CRS Report for Congress
Committee System Rules Changes in the House,
106 Congress
Judy Schneider
Specialist on the Congress
Government Division
This fact sheet details changes in the committee system contained in H.Res. 5, theth
rules of the House for the 106 Congress.
Committee Structure
Name Changes. The resolution changes the names of the Committee on
Government Reform and Oversight to the Committee on Government Reform, the
Committee on House Oversight to the Committee on House Administration, and the
Committee on National Security to the Committee on Armed Services.
Assignments. The resolution eliminates the requirement that four members of the
Standards of Official Conduct Committee rotate off the panel every Congress and changes
the service on the committee from two Congresses in any three to three Congresses in any
period of five. The prohibition of service on the Budget Committee for more than four
Congresses in any six successive Congresses is waived for the 106
Subcommittees. The resolution maintains the current rule restriction regarding the
limitation of five subcommittees; however, committees that maintain an oversight
subcommittee would be restricted to no more than six subcommittees. Further, the
Committee on Government Reform, in order to maintain a Census subcommittee, isth
entitled to have eight subcommittees for the 106 Congress.
Select Committee Continuance. The resolution continues the Select Committee
on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People’s Republic
of China until March 31, 1999, to declassify and release its report.
Committee Procedure

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Hearings. H.Res. 5 clarifies the rule to permit committees to adopt a rule or motion
to extend questioning for selected majority and minority members and to permit
questioning of witnesses by staff.
Subpoenas. The resolution clarifies House rules to state the practice that a subpoena
may specify the terms of return other than at a meeting or hearing of a committee or
Oversight Plans. The resolution repeals the prohibition against consideration of a
committee expense resolution when a committee has not submitted its oversight plan to
the Committee on House Administration and the Committee on Government Reform by
February 15 of the first session.
Committee Staff
Consultants. H.Res. 5 requires consultants to abide by provisions of the Code of
Official Conduct.
Honoraria. The resolution permits certain lower-level House employees to receive
honoraria for activities not related to official duties.
Telecommuting. The resolution conforms House rules with other statutory changes
that permit telecommuting by federal employees.