
H.R. 3295- Section 102 of FOR I- A State maylection for Frounds that the ballot lacked–tness sinnerity
‘Each S at the end the followingn eed wirk if thely ma
section 1606(a)(1 and- on the gz known as ‘SF on the basis of a comparison of sig simila
ation Act for Fate’;ANDARDSTSd in aari timeble
GENERALens Absentee Voting strikingt addingTN GENERAL postma
NLLOt in a) solelysona
A) a notasa
Senate Version of(a) ICitizamended byAuthoriz115 Stat. 1278), is amended–(1) byEach S(2) by‘(b) SB‘(1) Isubmitteuniformed services voter–‘(A) solely‘(i‘(ii) an address (other than on commonly‘(iii) ac‘(iv) an overseas postmark; or‘(Bballots, envelopes, or re
H.R. 3295
House Version of


d se subsectionc ot uniforme
submitte of enactiscal Year 2002raphs: a
UNDER Sd in set a separatedd by
ESribehe dat
IN be construed to affect thent uniformescer t
bsection) tha Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-1), new parag
may allots de this Act and section 1606(a)(1)ation Act for F and process any
ss of recently ‘and’ after the semicolon at the the period at the end andtion submitte
tion d byOverseas Citizens Absenteeh subse occur afta
NG DEADLct to bahatkingaccept
LIc suc striking strind the postcard form for the purposepplic
speons t
H.R. 3295d byectiation of acce- Section 102(a) of the Uniformed andraph (4), tion a
olon; a
in this subsellots submitteE DATE- The amendments made by with res adde elimizens Absentee Voting section 401(a) ofistra
ballot submission deadline applicable under StateV toraph (3), byraph (4), bymic at the end the following paragg
CTIpplyt (at.aw 107-107; 115 Stat. 1278), is amended– a senr re
Ell a Ac Military Service
ation to baF respect GENERAL addingbed i
W- Nothingw.’.) shathromNrtinglid vote
Senate Version of‘(2) NO EFFECT ON FILAapplicvoters of anyla(b) EF(a102(b) of the Uniformed and Votingwiof this Acd FSec. 402. Maxuniformed services voters to the polls.(a) IOverseas Citizas amended byof the National Defense Authoriz(Public L(1) in paragend;(2) in paraginse(3) by‘(5) in addition to usingdescriva
Voters Recently Separate
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

raphs (9)
newces vot
istration applicationed servi
in an election for Fform
tingd uniformed services voter to Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-6) isuniformed services voter onstatus as such a voter, or any
voter regd under this section if that(7) and (8) as paraged uni
the date on which the individualfficial Department of Defense vote in that election.’;

ch a raphs raph (6) the following
separatethat election under State law.’.gion o
;ly separats beforeect their former
H.R. 3295on for whi parage el
iens Absentee Votingating after para ther such a voter; and
ectistered to vote under this section; andONS- Section 107 of the Uniformed andn ‘recents to
elible to vote in TIerm individual who was a
andn any redesig insertingraph:
ce;e i) is elig) is no long
Senate Version ofservice voter for the purpose of vooffi‘(6) permit each recentlyvothas been accepted and processevoter–‘(A) has reg‘(B(b) DEFOverseas Citizamended–(1) byand (10), respectively(2) byparag‘(7) The tmeans anythe date that is 60 dayseeks to vote and who–‘(A) presentform 214 evidencingother official proof of such status;‘(B‘(C) is otherwise qualified to
H.R. 3295
House Version of

t ON
ce; this sectione thaONSion for
w 107-107;ect
newission submission.aATI
nated bye servil officICtate may el
eans–ivrat.istration andPListration

ndedey Subm to any
er’ mn act; al at the end the following
ce irine Ear the Uniformed and OverseasL OF APSION- A S
ces vottions for Fnt of this Ace tol of voter regrounds of early addingASth respect
a member referred to inecuon gof the National DefenseBMI
ph (10) (as redesigraph (9) the following servied servihant maho is qualified to vote.’.ltmeUe valid voter reg
ragrcac Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-3), asscal Year 2002 (Public L
raph (11); andform) wct to enions DiY S
H.R. 3295 paragspete of e- Section 104 of otherwis
ON OF REFUS or process, wi
nating after paraer of a unir of theVE DATE- The amendments made by da Applic section 1606(b) TI OF EARL
b with reBI
emmberaph (A) or (BECTIfter theation Act for FOHIo accept
redesigraph (1)) as parag insertingraph: meFpplyr ae BallotN GENERALens Absentee VotingR
) all acuederal office, any
Senate Version of(3) byparag(4) byparag‘(10) The term ‘uniformed‘(A) a m‘(B‘(C) a spouse or dependent ofsubparag(c) EFshaocsentSec. 403. Prohibition of refusaabsentee ballot applications (a) ICitizamended byAuthoriz115 Stat. 1279), is amended bynew subsection:‘(e) PGROUNDSrefuse tFe
on orrs
egisty and Ove
efusing R M
romds for
H.R. 3295rohibit
below, p. 156.
House Version ofNo provision, but seeVoters

ante onctionanceh the
roundsrs who astd by of such
the subsection of assi
first datengntifie
thee vote da (in this see a copy
ear on the gforesentet. voter laws to ther thefense vots idebut
a y abftews (ast
s ay of De of any, shall distribute to each lao die.
ation bes or processes suchd byyararye ttat
l militaryetof the Uniformed and Overseas
application (includinger duringpplicelections for Federal office thatnt of this Accr voting ablhe S
at to ctmeederat is 60 da Se’), as partecret Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-6) enougrye is
e acceptar submittecnaarytat
d thesespes that, the the Sion of tures
teecretl militae Sct
H.R. 3295herwit yte of e dara th
e otVE DATE- The amendment made by with re dan thehe ‘S Feu P
r submittetatn
CTIpplyter ther thant of this Aco as t) so tatio
votehe Sations for thaFEll afy Voting Lawte of thearyo each jic
h tur aes.ctmeram conducted byens Absentee Votingspl
t thec) shacilitartataecretws t
Senate Version ofapplication or absentee ballot postcard form prescribed under section 101) submitted byabsent uniformed services votthawhiapplicnot members of the uniformed services.’.(b) EF(aocl MSec. 404. Distribution of FSNot laenreferred tprogState (as defined in section 107 CitizcopieSlaNo provision

ee Ap
ces and
ibution of Fation of Abse
Distrp uniT OFFIST
Simstration and absentee
er regIC
H.R. 3295TLL
House Version ofNo provisionSec. 604. Simplification of votballot application procedures for overseas voters.(a) REQUIFOR SABPR

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
cese ‘as
ths beforeL
ed serviraph: strikingR AL
ion for Federalved byLO
ectformraph (3) and
el unis recei ‘as required underON F
o anyistration application andion i new paragICATI
Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-1), ticatTS- Section 101(b)(2) ofON FOR AL
regan absental not less than 30 dayistration application andnd insertingATI
g aC.

respecthe applform (prescribed under sectionIE APPL
th tPLONS- Section 104 of such Act (42ONS
raph (2) to read as follows:ation from NGL
H.R. 3295- Section 102(a) of the Uniformed and paragn.C. 1973ff(b)(2)) is amended by
ens Absentee Voting section 602, is amended– the period at the end of parag at the end the followingI
nd’; a
and process, wi otherwise valid voterllot aon;’;ORMI
bai ‘; a
GENERAL amendingnteeect striking addingE OF SSEQUENT ELC. 1973ff-3) is amended to read as follows:EQUENT EL
Ner or overseas votrting.BS
sehe el) byU
House Version of(1) IOverseas Citizas amended by(A) by‘(2) acceptoffice, anyabvotappropriate State election officit(Binse(C) by‘(4) use the official post card 101) for simultaneous voter reabsentee ballot application.’.(2) CONFsuch Act (42 U.Srecommended in section 104'section 102(4)’.(b) USSUBU.S‘SEC. 104. USE OFS

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
alee thhat
ci anation in aft-e
dion.dnes tt
pplicecton helrmi the formt a Sta
ce hel with respectie card formn
llot aon for an absent offieneral electionsecter wishes to bet scheduledROGRAMSveistered voters in

iNG elate det postion for Federal be provided an P
e baicateneral elections), thetal
ntee Sciect the nexe.d to pre
se for each such elhT CARD FORM- Thetat
s and processes an offibote for anyer tSe offi
scheduled g runoff elections which mayof such gl CHANGIshall not applytatOhenable a voter usingn a Sonstrue
r section 101) submitted byand aa)(4)) and the voter requestsion for Federalrlye the voter no long Pse t for each el i c
a Sattch the voter mayd
e acceptvoter or overseas voter fordered an applectula anyee balnhe or aftAL revilo be
tat elcome ie ttatCIly
istration t 2 rege out vottate Sto vote in another State.ee balce hel
f a Shoe S the for whi offi
H.R. 3295L- Ion be consihnstered nee shaltatction ma voter from the rolls of reg
Ait of tde an absentON FOR VOTERSON- Subsection (a) ered ties te iig any
icath the nexTIistifo votION OF OFFIl desi an absent in a S
l proviSiad in this se
GENERhe applt for each subsequentSTRATIer reger notered ter has regdenton for Federal
N toe shalistce heli
atltato a vothe vothe votresiect
House Version of‘(a) Ipost card form (prescribed undeabsent uniformed services simultaneous voter reg(in accordance with section 102(thbalState througfor Federal office (includingoccur as a resulS‘(b) EXCEPREGIttregt‘(c) REVIP(prescribed under section 101) to to–‘(1) requestoffiabsentee ballot under subsection (a); or‘(2) request an absentee ballot for onlyel‘(d) NO EFFECT ON VOTER REMOVALNothingfrom removing

toer who ba and
nd thee
the preceding these
th respectb
ers. aitn a
ces vot aON- Wtion or ais section referred to as the on the feasibility
d byATIae development of a standard materials.
nd Overseas Citizens AbsenteeICapplication or request, the Statee reasons for the rejection.’.
to promote participation ofed serviendeFer and each overseas votpplice
rmms t
, is aces vottion aect
H.R. 3295.C. 1973ff-1), as amended byON NOTIgistrae rej
TIed servi retat and report on th
ceTRhe S of–

new subsection:Sform votef th
Noti Act (42 U.SEGI uni, ibility
ond Oat
ec. 409. Studydvisa
Senate Version ofSec. 408. Other requirements overseas and absent unifoSection 102 of the Uniformed aVotingprovisions of this titlefollowing‘(e) Rabsentsubmits arequestshall provide the voter with th[Soath for use with overseas voting(a) STUDY- The Election Administration Commissionestablished under section 301 (in th‘Commission’), shall conduct a studya
e of Stt.t (42t sucE
Reginee under Ac Ac tha;’.
suringis Act
e VotingS ONe Voting the semicolon atnh
nteALntend e
CI striking: ‘, ants of t
s Absens Abse
method permitted under section Presidential designremANDARD OATH FOR US
istration Act of 1993.’.ON OFFIT
ram orRegas Citizeas Citize followinge requi
seECTIS UNDER ACT- Section 101(b)(1) of therse theS Section 101(b) of such Act (42 U.S.C.
H.R. 3295 progrIEENT OF SL-
nd OveNG ELBILnd OveOP
d ad and inse
s are aware of t GENERAL
.C. 1973ff(b)(1)) is amended by end acialITH MATERIN
House Version ofthe State under any8 of the National Voter No provisionSec. 605. Additional duties ofUniforme(a) EDUCATIRESPONSIUniformeU.Stheoffi(b) DEVELW(1) I1973ff(b)) is amended–

, p.
t (42ethertiveies
Sec. 409 also
port todministrate.]
document undere Votingy constituteo accom re
nteion t and aMI
nt maattiveppropria
rms a
ns Abseume; andrequire the State to use thell submit aunder subsection (a) toggisla
aph (1).
that a material misstatement of a doch or affirrmine
rse conducted tions for le
H.R. 3295tion of sucres an oatbed in parag Commission shanda
nd Ove
a standard oath for use with anyd amplee requiomme
ch re
e S
th document under such Act, to ress on the study
Uniformect in therounds for a conviction for perjuryf
Senate Version of(1) prescribingtheU.S.C. 1973ff et seq) affirmingfag(2) ianystandard oath descri(b) REPORT- TheCongwith sucaction as the Commission deappears above under 25.

pany AND
in thete
raph:rounds for araph:o accom- Spa
t of faaph (4) andS OF VOTER VOTERS se
raph (6) and document underenrion tI ‘a
maph (3);atYSEAS
raph (5); new paragteTANDARD OATH-r new paragrmrting
constitute gE S.C. 1973ff-1(b)), asES VOTERS
the standard oath prescribed ANALC
l missta or affiC. 1973ff(b)(6)) is amended bynd inse
for use with anyriahCALRVI.t’ a
maand 605(a), is amended–nee under section 101(b)(7).’.S
t a.’.ATESres an oatATI
H.R. 3295nd thaTndTs’.
‘and’ at the end of parag the period at the end of parag at the end the followingNG S ‘and’ at the end of parag the period at the end of parag at the end the followinge requiNG SON FOR BOTH OVERSFORMED Sneral assessmenys
nd’; aRI sections 603 nd’; atatDIATIe
‘; a affirming ‘; ahe SCIP ‘a g anal
striking striking adding striking striking addingf tROVIENT UNItical
rtingrting document under this title, use RTIis
) byection 102(a) of such Act (42 U.S) by the Presidential desigAat
House Version of(A) by(Binse(C) by‘(7) prescribe a standard oath this titlecompletion of such a document mayconviction for perjury(2) REQUISamended by(A) by(Binse(C) by‘(5) ianyby(c) PPABS101(b)(6) of such Act (42 U.Sstrikingst

H.R. 3295lac
olling P
Senate Version ofNo provision

y Installations as P anyrtme plaryde fore
Dpa if such place, the th building
ilitarONSE de pollingt militailableo the
TIrys avades t
of MLAE BY R ation is ma a place.tion’ has the
llaons why
Use ‘this subsection’; and milita installation under the on tha provias
installations and reserveNSTAL new subsection: of a for useside instaary re installa
ry ‘(a) USryblery building
- (1) Notwithstandingtaa militarythe site of a polling theecret
places.nd insertingEScrevaila public election, but onlys who re militakee Sion officials advance notice, in ar, of the
ITARY ILAC Sey arect‘militaryection 2687(e) of this title.’.
s on militaLtar vote on a to ma elnne
etedraph (1) as cal ma
NG Pw, the located on cribleaoly
H.R. 3295LLI Selig
locontinuee or l
‘Under’ and inserting ‘this section’ a at the end the following POll ctat
ZED- Section 2670 of title 10, United States Code,d to ete S and timeer be made available as a pollingiven the term in s
TED USE OF MIE AStion of theederal, State, or localtion. buildingry shaable g
IMI striking striking addingr provision of la make a building F is limitellaf aretaonan this section, the term
House Version ofSec. 606. Use of buildingcomponent facilities as polling(a) LAUTHORIis amended–(1) byCROSS- Under’;(2) by(3) by‘(b) USothemayjurisdicin anyuseinsta‘(2) Iavailable under paragSesubsequent elections unless thapproprirewill no long‘(3) Imeaning

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ce a)th
ction plaonr, ofble
- (1)ectva at the endtion (c
ES subsess the elly ma ac
ITId by pollingocaldeE 18- (1) installation
Lre Federal, State, or ma adding subseTL
of an accordance wi
ove other provision of shall continue to makee or lnd timer bed by Federal, State, or other provision ofd i
c sitections unletat aere TO TI
lee Sble anys hel
ates Code, is amended byreement under subsectioncility any as theatreement under subsection cove
nt esonaates Code, is amended byon i
ONENT FACI new subsection: a fa place in anyandingbleSecretaryqueailityace in anyanding new sentence:the actions of members of thei
keaila re will no longc pl to place on a militaryect
other ag mavother ag a fa el 18236 of title 10.’.

y ahe approprie, in acilitykeal
de for subse t polling
H.R. 3295ERVE COMPary mableo notic fay ma
et is maailades tnce the: maNG AMENDMENTS or speci
Se fac a providva place.’.eneral
E OF RES at the end the followingf acilityaryals aasons why Sta at the end the following
i re following
)(2), thew. I faecret)(1), aw.’.
House Version of(b) USSection 18235 of title 10, United Stadding‘(c) Pursuant to a lease or (a(a) available for use as a pollinglocal public election notwithstlawith respect to an election, the theSofficthea polling(2) Section 18236 of such title is amended bythe‘(e) Pursuant to a lease or (cavailable for use as a pollinglocal public election notwithstla(c) CONFORMISection 592 of title 18, United Stadding‘This section shall not applyArmed Forces at anywhere a gsection 2670(b), 18235, or

H.R. 3295ved

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Senate Version ofllots S
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htions asen
at the endllation or of section American Ab
installationNG RI at the end the place in a of sert on
places in Federal,bleo
adding in accordance wiry insta ta
dn accordance wiRep
s hel militaion ich title is amended to read as places in Federal, State, and
aof title 10, United States- (1) The headingode, is amended to read as installations: use bytion in the
the actions of members of theion inded byingectnd as pollingc
to place on a militaryectk available as a pollingic elistent with this section.’.h se installations: use by
el 18236 of title 10.’. ‘Ma
ale: publ
pollingnccals on militaryions’. to suc
H.R. 3295nteoectting on military
new sentence:w see, or lALucal of chapter 159 of su
eneral ne StatICom renninguildingions.’.
,ER iteiect
- Section 2003 of the Revised Statutes of the UnitedL el
Wate, and lcal
House Version of(2) Section 593 of such title is amended bythe following‘This section shall not applyArmed Forces at anywhere a gsection 2670(b), 18235, or(d) CONFORMILAStates (42 U.S.C. 1972) is amefollowingreserve component facilityFederalsection 2670(b), 18235, or 18236 Code, is deemed to be cons(e) C2670 of title 10, United States Cfollows:‘Sec. 2670. BAmerican National Red Cross aSt(2) Thethe begfollows:‘2670. BNational Red Cross and as pollinglo

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TSion for the case oftionectd byt (aah
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LLecten Elebseh Act a suc
A ele, ihts Act of 2002)
tat Rigd to aD FORMAT FOR Voting forma
eneral governme Sers for tEe
calh thport to thesmitteZports submittenteke thent submitting
SENTEE Bed go rention Commission sha re
ts transmitted and received the Uniformed and Overseasons of this title, is amended new subsection:ED- Not later than 120 dayt of lll marnme
V schedull (througstablished under the Martinon of Votingthat were returned byand shall make such report.’. for thement under section 102(d) of thens Abse
R OF ABarly ballots traTANDARDIl g
Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-1), as provisiEule and unint) submit aeoverns Citizea
tation shalsenteers and overseas votral publicction Administrad formarsea
H.R. 3295ions.- Section 102 ofectrnmebeneENT OF S
ecthe ell gover. Equal Protectir of aces vot gPM Ele
el the precedingTTED AND RECEIe of each regce, each Sa, JOndand Ovend units of loc
at the end the followingered t to the stad a subsection (a)), and shas a
ted servite
eneral GENERALens Absentee Votinghe dat offinis numbeblelop a
Nr tither Kingformila Sta
er g addinge unit of locuvave
Senate Version ofSec. 407. Report on absentee balloaft(a) ICitizamended byby‘(d) REPORT ON NUMBTRANSMIaftFederaladmaAdministration Commission (eLon theuniand the number of such ballots voters and cast in the election, a(b) DEVELREPORTS- ThedeStates and units of local gUniformeadded bythereports.

TSion for whie case oftionrseoard, shalld byt (aailah
Oent thcv
LLectn Ele Act a suc
A ele, ind ove.’.
at the end theatrs a
tD FORMAT FORoard of Advisors Voting forma
eneral governme SEe
addinged gocalh thport to thees voteral publicZports submittenteke thent submitting
SENTEE B rene re
ts transmitted and received the Uniformed and Overseasd byED- Not later than 90 dayt of lhed under the Help Americarvic gell marnme
V schedull (througd senumber of such ballots whichnd cast in the election, and shallommission Standards B for thement under section 102(c) of thens Abse
R OF ABlarlh to thel g
Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-1), asEue and unint) submit anumber of absentee ballotseoverns Citizea
tation shalstance Cd formasea
H.R. 3295ions.- Section 102 ofectrnmesent uniformeion and t such voters aENT OF Sr
ecthe el govebectPMon Assi
el section 602, is amendeTTED AND RECEIe of each regce, each Salhe elOindand Ovend units of loc
new subsection:MItered td to aect stad a subsection (a)), and shas a
eneral GENERALens Absentee Votinghe dat offinishe Ellop ate
Nr tismitteers for t Sta
er ge unit of locnve
House Version ofSec. 603. Report on absentee balloaft(a) ICitizamended byfollowing‘(c) REPORT ON NUMBTRANSaftFederaladmaAssistance Commission (establisVote Act of 2001) on the travotwere returned bymake such report availabl(b) DEVELREPORTS- The Election Assistance Commission, workingwith the Election Assistance Commission Band tdeStates and units of local gUniformeadded bythereports.

le andrseethertive
Sec. 406SSION,
aw 107-107;port todministraI to accept any
information by- tion of ove reaph (1) togM
istration ofstrarnd a
pansion of singgi a notarization
on the feasibility
t retive on the feasibility
enll submit aislais section referred to as the
ERMANENT VOTERSthis subsection referred to asnunder paragg
overseas votingEASrmae Uniformed and Overseas
of the National Defensetermines appropriate.]on prohibiting
s and report on ex Act (42 U.S.C. 1973ff-3), asELECTION COM a State from refusingon, absentee ballot request, or

RT ON P for peiscal Year 2002 (Public Ltions for le
tizen studyO conducted ents
H.R. 3295ce;s. Commission shanda
and report on permanent regieirem and report
verseas Citate office dut of providing section 1606(b) rec Req of prohibitingstration applicati
Oe STRATIation Act for Fh p. 26.oni
ofle offiTUDY AND REPSbilityens Absentee Votingress on the study
onec. 406. Studyngtatties,zatiec. 410. Study
Senate Version of[Soverseas voters; distribution ofa siS(a) SREGI(1) STUDY- The Election Administration Commissionestablished under section 301 (in the ‘Commission’), shall conduct a studyadvisavoters under section 104 of thCitizamended byAuthoriz115 Stat. 1279) and this title.(2) REPORT- TheCongwith sucaction as the Commission dealso appears above under Dutari[Srequirements.(a) STUDY- The Election Administration Commissionestablished under section 301 (in th‘Commission’), shall conduct a studyadvisabilityvoter reg
t Regi
anrohibiting No
y on
udStudy on P
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provisionNo provision

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, p.wSe
voteethertiveiesaCE- Each
see and
rvicSec. 410 also OFFICES abtat
d seport todministrate.]A OFFI
reSSION, Dut
nd aIrs to use
aM Act (42 U.SCALions for S
tive appropriaNG- Section 102 of the FEDER:O vote absentee ballot inect
nt uniformell submit aislasTIes
bseunder subsection (a) togguarantee militaryLLOiscal Year 2002 (Public L FORrvic
n atermine to gAsentee Votingtion 1606(a)(1) of the NationalFONS serunoff el
aATE AND Ldto vote by
ounds that the document involved is secTI‘; andT
d byrtions for leECl–, and
conducted ELECTION COM
H.R. 3295 Commission shandaON AND Bation Act for e shal FOR S
‘(a) ELtatsent uniforme
omme at the end the followingONSb and

llot submitteed.c–
e bah inserting addingECTIrmit a
nteress on the studyhts.e shalistration procedures and offi
setateneral, special, primaryocal
Senate Version ofabor overseas voter on the gnot notariz(b) REPORT- TheCongwith sucaction as the Commission deappears above under 27.Sec. 505. State responsibilityrig(a) REGIUniformed and Overseas Ab1973ff-1), as amended byDefense Authoriz107-107; 115 Stat. 1278), is amended–(1) bybefore ‘Each S(2) by‘(b) ELS‘(1) pereggl
Voting Rights in State and Local Elections
uarantee of
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

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bedci Irom
ion offi for title Absenteeations Due
tionect OF
ion descristraing
ectgiate eladrohibited F
elr ret heDERAL
toOR Fr Invalidation ofStates Pe Ballot Applic
lid votermed services voter if theo
va ‘Fsente
respectisee appropri
th th
striking p. 144.

otherws before the election.’.rsStandard f
H.R. 3295ved by p. 140 above, and
NG AMENDMENT- Theission,
s receieas Vote
and process, wiORMIrs
raph (1), anyion iy Ballots,ly Subm
icatusing Registration or Ab
ilitaro Ear
Senate Version of‘(2) acceptin paragapplication from an absent unifoapplnot less than 30 day(b) CONFsuch Act is amended byy and OveNo provision, but see MReft
t) a
ecttion with Ac
ds for to vote and, p. 77. election el
ards to ensurerscaltion of F
e Voting
Safe) also appears aboves Votee and lministrante
5 ANDeaatd
rsears) voluntaryt a
(as defined in section 107(5)of the Commission), adopt, and 4 ye thefined in section 107(1) of thens Abseaddress each of the following
voters (as defined in sectionOverseas Citizens AbsenteeSec. 502 (y/Oveeryncdeveloped in covern the treatment of absentsection 107(5) of such Act)uniformed services voters absent
ceson have the opportunity ANDARDSnhao g
Tilitars Citize
andards for Snd ea
H.R. 3295ed servin accordance with section 223, developice stin a standards r
formENTS, Mecutive Director practinta of Defense t orde
nd Ovehts of residence of ry
unientaryd a
Act) and overseas voters MANDATORY Sh the Exemals to ma
absentnagiecret to milita
ec.502. (5) The State has implemented safeghatSec. 221. (a) (6) Iahe S
House Version of[St107(1) of the Uniformed and Votingof such Act) in the jurisdictito have their votes counted.]under REQUIREM[(througupdate (not less often than evmofficelections, includingtuniformed services voters (as deUniformeoverseas voters (as defined in which will include provisions to (A) The rigdue

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
nnte ofs.nt
blbs of
ailingainst fraud.an
duringiling maers ands to aers and me
lylistration and
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eces vot of such balteces vottronic
for matwept maec
ations eline absent uniformedear.l
aded servis for absentee ballots for all a yed servind ets of absent uniformed

pplicriod bellotingns in the transmission, receipt,sent uniformed services voterse need to protect ags ah
rmed services voters and overseasrmed services voters and overseasllot ation dervices voters and overseas voters.formine for recei thformhinet applications and absenteervices voters and overseas voters.e rig
eclication by duringcation for voter regc
e ba-elers and overseas voters. concer mad to th
nte pre minimum pehe deadlle apple applite
H.R. 3295bsetetensmission of ba absent unisimilela
of ballots from abcs re
ster to vote and cast absentee ballots.ts of absent unifoers and tly tra and privacy
hts of absent unifoihear.ppropriappropria of fa
a a time user issue
rs to submit aion yecurity
) The rigect) Theederal elections occurring) The use of a sing) The
House Version of(Bvoters to reg(C) The rigvoteel(D) Theballots to absent uniformed se(E) Theabsentee ballots to absent unioverseas vot(Funiformed services vot(G) Sand processingand overseas voters, including(H) The use of a singservices voters and overseas voterF(Iabsentee ballots byoverseas voters.(Jtransmission of absentee balloballots to absent uniformed se(K) Othe

ehe and se
ram’).sttions by
rogo assilec
ramtion Commission (ins) t
ear after the appointmentt institutions of higlegtion of e
e.e progThe purpose of the Prog
d a col
provisions of this title, eachded under this title shall takeve datROGRAM-
ie ‘Commission’) shall develop anrolleministra
thOGRAM- ad
ction AdministrasRnts e
H.R. 3295- Not later than 1 y Eled to a
the precedingr such effectRAMSrre OF Pe students in the
eOGSHMENT OF Ps, thefeg
aft R rogram I r ES oura rnme
tion reRPove
1 dayTABLN GENERALcram to be known as the ‘Help America Vote Collegram’ (in this section referred to as the ‘PUl g
ogll bea
Senate Version ofe DatesSec. 405. Effective dates.Notwithstandingeffective date otherwise provieffectSec. 508. Help America vote colleg(a) ES(1) Iof its methis seprogPr(2) Psha(A) to eeducation (includinglocas nonpartisan poll workers or assistants; and

ctions.]lER RECRUITINGerica Vote College PG thehate and se
le p. 81;Ost
s,MaiRst S
in erdE Ptions by
tedaHelp AmGd to ac
ipaanLL WORKrreo assile
rticVOLUNTARYtPOOLLE Commission sha refees) t
ary SE Cear after the appointmentnct institutions of higltion of e
s to pantT 1 yThe purpose of the Progd a col
, VoluAr in this titlendministra
ICtion AssistaafteOGRAM- a
) also appear above under p. 138.ERcreRnts e
(FM Not later than Ele community
H.R. 3295)–ures, A-
Dram to be known as the ‘Help America Votem’ (he OF Pe students in the
) also appears above under TANDARDS6) ( ELPrs, theraESg
(6 S) (rocedHOSrnme
a)ambe Prog–coura
ery PLE III–N GENERALgeram’).URPl g
STEMSivITrogll bea
House Version ofservices voters and overseas voterSec.221 (SYSec.221 (DelNo provisionTSec. 301. Establishment of Prog(a) Iof its medevelop a progColle‘P(b) Psha(1) to eeducation (includinglocas nonpartisan poll workers or assistants; and

ald y
cin makingrticnddition
he- I any eachGHERls ao enabl ascal
m.ion offis appropriate tohate institutions ofria
o use traectENTS OF HIges) to pateance t for fi
s tram, thePIg mastONS- I
ent Progef elONSncouraollery institution whichATI
ssue, and tUTI cessa
in thehe chieted at students, make iITll ecs and assi
overnmtingt targg anySTunityll neale to anym.to be appropriated to carryy be necessaryear.

g out the Progons as it considerojects and activities which arenN aeriraed a
OGRAM- rials, sponsor seminars andas or without promotingrdikeat to be appropriated to them
ocalrticipaRingaTH I comm m Prog APPROPRIed
bed in subsection (a)(2). a balanced manner which does notIll mang fiscal y
e and lnts pan carry FOR GRANT RECIram, the Commission shall ensure that theew regnas. Commission shaudie in theON OF
H.R. 3295tat UNDER P- Ie in advertisingON Wnd shanclt
e S studeESag of viisan biipaZATI
TIREMENTSnt governed i partNATION- Theram, aance (irtic
VIar poi isst
s of the GENERALtate) shall develop mateulent any Progs to pa other funds authoriz
o encourageNicpiecther education (including
rvicrants, and take such other actirants under the Progher assisire) AUTHORI
Senate Version of(B) tse(b) ACTI(1) ICommission (in consultation with each Sworkshops, enggmeet the purposes descri(2) REQUIgfunds provided are spent for prcarried out without partisan bipartrecirefl(3) COORDIEDUCATIhigin theotthe institution to hold workshops and poll worker trainingsessions) available without chargde(cto anyCommission, there are authorizout this section such sums as 2002 and each succeeding
cin making anyrticn
he- I eachGHERls ao enabl
m.ion offis appropriate tohate institutions ofriaed to be
o use traectIENTS OF HIgges) to patestance t
s t Program, thePoura ma
entef elONSnc collery institution which
ssue, and tUTIessa
in thethe chieted at students, make iITll ecs and assi
overnmting targg anySTunityll neriale to anyram.ed to be appropriated to the–
gram. out the Progrials, sponsor seminars andons as it considerojects and activities which areas or without promotingnN ate
ocalrticingabalanced manner which does notTH I comm m Prog
Ill mang
FOR GRANT RECIram, the Commission shall ensure that then a as.on of appropriations.
e and lnts pan carryew reg Commission shaudie in the out this title
H.R. 3295tat- Ige in advertisingan biON Wnd shancltati funds authorizarry
e S studea of viisipa
ntoverned iNATIm, artic
REMENTSs g partON- Therastance (ited to c
of thetate) shall develop matear poi i any
es GENERALculenter education (including Progs to pa
o encouragNipiecth
rvicrants, and take such other actirants under the Progher assisiren addition to anyppropria
House Version of(2) tseSec. 302. Activities under Prog(a) ICommission (in consultation with each Sworkshops, enggmeet the purposes described in section 301(b).(b) REQUIgfunds provided are spent for prcarried out without partisan bipartrecirefl(c) COORDIEDUCATIhigin theotthe institution to hold workshops and poll worker trainingsessions) available without chargdeSec. 303. AuthorizICommission under section 207, there are authoriza

H.R. 3295

Senate Version ofoteNo provision
nglp ANe
ca Vot
I of title 36, United after chapter 1525 thep Am
for each succeediCA VOTE FOUNDATI General for equitable relief.
oundation.e Hel
A VOTE FOUNDATI subtitle I inserting- Ththe ‘foundation’) is a federally
ear 2002; andecessaryC of
P AMERI Attorneyof appropriations.ationTER
y be n Part Btion. of United States Government.niz
H.R. 3295a AMERI-aation aHAR
Pniz C
s as maoard of directors.AL
–HEL : mmunity
TLec. oundation (in this chapter,
House Version of(1) $5,000,000 for fiscal y(2) such sumyear.TI Sec. 401. Help America Vote F(a) IStates Code, is amended byfollowing‘CHAPTER 1526–HEL‘S‘152601. Org‘152602. Purposes.‘152603. B‘152604. Officers and employ‘152605. Powers.‘152606. Principal office.‘152607. Service of process.‘152608. Annual audit.‘152609. Civil action by‘152610. I‘152611. Authoriz‘152612. Annual report.‘Sec. 152601. Org‘(a) FEDERF

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
or in theations
teniz out its

ency studentsipas andaternal
rtic studentsED OUT ON
places across thentendent schools, and othertional org
istence.es to pa
cept as otherwiseation described in section
on and is not an agd Stawith State and local electiones, superianiz TO BE CARRI
ON- The foundation is astudents (includingan manner as poll workers ore secondary
udents (includingprecinct pollingenciES
s perpetual ex Unite agTI
STENCE- Ex school ) in theionalaritable and educaVISIS- The foundation shall carry
school stA
H.R. 3295 EXI- The purposes of the foundation are to–tion under section 501(a) of the I
home and educataNG ACTI
es;ocalRISAN B
in thetats, l
empt from tax
House Version ofchartered corporation.‘(b) NATURE OF FOUNDATIcharitable and nonprofit corporatiestablishment of the United States Government.‘(c) PERPETUALprovided, the foundation ha‘Sec. 152602. Purposes‘(a) I‘(1) mobilize secondaryeducelection process in a nonpartisassistants;‘(2) place secondaryeducated in the home) as nonpartisan poll workers or assistantsto local election officials in Uni‘(3) establish cooperative efforts offiprincipals of public and privatappropriate nonprofit chexRevenue Code of 1986 as an org501(c)(3) of such Code to further the purposes of thefoundation.‘(b) REQUINONPARTI

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ls oftates body
ialth of
anyl ensureated Ser as
leader of the leader of the
ONoverning be members of
as.ction offiche Uniis chapt the President.
overned in a balancedisan bi out its purposes underief e Commonwe of t
issue, and shalha, and tnt the Speaker of the House the minority the majority
partll carry c, themomere than 2 may byby
g anyities is gaTMENT- (1) The boardall be appointed not later than
in anyINbe appointed by
ardectITH STATE ELcan SPOenact
tion with thet of Columbiaeri) shall
H.R. 3295ON W, Amard of directors
o- The board of directors is the g AND APives.
TATIonsulta Districat
S- The foundation sha, theco, Guam
ALction in ctes Rislands.s after the date of the
CIoin Iepresent
FI Staert) 2 directors shall be appointed by
House Version ofpurposes without partisan bias or without promotingparticular point of view regthat each participant in its activmanner which does not refl‘(c) CONSULOFthis sethePuVirg‘Sec. 152603. B‘(a) GENERALof the foundation.‘(b) MEMBERSconsists of 12 directors, who sh60 dayfollows:‘(A) 4 directors (of whom not mothe same political party‘(Bof R‘(C) 2 directors shall be appointedHouse of Representatives.‘(D) 2 directors shall be appointed Senate.

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
ir (or the membera a quorum
e on Housete as m not be ace or a of a
leader of theraph (1), thenaovernmentecept that the

s (or the member of the Seceptears.laws of the, ex
deral gected offimmittes
Committetativeees (exo
entatan ell c
the minority of thes minoritytion of the officio nonvotingors are 4 yiseet at the call of the chair
byrpreted Srectselect one of the directors astionarectors constituting
described in paragmbenkingan exee of the Fdoes not constitute appointmente United States Government forvidual selected mayy party na
of Reoyhe Unihe din
melished under the by scheduled meeting
r and rand Administraee of ther of a
Housew of tce of tppointment was made.larly
H.R. 3295 minoritye chais a la officu
h on the board shall be filled in the manner ininal ar
s of offi- The directors shall .
nkingtion of thee on RulermRrtyNGS- The board shall m
e pa
nd ranees) and tnees) shall each serve as HAIal
n addition to the directors ir agnt or forme
ahe purpose of anyurre
House Version of‘(E) 2 directors shall be appointedSenate.‘(2) IchAdministradesiCommittedesigof the board.‘(3) A director is not an empland appointment to the board as an officer or employtotherwise be provided in this chapter).‘(4) The t‘(5) A vacancywhich the orig‘(c) Cthe chair of the board. The indicurrent or former holder of ancpolitic‘(d) QUORUM- The number of diof the board shall be estabfoundation.‘(e) MEETIof the board for reg

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
th-- use
penses,cept as
for the
LOYEESLOYEESard to thees
. accordance wiLOYEE RATES
- Directors shallnence.ees of the foundation–l Se
ESlig AND EMPovernment (ex EMPnera
receive travel extence, i Directors are notON OF EMP schedules of rates
mayCERS removes, and replaces officersAederal gappointments in the competitive to chapter 51 and subchapter
ross negFmoved without reg ardtor of Geovernment who travel on official

u of subsiRECTORS 5.
ss often than annually lieoverningederal g
ncept for g- Officers and employees of the titler purposes of any
H.R. 3295EMENT OF EXP ifITY OF FEDERALo Administra
ITNTMENT OF OFFIees of the foundation.er 5A the
BUR per diL liable, exOI be paid without regptLd byees of the F
EudiN otherwise be provided in this chapter);ce;f ctia
cl) L) shall be appointed and reOR TRAVELg
House Version ofboard shall meet not le‘(f) Rserve without compensation but insections 5702 and 5703 of title 5.‘(gpersonally‘Sec. 152604. Officers and employ‘(a) APThe board of directors appoints,and employ‘(b) S‘(1) I‘(A) are not employmay‘(Bprovisions of title 5 gservi‘(C) mayIII o‘(2) AVAIFneof employ

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
as a
r. property
pte purchase or
ederalha; by
the power–ter, and use anyin trust, of property
noticed; and out its purposes, theini or
ees of the F–rry out this clyements with public
acarry a corporation actingd, adman instrument of transfer, to
laws; to cbsoluteterest in property herwise dispose of anyinstruments of indebtedness;
ees of the foundation who travelbe judiciallyt, holr aher arrangations and persons and to make

icitheher interest in property;ni
Columbia, includinge or an ina
t of ve, sol and issue e org
H.R. 3295at
- The foundation mayv
ed in the performance of their duties under this other act necessaryRS AS TRUSTEE- To Distric,
e in theo accept income from or otes and pri
ft, devise, or bequest, changenci
House Version ofbusiness, officers and employwhile engchapter shall be deemed to be employgovernment.‘Sec. 152605. Powers‘(a) GENERAL‘(1) adopt a constitution and by‘(2) adopt a seal which shall ‘(3) do any‘(b) POWfoundation has the usual powers oftruste‘(1) tgior any‘(2) to acquire propertyex‘(3) unless otherwise required bysell, donate, lease, invest, or otor income from property‘(4) to borrow money‘(5) to make contracts and otag

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
wi school
ft,rsnghout the
out theinni
enter into suchs asSHear (beg
the foundation evenA
CTED GI current or future interest isntitie W each ytion shall be in the District of
and proper to carryed, or subject to beneficialye eNngarea to honor secondaryrectors determines otherwise.onduct business throug
twho have served (or plan tostants and who have otherwise c
out its functions; sponsor a conference in the and activities of the foundation.ssions of the United States.
be accepted bynd privaEA- Durirams
a out its purposes.
H.R. 3295 to carry may
other act necessaryERED OR RESTRI CONFERENCE IITl workers and assi
OLton, D.C., metropolitan
ts with publicOP
ents necessaryh it is encumbered, restrictc
House Version ofpay‘(6) to sue and be sued; and‘(7) to do anypurposes of the foundation.‘(c) ENCUMBdevise, or bequestthouginterests of private persons, if anfor the benefit of the foundation.‘(d) CONTRACTS- The foundation maycontraappropriate to carry‘(e) ANNUALMETR2003), the foundation mayWashingstudents and other individuals serve) as polparticipated in the prog‘Sec. 152606. Principal office‘The principal office of the foundaColumbia unless the board of diHowever, the foundation mayStates, territories, and posse‘Sec. 152607. Service of process

H.R. 3295
Senate Version of
Unitece, or debts,ation of
iations under
for oblig
, practthe foundation for

ent to receive serviceent, is notice to orction in the act
General for equitablevil a any out its obligtend to any
it of Columbian
nated agrney a ce i
a contract with an independentag carry is not liable for anynot ex
the foundation. The full faith and
l audit of the foundation. Attoy bringe Distric engith the purposes in section 152602appropriated to
ve a desigholects tos to do so. of United States Governmentation of appropriations
ess address of the agral ma for trelief if the foundation–ens ten
H.R. 3295nereatated to be
busin Ge Courthmmunity
ycts or t
rige; orr or thre
d to thestaapte
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es Di
House Version of‘The foundation shall haof process for the foundation. Notice to or service on the agor maservice on the foundation.‘Sec. 152608. Annual audit‘The foundation shall enter into auditor to conduct an annua‘Sec. 152609. Civil action byre‘TheSappropriate equitable ‘(1) engpolicyof this title‘(2) refuses, fails, or negthis c‘Sec. 152610. I‘The United States Governmentdefaults, acts, or omissions ofcredit of the Government does the foundation.‘Sec. 152611. Authoriz‘There are authoriz

g et seq.), nothing
provided in section
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C. 1973g
rd to the National Voter
cept as specifically
H.R. 3295- Exonstrued to authoriz
LAWS be c
GENERALstration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.
Senate Version ofSec. 509. Relationship to other laws.(a) I103(b) of this Act with reRegthis Act may
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for each succeedinge,e Voting
ion offiducatingd States Code, is amended byd
e end of each fiscal ye activities of the foundationcludinvestect to chapter 1525 the followingrsehts Act of 1965, the National
from participatinge nature of the work they el in this Acg
ear 2002; andecessaryn th
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y be nress on th ytuangperience of e
H.R. 3295ascalstiitem relating- Nothingt sha
AMENDMENT- The table of chapters for partI of title 36, Unite
s as mor fipendi assiAL
nCistration Act of 1993, th
s, ex process.’.I after the
out the purposes of this chapter– the pripted iERm:. nt to this Ac
ingngoralLN GENERAL
receiect of subtitle Iw ite) I
House Version ofcarry‘(1) $5,000,000 for fiscal y‘(2) such sumyear.‘Sec. 152612. Annual report‘As soon as practicable after thfoundation shall submit a report to the Commission, thePresident, and Congduriitscontain information gschool students describingperformderived from the exel(b) CBinsertingne152601'Sec. 803. No effect on other laws. (apursuaapplication of the VotingVoter Reg

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i electoral
ndice Votingicat
nte ACT- The the AttorneyLANEOUSisting
nd HaEL
ae’s applC
rlyns AbseGHTStatS of ex
, or supersede, restrict, or EldeNG RIof a S, shall not be considered to; MIequacy
lawsseasration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C.bilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C.1973 (29 U.S.C. 701 et seq.).EARANCE OR OTHERr action taken bys for preclearance under section
for therist

ECL General otheE
R Pltie
ts Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 1973 et seq.).essibilitynd Ove UNDER VOTIhts Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 1973c) or anyna
H.R. 3295hcd aI, or anyNAL
Rig Ac RiggMI and pe
ws: the Attorneys
h la Voting Uniforme et seq.).REMENTS effect on requirementet Votintute
ant under title I/PternTLud sta
Senate Version ofprohibited under the followinglimit suc(1) The Voting(2) TheAct (42 U.S.C. 1973ee et seq.).(3) The(42 U.S.C. 1973ff et seq.).(4) The National Voter Reg1973g(5) The Americans with Disa1994 et seq.).(6) The Rehabilitation Act of (b) NO EFFECT ON PREQUIapproval bygrGeneral or a State under such titlehave any5 of the Votingother requirements of such Act.TISec. 501. Review and report on adfra
,g to In
BIes or Rigrant torryE
ad Relatin
thROHIistration Act to cau
provided in the
cans wiCH I the Voting GOVERNMENTSuthority
istration Act of 1993, orOCALts.
he AmED W in this Act authorizohibited by, Ltional Voter Reg
Disabilities Act of 1990 to anyor other person, or to gh Ac
or tZr Registration Act of 1993, nothingaffect the application of the
ATEScept as specifically
Td to
S- Nothinge Commission the
Wovernment, nc
H.R. 3295AION- Exonstruent with suc
conduct which is prATIy behts Act of 1965, the Naonsiste
ICtion Assistas inc
and Handicapped Act,PLt ma Rigc
House Version ofElderlyDisabilities Act of 1990.(b) NO CONDUCT AUTHORIUNDER OTHER Lrequires anyAct of 1965, the National Votethe Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.(c) APAND COMMIcase of the National Voter Regthis AcVotingof 1993, or the Americans with State, unit of local gtheacNo provision

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s a. in violation of
and Housedministrate OF A FAIly and willfullyNG AND
commits fraud or of such individual in
ction offell submit a on Rulend ahts Act of 1965 (42STERIly
lend thee appropria or votingstry
el sha a a Rigi
ral shall conduct a review ofningoffenses are needed tovide adequate punishment andrateubsection (a) togtivesE VOTERS REGI 18, United States Code, shall

er ion purposes;nenagislaIVisteringVotingwith another to violate suchrisoned, or both, in accordanceN
Geneoncecty Ge Se CommittetermineRg
teON I
s cnal de, or alien reg
ute for el penalties pres of the Sera
H.R. 3295trnet Attornetions for lene individual who knowingtion in re
l stanteistings, thenda Ge individual who knowing
- The Attorneye IyIRACY TO DEPction.NFORMATI
htivemmeP informa seE Iy makes a false statement with respect to the
EW crimina–y CommittentaoON- AnylsehSl
arse rec AttorneNG- Any
rmineiprehECTIs fa
istingtehe use of tudics theive
Senate Version of(a) REVIexde(1) whether additional statutoryt(2) whether exdeterrence with respect to such offenses.(b) REPORT- TheJReAdministration, and the House Committee on Administrationon the review conducted under ssucaSec. 502. Other criminal penalties.(a) CONSELgsection 11(c) of the National U.S.C. 1973i(c)), or conspires section, shall be fined or impwith suc(b) FALVOTIknowingnaturalization, citizenryviolation of section 1015 of title
ation in Registering or Voting
alse Inf
oviding F
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

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h, i
H.R. 3295ff
soned, or bot
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ned or id
Senate Version ofbe fisection.No provision efineNo provision
stert toStoa,
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ce lceseneMa
Loer toan, or c
Voters to Cast Votes ftstecan S
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, Am
Coerci ‘(a) We for each offirasseteVIS Distric
RTS B new subsection: a vot, ha with the voter’s rig in this subsection shall information to a voterO
FOS TO CAST VOTES FORection 594 of title 18, United booth to cast votes for everytes intimida PRs the
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T- Sinserting castce (or who ate voter to vote for each suchU R
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H.R. 3295hoever’ and er who has notrwiseonsideve aCErm ‘Stath
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ICE ON B ‘W at the end the followingM
(b) PROHIFe for each such offill beIII–t, theonweal
es a vot vot (or to ham
striking addingor purposes of subsection (a), a poll worker who urge, or who otheoe), shaedE Vom
ec. 802.]OoeITn this Ache C
House Version of[SWEVERY OFStates Code, is amended–(1) by(2) by‘(b) Fencouragon the ballot to return to the votingofficvotintimidate, harass, or coerce thofficcthe voter for the purpose of interferingvote as the voter mayprohibit a poll worker from providingwho requests assistance.’.TSec. 801. State defined.It

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at the end theat anyhe soci ide for the lawt
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) of the Social Security addingtataw, use tgealministe
d S, in the administration of anyon lbe, so affected to furnish ton afor identification under a law or 1, 2002, maydy provision of F
numbers for voter regd byteblishingtion law that did not use ther socintment of the Equal Protection of

law, and mayvision thereof) or any account number (or numbers, if (i), ad with the administration of anyJanuary of at, a
e Uni the Commissioner of Socialsee
tion.raph:h suchlaunt thae of enac
of t purposexte
H.R. 3295- Section 205(c)(2icy of c ee dat
dministrae pol administrative responsibility the Commissioner of Social Security account number for theause.
bers new subparag thstration or other electistration or other elecly
mtion a isi for the purpose of estaind to the
c GENERALtor purposey solef, a
leN) Ilation adopted before c such cled before t
ty Nu)(iuen in
Senate Version ofriSec. 503. Use of social securityand e(a) I(42 U.S.C. 405(c)(2)) is amendefollowing‘(Ipolitical subdivision thereof) mayvoter regaccount numbers issued bySecurityindividuals affected byindividual who is, or appears to such State (or political subdithereof havinginvolved, the social securitysuch individual has more than one such number) issued to suchindividual by‘(ii) Fsubdivision thereof) chargvoter regsocial securityregindividual to disclose his or heagto‘(iii) Ienact
Use of
in I
H.R. 3295
House Version ofand the United States VirgNo provision

deral and
set Feappe places
tys: placeshes,ble vot
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securi findingy and t
aleneral public.nd Had accessi
aderl of 496 polling and found that 84e in lieu of making

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uarantee under any to Eldeo tnte
ge with disabilities have thee t
onsistent with the policy in this seacyrequires that all pollingblchairs, from independently
on shall, on and after the date of null, void, and of no effect.’. respectbilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C.places as the g had one or more potential place in the same manner assentee voting
for the Office in 2001 issued a reportice has i
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s wiress makes the following placesen
ieessibilityv of J
H.R. 3295ON- Nothingc prent
appl Acions be accessit at the pollingme
hts Act of 2002 is incw tNGS- Cong elnts tha those who use wheel
a Votingly voting
Rige lgNDI the 2000 election across the countryimealone el
Senate Version ofVotingforth in clause (i), such provisithe enactment of such Act, be(b) CONSTRUCTIconstrued to supersede anyor Snumber.e VotinSec. 510. Voters with disabilities.(a) F(1) The Americans with Disa12101 et seq.) requires that peoplsame kind of access to public (2) TheAct (42 U.S.C. 1973ee et seq.) for Federalhandicapped.(3) The General Accountingbased on their election dayduringpercent of those pollingimpeespeciprivatelyevery(4) The Departto allow curbside voting
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

citizensg vot
be ang access tu ofetin
ht to vote inress thatinates. nis
t machines; and
votes made to the Ss in lieachiace ex
pacts–hineng m
should only equalm the voter accessibilityteci repl
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nge mae vot
dirdinghes t
ible citizens, includingarmit Sta ttat of this Act specifically

is the sense of Conglig provireg to satisfy votingeet
Itnd independent manner is a rigrbside votingns.t pe mres S
S-e a inounder section 101(a)(3);
accessible.vatxistinges t
itizen requi
resortn c
H.R. 3295sically does not allow the voter the rign a priastaachi Act
ic as a last resorttrofit eis
e ihe lrderal funds to purchase new voting th
et to re new m requirements in under section 101(a)
E OF CONGRES to votve of t Ame process and how such changecngng
places phy.NShtiible provisions of this Aclhines;
vacye ritell eect is the sense of the Senate that–) to eachi
Senate Version ofpolling(5) Curbside votingpri(b) Sththat should be afforded to all ewith disabilities, and that cualaSec. 514. Sense of the Senate elIt(1) the provisions of this Act shall not prohibit States to usecurbside votingrequirements under section 101(a)(3);(2) the(A) to use F(Bpurchasiaccessibility(3) notm(4) nothing
pacts on States
H.R. 3295
House Version ofNo provision

arriers d ministra
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e the differences that ex
air ramps or pave parkingdniz
chn and Transportation Bs with re
s; auralrea
l wheeltectl a
H.R. 3295 inst
o location for the accessibilitye Archioard should recognd rura
es thn a
tatls with disa and t urba
res Seederal elections under this Act.

Senate Version ofrequiat each pollingindividua(5) the Election Administration Commission, the AttorneyGeneralCompliance Bbeof F
H.R. 3295
House Version of

Table 2. Bill Sections by CRS Topic/Subtopic, H.R. 3295
Sections in H.R. 3295
CRS TOPIC/SubtopicHouseSenate
Membership and Appointment ofSec. 203Sec. 302
CommissionersSec. 306
DutiesSec. 202Sec. 303
Sec. 221
Sec. 262
Sec. 406
Sec. 409–410
Sec. 507
Sec. 511
Sec. 513
PowersSec. 205Sec. 305
Sec. 223–224
Sec. 206
Meetings of the CommissionSec. 304
Staff/PersonnelSec. 204Sec. 306
Authorization of AppropriationsSec. 207Sec. 307
Standards Board and Board of AdvisorsSec. 211–216
State and Local InputSec. 506
Advisory Committee on Electronic VotingSec. 321–326
Transition ProvisionsSec. 311
Sec. 316
Sec. 701Sec. 312
Sec. 702Sec. 313
Sec. 703Sec. 314
Sec. 711–712Sec. 315

Sections in H.R. 3295
CRS TOPIC/SubtopicHouseSenate
Sec. 704Sec. 316
Voting SystemsSec. 502Sec. 101
Provisional VotingSec. 502Sec. 102
Voting InformationSec. 102
Voter Registration SystemsSec. 502Sec. 103
Sec. 802
What Constitutes a VoteSec. 502
Military/Overseas VotersSec. 502
Standards EnforcementSec. 503Sec. 104
Effective DatesSec. 504Sec. 101–103
Election Assistance/Requirements ProgramsSec. 231Sec. 201
Sec. 205
Sec. 232Sec. 206
Sec. 233Sec. 202
Sec. 203–204
Sec. 232Sec. 209
Sec. 234
Sec. 235Sec. 208
Sec. 263Sec. 207
Sec. 231Sec. 210
Sec. 512
Incentive ProgramSec. 211–219

Sections in H.R. 3295
CRS TOPIC/SubtopicHouseSenate
Punch Card Voting Machine ProgramsSec. 101–105
Sec. 111–114
Sec. 121–122
Accessibility ProgramSec. 221–229
Research and Pilot ProgramsSec. 241–243
Sec. 251–253
Sec. 261–263
National Student/Parent Mock ElectionSec. 231–232
Voting Assistance ProgramsSec. 601
Mail Delivery ProceduresSec. 601Sec. 504
Sec. 221
Designation of Single State Office toSec. 602Sec. 406
Administer Law
Standard for Invalidation of AbsenteeSec. 401
Military Ballots
Voters Recently Separated From MilitarySec. 402
States Prohibited From Refusing RegistrationSec. 403
or Absentee Ballot Applications Due to Early
Distribution of Federal Military Voting LawsSec. 404
Simplification of Absentee ApplicationSec. 604
Registration Rejection NoticeSec. 408
Use of Standard OathSec. 605Sec. 409
Use of Military Installations as PollingSec. 606
Report on Absentee Ballots Sent andSec. 603Sec. 407


Sections in H.R. 3295
CRS TOPIC/SubtopicHouseSenate
Study on Permanent Registration of OverseasSec. 406
Study on Prohibiting NotarizationSec. 410
Guarantee of Voting Rights in State andSec. 505
Local Elections
Safeguards for Military and Overseas VotersSec. 502
Sec. 221
Effective DatesSec. 405
Help America Vote College ProgramSec. 301–303Sec. 508
Help America Vote FoundationSec. 401
Fraud Relating to Internet VotingSec. 501
Providing False Information in RegisteringSec. 502
or Voting
Coercing Voters to Cast Votes for EverySec. 802
State DefinedSec. 801
Use of Social Security NumbersSec. 503
Curbside VotingSec. 510
Impacts on StatesSec. 514

Table 3. CRS Topics/Subtopics by Section, House Version of H.R.
SectionCRS Topic
Sec. 111–114Punch Card Voting Machine Programs
Sec. 121–122
Sec. 202Duties
Sec. 203Membership and Appointment of Commissioners
Sec. 204Staff/Personnel
Sec. 205–206Powers
Sec. 207Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 211–216Standards Board and Board of Advisors
Sec. 221Duties
Mail Delivery Procedures
Safeguards for Military and Overseas Voters
Election Assistance/Requirements Programs
Sec. 251–253Research and Pilot Programs
Sec. 261
Research and Pilot Programs
Sec. 263Election Assistance/Requirements Programs
Research and Pilot Programs

SectionCRS Topic
Help America Vote College Program
Sec. 401Help America Vote Foundation
Sec. 502Military/Overseas Voters
Provisional Voting
Voter Registration Systems
Voting Systems
What Constitutes a Vote
Safeguards for Military and Overseas Voters
Standards Enforcement
Sec. 504Effective Dates
Mail Delivery Procedures
Voting Assistance Programs
Sec. 602Designation of Single State Office to Administer Law
Sec. 603Report on Absentee Ballots Sent and Received
Sec. 604Simplification of Absentee Application Procedures
Sec. 605Use of Standard Oath
Sec. 606Use of Military Installations as Polling Places
Sec. 711–712Transition Provisions
State Defined
Coercing Voters to Cast Votes for Every Office
Voter Registration Systems

Table 4. CRS Topics/Subtopics by Section, Senate Version of H.R.
SectionCRS Topic
Voting Systems
Effective Dates
Sec. 102Provisional Voting
Voting Information
Effective Dates
Sec. 103Voter Registration Systems
Effective Dates
Sec. 104Standards Enforcement
Election Assistance/Requirements Programs
Sec. 211–219Incentive Program
Sec. 221–229Accessibility Program
Sec. 231–232National Student/Parent Mock Election Program
Sec. 302 Membership and Appointment of Commissioners
Sec. 303Duties
Sec. 304Meetings of the Commission
Sec. 305Powers
Sec. 306Membership and Appointment of Commissioners
Sec. 307Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 311–316Transition Provisions
Sec. 321–326Advisory Committee on Electronic Voting
Standard for Invalidation of Absentee Military Ballots
Sec. 402Voters Recently Separated From Military Service

SectionCRS Topic
Sec. 403States Prohibited From Refusing Registration or
Absentee Ballot Applications Due to Early
Sec. 404Distribution of Federal Military Voting Laws
Sec. 405Effective Dates
Designation of Single State Office to Administer Law
Study on Permanent Registration of Overseas Citizens
Sec. 407Report on Absentee Ballots Sent and Received
Sec. 408Registration Rejection Notice
Use of Standard Oath
Study on Prohibiting Notarization Requirements
Fraud Relating to Internet Voting
Sec. 502Providing False Information in Registering or Voting
Use of Social Security Numbers
Mail Delivery Procedures
Sec. 505Guarantee of Voting Rights in State and Local
State and Local Input
Sec. 507Duties
Help America Vote College Program

SectionCRS Topic
Sec. 510MISCELLANEOUSCurbside Voting
Election Assistance/Requirements Programs
Impacts on States