Homeland Security Extramural R&D Funding Opportunities in Federal Agencies

CRS Report for Congress
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Homeland Security Extramural R&D Funding
Opportunities in Federal Agencies
Genevieve J. Knezo
Specialist i n Science and T echnology Policy
Resources, Science, and Industry Division
This inventory i dentifies and lists websites for major federal agen cy homel and
security programs that provide funding opportunities for ex tramural research er s t o
conduct research and d evelopment (R&D) for t he government. T wo tables are given,
one on R&D i n t he Department of Hom el and S ecuri t y, and t h e s econ d o n h o m el and
security R&D i n other federal agencies. This report i s not a complete list o f all federal
homeland s ecurity R&D p rograms. It will be updated as n eeded.
Homeland s e c u r i t y- r e l a t e d research and d evelopment (R&D) programs are conducted
and s upported b y t he Department of Homeland Security (DHS); other federal agencies,
i n cl udi ng t h e D epart m ent s o f A gri cul t u re, C om m erce, Defense, Energy, H eal t h and
Human S ervices , J u s tice, and Transportation; and i ndependent agencies, s uch as t he
Environmental P rotection Agency and the National S cience Foundation. DHS requested
about $ 1 b illion for FY2004 for t hese programs, while the request for counterterrorism
R&D funding in other agencies, which i ncludes homeland s ecurity R&D, totals about $2
billion. M a n y federal R &D programs provide ex tramural funding opportunities for all
types o f p erformers — academic, i ndustrial, and government laborat o r i e s — and u se
contracts o r grants, as appropriate. S om e p rogram s are m anaged b y o ffi ces dedi cat ed
specifically to supporting homeland s ecurity R&D. Others are funded t hrough s tandard
R&D s upport p rocedures. S ome o f t he programs listed b elow for feder a l l y f unded,
c o n t r a c t or-operated l aboratories, that are s ponsored by the Departments o f Defense or
Energy, d o not fund academic or industria l R &D p e rformers d irectly but offer
opportunities for them, with o r w i thout fundi ng from t he parent federal agency, to
co llaborat e i n l aborat ory res earch project s or t o use laborat ory facilities for thei r work.
The Office of Management and Budget’s Annual Report t o C ongress o n C ombating
Terrorism, J une 2002, inventories federal govern ment pro gr a m s , i ncluding R&D, to
combat terrorism . T h e FY 2 003 report i s ex p ected in September 2003. See
[ http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/legi slative/combating_ terrorism06-2002.pdf] for the
FY2002 report. The i nteragen c y N a t i onal C oordination Office for Information
Technology R esearch and Development (NC O/IT R&D) inventories fede r a l a g ency

Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress

homeland s ecurity information t e chnology R &D- related programs for t he President’s
National S cience and Technology C o uncil,[ h ttp://www.hpcc.gov/] . Fo r additional
information o n federal business opportunities, s e e CRS Report R L32036, Homeland
Security: Federal Assistance Funding and Business Opportunities.
Table 1. D epartment o f H omeland Security R&D Opportunities
Agency Program Source of Information
Homeland Security HSARPA wi l l be t h e p r i ma r y s our c e http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/d
Advanced Research of extramural R&D f unding in the isplay?theme =27&content=47
Proj ects Age ncy Science and T echnology Directorate.
Office of University DHS plans t o establish several http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/i
Programs , Homeland university centers by the end of nterapp/press_release/press_rele
Security Centers of 2004 through a competitive process. ase_0220.xml
T echnical Support DHS uses TSWG to identify and ht t p : / / www.t s wg.gov/ t s wg/ home
Working Group (TSWG) select technologies f or rapid proto- /home.htm
Broad Area typing under periodic broad area
Announcements announcements (BAA).
Science a nd T echnology T hese proposals are handled http://www.dhs.gov/interweb/as
Di rectorate Unsolicited by T SWG; s ee link f or specific setlibrary/dhs_website_unsolpro
R&D Proposals information. p.doc
U.S. Coa s t Gua r d Various RDT &E activities i n support ht t p : / / www.r d c .us c g.gov/
Research and of Coast Guard homeland s ecurity and
De ve lopment Center other missions.
Transportation Security Supports R&D activities t o i mprove ht t p : / / www.t s a.go v/ publ i c / t h em
Admi nistration, including security technologies; includes t he e_home3.j sp
the T ransportation T SL’s R&D on explosives and
Security Laboratory weapons detection; aircraft hardening; ht t p : / / www.t c .f a a . go v/ t s l /
(T SL), located at the human factors; and airport s ecurity
Federal Avi ation technology i ntegration. Partners
Admi nistration ( FAA) site include academia, i ndustrial, and
government laboratories.
Source: some parts of t he table a re based a table i n CRS Report RL32036, Homeland Security:
Federal Assistance Funding and Business Opportunities

Table 2. Selected List of Other M ajor Federal Agency H omeland
Security R&D Programs and Opportunities
Agency Program Source of Information
De par t m e nt of Agr i c u l t ur e ( USDA)
USDA Home l a nd USDA’s Homeland Security Council’s http://www.usda.gov/homelandsecur
Security activities R&D activities f ocus on food supply ity/homeland.html
and agr icultural production.
The Agr icultural Supports three multimillion dollar ht t p : / / www.a r s .us da .gov/ Bus i n e s s / B
Research Service homeland security collaborative usiness.htm, or mr uff@ars.usda.gov.
(ARS) [ conducts some proj ects, scheduled to finish in 2005, to obtain t he FY2004 R&D
homeland s ecurity that involve university, i ndustrial and opportunities lists.
research both other extramural r esearch performers:
separately and i n — Development and Validation of ht t p : / / www.a r s .us da .gov/ r e s e a r c h / p r
cooperation with the Rapid Diagnostic T e sts f or Avian oj ects/proj ects .htm? ACCN_NO=405
Animal and Plant Influenza and Newcastle Di sease; 127;
Health Inspection — Development of a Pathogen ht t p : / / www.a r s .us da .gov/ r e s e a r c h / p r
Se r vi c e ( APHIS) , p a r t s Sequence Database; oj ects/proj ects .htm? ACCN_NO=405
of which were moved — Development of Rapid Real T i me 364;
to the Department of PCR-Based Assays for Selected ht t p : / / www.a r s .us da .gov/ r e s e a r c h / p r
Homeland Security ...Class A Diseases. oj ects/proj ects .htm? ACCN_NO=405
De partment of Commerce
National Institute of Grants and a wards s upport s ome http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/fa
Standards a nd extramural R&D on a competitive ctsheet/homeland.htm#tools
T echnology ( NIST ) basis. Programs include: or
— buildings, structural and fire safety http://www.bfrl.nist.gov/goals_progr
standards; ams/HS_goal.htm
— materials for structures; For NIST grants progr ams, contact
— cybersecurity standards and J oyc e Brigham, ( 301) 975-6329.
technologies; NIST ’s Computer Security Di vi sion
— t hreat detection and protection; and Security T echnology Group also
— t ools f or law enforcement; supports collaborative r esearch:
— emergency response. http://csrc.nist.gov/ .
NIST Smal l Busi n ess T he FY2003 solicitation f ocused on: T he FY2003 solicitation i s at:
Innovation Research spectrometers; f ield detectors f or http://patapsco.nist.gov/ts_sbir/fy03.
( S BIR) Home l a nd radiological measurements; s ensors; pdf. T he FY2004 solicitation will be
Security Program biological and chemi cal warfare agent released in Oct. 2003. General
identification; and software f or information i s available at: (301)
calibrations and measurements. 975-3085 or sbir@nist.gov
De par t m e nt of De f e ns e ( DO D)
Departme nt of Ga t e wa y t o d e s c r i p t i ons of DOD http://www.defenselink.mil/ddre/opp
De f e ns e ( DOD) , agencies/progr ams t hat s upport ortunities/opportunities.htm

Office of Defense homeland s ecurity-r elated R&D and
Research and related opportunities.

Agency Program Source of Information
U.S. Ar my, Na t i ona l With other f ederal agencies, s ponsors http://www.natick.army.mil/soldier/
Pr otection Center RDT&E f or advanced/multi-threat NPC
(NPC) protective clothing and equipment f or
military and civilians in high risk
occupations or in mi ssions in extreme
U.S. Ar my M e di c a l Supports intramural and extramural http://chemdef.apgea.army.mil or
Research and R&D i n at l east t wo laboratories with http://mrmc.detrick.army.mil/index.a
M a t e r i e l C o mma n d homeland security-r elevant activities. sp?EntryURL=/mrdlabs.asp (also,
(USAMRMC) T hey are: USAM RICD and see section on submitting a research
USAM RIID. ( Se e c e l l s be l o w.) proposal)
U.S. Ar my, M edical R&D t o develop medical http://chemdef.apgea.army.mil or
Institute of Chemical countermeasures to chemical warfare http://mrmc.detrick.army.mil/index.a
Defense agents and t raining medical personnel sp?EntryURL=/mrdlabs.asp
(USAMRICD) to manage chemical casualties.
U.S. Ar my, M edical R&D t o develop strategi es, products, http://www.usamriid.army.mil/
Research Institute of and procedures for medical defense
Infectious Di seases against biologi cal warfare threats and
( U S A M R IID ) naturally occurring infectious diseases
that require containment.
Center for A partnership of academia, govern- http://ccatsandiego.org/index.shtml
Commercialization of me nt, a nd industry i n San Diego a nd There i s a solicitation dated J uly
Adva nced T echnology other parts of California t hat s upports 2003 (with applications due by Sept.
innovative t echnologies r elated to 9 2003); another s olicitation i s
defense and homeland s ecurity in scheduled for Oct. 2003.
areas such as explosive detection,
chemical and biologi cal detection,
border-intrusion s ensors, encryption
recording devices, and language
De fense Advanced Supports basic and applied proj ects Information a bout funding programs
Research Proj ects where r isk and payoff are both high is at: http://www.darpa.mil/baa/#dso;
Age n c y ( DARPA) and where success may provide Information a bout awards processing
dramatic advances. is at:http://www.darpa.mil/cmo/
Depart m e nt of Energy
National Nuclear R&D supported i n NNSA’ s affiliated For a de s c r i pt i o n o f NNSA, s e e ,
Security laboratories and by extramural http://www.doe.gov/engine/content.d
Admi nistration performers r elates to reducing t hreats o? BT _CODE= OF_NNSA;
( NNSA) , ( a s e mi - to national security and world peace For r esearch opportunities, see,
autonomous Dept. of posed by nuclear, c hemi cal, a nd http://e-center.doe.gov/doebiz.nsf/M
Energy agency). biological weapons proliferation Aiips?OpenForm

Agency Program Source of Information
Dept. of Energy, Various R&D progr ams r elevant t o ht t p : / / www.sc.doe.gov/ gr a nt s/ gr ant s .
Office of Science counterterrorism or homeland html or http://www.osti.gov ; for
security, but there i s no f unding specific i nformation, go to
designated specifically for homeland http://www.osti.gov/ cgi-bin/texis/we
security R&D. binator/schpsearch/?query=terror&d
ba808862c9#hit.; or
Dept. of Energy, Los The Center f or Homeland Security ht t p : / / www.l a nl .gov/ o r gs / c h s /
Alamos Laboratory provides collaborative opportunities or twme ye r@lanl.gov.
for its programs in chemical and
biological weapons, r adiologi cal and
nuclear threats, and t hreats t o critical
Dept. of Energy, Provides opportunities f or ht t p : / / www.l l n l . go v/ hso/ about .ht ml
Lawr ence Live rmore collaboration t o extramural or for i nformation on partnerships
National Laboratory researchers r elating t o its R&D t o and opportunities, hso@llnl.gov.
Homeland Security develop capabilities t o detect,
Or ganization interdict, and defend against
catastrophic weapons and other
t h r e a t s ; s o me p r o g r a ms mi r r o r t h e
research programs set by DHS; also
funds the Nuclear Emerge ncy Search
Dept. of Energy, Provides opportunities f or http://www. sandia.gov/ capabilities/h
Sandia National collaborative partnerships between its omeland-security/index.html
Laboratory homeland s ecurity unit and academic, or tallard@s andia.gov
industrial and other l aboratory
performers f or R&D on t hreat and
vulnerability assessment; physical
security; nuclear material
identification; and chemi cal and
biological weapons detection.
Department of Health and H uman Services (DHHS)
Centers f or Di sease Supports R&D on bioterrorism, For grants and contracts:
Control a nd infectious agents, l aboratory security. ht t p : / / www.cdc.go v/ f undi ng.ht m
Food and Drug Supports R&D on f ood security and For grants and contracts:
Admi ni s t r a t i o n ( FDA) related i ssues. ht t p : / / www.f d a . go v/ oc / o f a c s / gr a nt s /
National Institutes of R&D on agents of bioterrorism, http://www.niaid.nih.gov/biodefense
Health (NIH)’s including vi ruses t hat cause smallpox /about/niaids_role.htm
programs include and hemorrhagic fevers; bacteria that For c urrent funding opportunities,
Bi odefense Research cause anthrax, plague, a nd botulism; see
at the National and t ularemia; f ocuses on basic http://www.niaid.nih.gov/biodefense
Institute of Allergy biology, immunology, vaccines, drugs, /research/default.htm

and Infectious diagnostics.

Agency Program Source of Information
Department of Justice
National Institute of T echnology r esearch, development, http://www.oj p.gov/nij /sciencetech/h
Justice (NIJ) and assessment t o i mprove public ighlights.htm or
T echnology Progr am safety, i ncluding programs for http://www.oj p.usdoj .gov/nij /science
homeland s ecurity R&D. tech/proj ects.htm
Department of Transportation
Dept. of — Research and Special Programs ht t p : / / www.r s pa.dot .gov/ c ont r a ct s.ht
Transportation R&D activities i n pipeline safety and ml ;
other areas of homeland s ecurity; ht t p : / / www.vo l p e.dot .gov/ p r o cur e / c u
— V olpe Center homeland s ecurity rrent.html #rfp;
activities i n t ransportation/logi stics; http://www.dot.gov/DOT agencies.ht
— Additional security-r elated R&D m, o r
procurement i nforma tion f or DOT ht t p : / / www/ dot .gov/ Per f Pl a n2004/ ho
agencies is available. melandperf.html .
Independent Agenci es
Envi ronmental Uses intramural and extramural ht t p : / / www.epa.go v/ or dnhsr c /
Protection Agency performers f or R&D a nd technical or avel.andy@e pa.gov
(EPA) Homeland assistance on buildings , water, and or
Security Research rapid r isk assessment;collaborates in Schultz.Patricia@epa.gov@epa.gov.
Ce nt e r homeland s ecurity research authorized
by me moranda (MOUs) between the
Ai r Force Research Laboratory at
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, t he
FDA, and t he Dept. o f Energy.
National Science Supports research on: data mi ning; t he http://www.nsf.gov/ od/lpa/news/med
Foundation ( NSF) National Hazards Center; ecology of ia/01/nsf_response.htm#gr ants or
Homeland Security infectious diseases with NIH a nd a http://www.nsf.gov/ od/lpa/news/med
activities separate mi crobial genome s equencing ia/01/nsf_response_awards.htm or
program t o understand bioterrorism; www.nsf. go v
and security-r elated information
technology and critical infrastructure
protection R&D. Has a scholarship
program t o t rain students i n
information security; and, with the For Progr am Solicitation NSF
intelligence community, supports a 03-569, see:
national s ecurity program i n http://www.nsf.gov/ pubs/2003/nsf03
mathematical and physical sciences. 569/nsf03569.htm
NSF SBIR Progr am Small business i nnovation r esearch ht t p : / / www.e n g.ns f . go v/ s b i r / home l a n
support f or homeland s ecurity. d.htm